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  1. Mike, I have located a derelict kit in an estate clear out sale. I should have the kit parts with the other goodies by next weekend. If you can wait that long, it (they???) are yours. How many (probably can get an entire propeller for you) do ya need?
  2. Thanks for the tip Adam. It was a pretty cool spotlight. Interesting stuff.
  3. Weedeater

    B-24 in China

    Hi Vance, - Welcome aboard and welcome back to plastic modeling. I think it is safe to say that the folks here on the DF hope you get all the satisfaction possible from reading the tips and techniques here. I would have noted what the guys above have already, but they beat me to it. If you can't find the kit that they have recommended at any hobby shop, try eBay. Here's one right now, with a Buy It Now of $19.99 plus shipping to your place. http://cgi.ebay.com/Academy-B-24M-Liberato...p3286.m20.l1116 Best of luck with your return model building debut. Model on Brother of the Sprue.
  4. OK Mark, Challenge accepted and answered......BUILD MORE. LOL.
  5. Sweet build. We like it. Thanks for posting this one.
  6. Weedeater


    Paddy, Whadda ya mean,"...I think I'm getting the hang of it?" I think that most all members here will agree that it looks like you've mastered it! While I'm not too keen on this particular subject matter, I think as a build, this looks awesome. Please, continue to master your hang, LOL. We like it.
  7. Weedeater

    F-104 J

    Mauro, This is a fantastic looking build. Excellent work.
  8. - Hey Mark, actually, up until 1998 I lived in the SFV for 26 years. I was a member of PMS, Space Park, IPMS/LaHabra AND OC/IPMS. I attended several OrangeCons until I moved, amongst numerous other SoCal contests. I figure that someday I'll coordinate a family visit (still have family in SFV) with an OrangeCon. The only problem is that I also figure that I'm not too welcome there these days, since I have been posting the truth here about a certain club member and his poor performance during and after a certain show. Still, I too hope that our model building adventures cross paths someday. - Hey, do you have any plans on visiting Albuquerque, NM anytime soon? LOL. Model on Sprue Glue-inator.
  9. The Dukinator strikes again! Cool build Mark. As I stated before, this is one of my favorite colorful W. Ger paint schemes. I have the old Revell 1/32 scale kit with these markings in it. If I get it done anytime soon, I'll post a pic or two of it here. I also checked out your cool Badger. It's looking great. Thanks for posting. Model on Brother of the Sprue.
  10. - Since I figured that I was long over due to post digis of some kind of models to show that I really do build (and sometimes finish) models, beyond all of my stirring of the discusion pots, I dropped off images over on the Aircraft forum first but figured that I had to drop a few of my favorite builds here....BIKES. Love 'em. Have 'em all! OK, maybe not all, but A LOT!!! Here's my Aoshima 12th Kz750 ZII. Built straight outta the box. Hope you enjoy it. Model on, Brothers of the Sprue.
  11. - So I figured that I was long over due to post digis of some kind of model to show that I really do build (and sometimes finish) models, beyond all of my stirring of the discusion pots. This is the Hobbycraft DHC-2 in Yemini markings that came in the kit. The model was built straight outta the box. - Interesting fact No.1 - This was a model that I bought from an estate with a couple thousand kits. Many of which were in significant dilapadated condition. The owner whom had passed away a few years earlier was one of our club's founding members sometime in the 70's. - Interesting fact No.2 - I opened the inner plastic bag on this kit around 7:00 PM on a Thursday evening back in Oct 08. By 8:00 PM the next day at our regular Friday evening club meeting, I set what you see here on the table for a little contest we had going. Hope yuz guyz get a kick outta this. Model on Brothers of the Sprue.
  12. Phil, Obsolutely, Yes. Both my brother and I are looking forward to all 3. Model on.
  13. Awwwww, now that IS sweet looken. Brian, we'll get a "Brain needs another 1/32 Jet" collection going at the club meeting for ya. Wink, wink. Nudge, nudge. In the mean time, all that I could remember from that RoG posting was something like, "Der Sweet und Guten Plastic Luftglider."
  14. Val, That looks Fan-dam-tabulous! Great job. Wish I could see it in person but Louisiana is a ways to go. If you're going to Phoenix Nats next year, may see it there. Thanks for posting the cool pics. Model on!
  15. OK Steve, hold onto your hat, here come all the egg yokes........I mean jokes!!! Still, cool build. Someday maybe I'll get to buildin all my Egg-planes.
  16. Gilbert, - Awesome photos. Especially the nice close ups of the datalink on the 16. Thanks for posting these.
  17. Ohhhhh, you tread guyz are funny! (LOL) - C-5B.
  18. Mark, - Cool update pics. I have loved those markings on the RF-4 for a few years now. I can't remember where I got it, but I have a Revell-Germany 1/32 Phantom with those markings/decals. Not sure if I'll use them on that old tooled RF or see if they'll fit on a new tooling. Keep up the interesting work on these kits. Model on Dukinator.
  19. Weedeater


    Ya see, them Brits got a wacky way of climbin into their Jets. First, the air crew has to pick that heavy canopy up and off the plane and set it down on the ground next to it. Then, after they climb that ingeniuos little ladder to get in, they gotta reach over and pick that heavy......AAAWWWWnevermind. Mauro, seriously, that is a very nice looking build. Very clean (no visible mistakes) looking too. Thank you for posting the pics. Can you please post one of the other side and one of the bottom. Model on Fellow Enthusiast across the Pond.
  20. Gilbert, My guess would be Marine too. Unless it's a civilian testbed. I "think" the Navy is still paintin theirs engine gray, unless it's a SEAL transport and then it would depend on theater of operation. - The dark colored portrusion on the base of the boom (just aft of the cabin door) looks to be a chaff or flare dispensor. Initially, I thought there was another protrusion below the horizontal tail plans, but closer scrutiny reveals that it's just the opposite side tail plan. Further back on the boom there appears to be another protrusion. My guess would be some type of IR suppression that works in conjunction with the "Disco" ball on top of the dog house. Cool pics. I can only imagine the thrill ya get outta the thumpin/poppin of the blades when they fly up to your place. Model on Dude.
  21. Hello Adam, - I have that issue. Love the article, there are some cool paint schemes in it. It runs 28 pages (counting the fold out pages). Since the IAPR is larger than normal publications, making color copies may get expensive if the person making the copies does not own an oversive (11x17ish) copier. So I ran some test scans and was able to fit 95% of the page into the scan. Here at my end they come out beautifully in jpeg format. - As scanned, they run between 2.3 and 2.7 MB each. I then opened them and re-sized them to 1024x768. That drops their sizes down to 500-650 KB each (which makes them MUCH more email friendly), BUT they have already started to lose their resolution. I only test scanned 5 sample pages, (because it is a little labor intensive) as tests first and then have posted them in photobucket and pasted them here. So, copy them from here and see how they look in your PC, ORRRRRR PM your email to me and I can email them to you for a look-see. If these are working for you and another member has not stepped up with a simpler way of getting you a copy, then I'll scan, reduce, and email the rest to you (probably in groups of five pages each). See how these work and let me know. Model on fellow Enthusiast of the Swing-wing Su's.
  22. David, Cool links/pics. I noticed waaaaayyyy down at the bottom of this last link there is a photo of models that you recently "added to your stash." In that photo is a kit of a 1/72 Hawk II (I think it's an RS kit???). Is there any chance that you can email, to the e-ddress we have been corresponding on, a color digi of that box top and even a digi of the instructions outlining the box top markings? It looks like very intriguing markings that I might want to build my Classic Airframes 48 kit in. Thanks.
  23. Greg, - When Chris mentioned above that he is reviewing a Revell reissue of a Hind D, I assume that he is talking about the 1/48 scale Monogram kit. So, assuming that you are wishing for 1/48 resin/detail sets, Cobra company has had a cockpit and exterior resin detail sets out for a while now. They are set numbers 48001 and 48018. Here's their site link: http://www.cobracompany.com/ - Also, Eduard has photo etch sets for the exterior and interior too. They are set numbers 48-266 and 48-267. - Good luck, hope this helps.
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