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  1. - My primary choice of adhesive is PlastiZap CA. I can assemble and sand in one sitting. However, there are still many occassions when I want a solvent adhesive and Tenax has been my favorite for years after I had too much difficulties finding Weld-On (3 and 4) which, up until Gil's post, I thought had been discountinued. Thanks for that little tip Gil. - When I saw this thread, I ran over to our town's two primary HS's and found both supplies empty/gone. When I inquired with each, the response was either, "We haven't been able to get that in since last year," or "Yep, it's no longer being made!" - FYI, I work at a National Lab where we had a need for solvent adhesives. Up until 4 years ago, my dept stocked Pro Weld. I have used it both at work and at home and thought that it was a little too harsh and lacked some of my preferences found in Tenax. So I suggested they get some of the Tenax instead, and they did. Less than a year later, the EPA guys at the lab surveyed our chemical supplies, including the Tenax and the Pro Weld. They returned a finding that the Pro Weld's Methylene Chloride was a bad thing and restricted us to use it only under a fume hood. But it was OK to use the Tenax without the fume hood. So, we ditched the Pro Weld and kept the Tenax. Something to think about as you're dribbling Pro Weld along your next seam. - Conclusion: I thought I was going to miss the Tenax. Now, I'm going to follow Gil's tip and get some Weld On. Model on, Brothers of the Sprue.
  2. It's still lookin awesome Gil. Thanks for posting more update pics. Can hardly wait to see it painted and then finished. Best of luck to finish it in time for the Nats. Model on, Liquid Plastic Master.
  3. Matt, Awesome looking. - What paint/colors did you use on the body? - What paint/color did you use on the rims? - Are you gonna plum it or leave it stock OOB? - More pics please. LOTS more. (This is where I would have inserted one of those emoticon smilie face thingies with the hands clasped in front BEGGING, LOL).
  4. Brilliant! So simple (and I guess so obvious), yet so effective. Awesome tip. I can't wait to try this out. Model on, Brother of the Sprue.
  5. - I build aircraft predominantly (Bikes and Armor close behind that) and use CA most of the time. I agree with most of what Ralph has noted but with a few differences. Of all the fuselage mismatches and wing shortages, I have not had to use more than just CA to assemble and fill gaps or steps. Sometimes, plastic scrap is used. I use accelerator regularly, on inside seams only. I try not to use it where I will be sanding (on the outside surfaces). And yes, highly recommended to sand as soon as it sets (usually in a few minutes), because the longer it sets (ie., overnight), the harder it gets. This adhesive application method has worked quite well for years now and I can usually have major components bonded, filled, sanded, rescribing of panel line details, and prepped for painting in one evening. My favorite CA is Plastizap, but there are others that work good too. And some that are less desirable, can't find the names, (since I don't keep them stocked). Best of luck with the build.
  6. Hello Matt, - I have a Comet kit of a B-66 which is approx 1/130 scale. I believe that this is a re-issue of the Allyn kit you are looking for. It is packed but I can dig it out and get digi's of the box and parts if it will work for your needs. Here is an example of the same Comet kit that I have that is for sale on Evil-bay: http://cgi.ebay.com/Aurora-COMET-1-130-DOU...id=p3286.c0.m14 Let me know if this is what you were looking for and I'll go get the pics you need. Model on, Brother of the Sprue.
  7. Gil, this is fantastic! I've got the old ID Models 32 Vac kit and hope to build it even half as good as this. In fact....... Oh look.....it's Hales Comet, (As the little thief distracts the un-suspecting Liquid Plastic Master long enough to reach over and steal all of his ideas)!!! Model on.
  8. Hello Jay, Thanks for posting an interesting Modeler Bio. Your McLaren has been a facsinating WIP and it sounds like all of us are excited to see how it looks when completed. I see you mentioned an interest in, amongst other subjects, NHRA and 60s/70s motorsports. Ever dip into 70s Funny Cars? That's one of my favorites. In Junior High thru High School, I ennjoyed going to Irwindale, OCIR, Lyons, and Pamona (all in So.Cal.). I built dozens of FCs and unfortunately, they didn't survive the transition from adolescents to adulthood. Now I have a wall full of unbuilt kits to re-capture that part of my modeling but this time, build 'em the right way. Ya know whadda mean? I look forward to seeing more of your work here on the DF and hopefully in person someday. Model on, Brother of the Sprue.
  9. Hi Mandie. Thanks for posting your Modelers Bio. Two questions: 1. Since Air Zoo is miles away from Albuquerque, I'll never know whats hanging in the atrium. OK, so what's your favorite plane? 2. You build pink models. Ever built one of Shirley Muldowney's rails? Model on, Sister of the Sprue.
  10. Hey Brian, Welcome aboard (pun intended) . Hope that you are reading and seeing plenty of cool stuff here. - I started when I was about 5 ish when dad thought it might be something "neat" for him, brother Keith, and I to do together. We were still a little too young to partake in his passing hobby of building and flying U-Control gas powered airplanes. - I continued to build "boss" stuff like Neil Armstrong's Apollo Command Module and the Lunar Lander. The Snakes' funny car. And the Mach what ever X-15. Have built pretty much ever genra of plastic model since then. My building preference has floated in and around a few specific subjects but right now the priority is somewhere around: 1/12 Bikes 1/48 WWII Props 1/35 WWII AFVs 1/700 Subs Any scale Babe figures (I'm a dirty old man). - Why do I still build? It gives me time to relax, think, and forget about reality (the job, earning money, paying the bills, fixing the house, etc., etc). It also gives me time to spend building with my brother and even with my model buddies from the local chapter. We have a model building party here at my place next weekend, all day Saturday. - I also like to learn new techniques. 25 years ago, I didn't know how to drybrush. 20 years ago I had never used Future floor wax for a pre-decal coating or a full on gloss coat. 15 years ago I didn't know how to airbrush filters and forced perspective effects. And now I am looking to learn how to get all of those cool nicked and scratched effects you see on armor models these days. ALL of these techniques, I was introduced to by fellow IPMS members and learned how to perfect them to my satisfaction with my fellow club members. - Sometimes, I take all that I have applied to my models and enjoy going to competitions with them. But that's a whole 'nother thread. I hope that you are able to find everything satisfying about our Society, this DF, and the hobby in general. Model on, Brother of the Sprue.
  11. Dennis, Thanks for taking on this HUGE administrator task. And this new Welcoming Forum seems to be taking off pretty well. Good move. - Here's a small boost of inspiration. I challenge you to set aside 2 hours in the evening, once a week (at a minimum) to not administrate, not honey-do, not ruminate over and F stops or exposure rates, and actually sit at the work bench to work on a "FUN" model. Fun models are those that you build in between the top quality, researched masterpieces. No reference books allowed and as close to OOB as possible. Do for you, once in a while in between your dedication to everything else. We expect posted pics of the build on the site here. I enjoyed our chat on the phone the other evening and as with many of the fellow model Dudes here, I wish that geography wasn't in the way of meeting with you at a Nats or something. Model on, Administrative Brother of the Sprue.
  12. - Yeah, his best shot would be the "(((HOT PLASTIC!!!)))" "(((HOT PLASTIC!!!)))" story. Problem is, the visual story is just as important as the verbal description. Maybe you can get him to enact a you-tube accounting of it, LOL. - I'm just waiting for him to man-up and post his own Bio, . Of course, since we are SO competitive, he's probably re-reading and re-writing it several times to insure that one-upsmanship thing. Wink, wink. Nudge, nudge. Model on Brother! YeeeeeeeeeeEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! (Still a brotherly thing).
  13. - I have been wondering if Dave and Ed were related. I guess this answers that question. I'm one of the lucky guys that is not only still on speaking terms with his brother, but we also live in the same city (and haven't throttled each others necks yet) and go on yearly road trips to places like those Nationals thingies were we get to hang out with all of those other model geeks! - So Dave, 2008? I would have pegged you for a seasoned veteran of the Society. No matter. As long as you're enjoying the hobby and I don't say anything to ruin your fun (I've been known to do that occasionally. Sorry), that's what matters. Model on Brother of the Sprue.
  14. Hello Brian, - Welcome to the Society and the DF. As long as YOU are enjoying yourself, that's what counts. And if you find yourself in a pickle on how to do something, (like better decal application, dry brushing, washes, etc.), the group here has plenty of experienced modelers that are more than willing to help out. We all hope that you get all that you are looking for out of the hobby and this site. Model on, Brother of the Sprue.
  15. - Unbuilt kits get boxed up in large moving boxes. - I approach built kits two ways: Shelfers (3 foot models) and contest (award winners) models. The former, I pack up just like Gil, except that I just use packing peanuts (styrofoam). Some small parts get broken, but as "Shelfers," fixing them is a breeze. - The contest models get packed in smaller boxes (quite often those wooden wine bottle boxes), usually with only a few per box, and craddled/surrounded by cotton balls. I make sure no part of the model is touching any bottom, top, sides, or each other. I have a pretty good "No-breakage" rate this way. - I've heard of some guys using precisely cut and assembled foam-core frames to hold individual models for transport. I can see doing that to ship a model, but to me that is too much like work for moving the collection. - And because, as David mentioned, each model tells its own story, I am thrilled to say that I still have a few of the models I built as a pre-teen. It's interesting to compare the "Thens" and "Nows". Not to mention the nostalgia and memories brother Keith and I have growing up together building them, dogfighting 'em, racing 'em down the hallway, and all those wargames in the living room when mom wasn't looking, LOL. Model on, Packers of the sprue.
  16. - Hello. My name is Kenneth Liotta (aka Ken, Kenny, and Weedeater). I…..am a modelholic. Some may say I am obsessive. I like to think that I am passionate about building, collecting, displaying, and sharing my love of the hobby with my fellow "Brothers of the Sprue." I am 46 years old now and started building plastic models when I was about 5 with my father. IIRC my first models were the Revell Boeing SST's (you know, the box with the two golden yellow futuristic airliners), Aurora 747, and the Airfix Hannover C.III. Currently live in Albuquerque, NM with my loving and understanding wife of 23 years. She gave into the force about 20 years ago, built a few dozen models and is still/currently recuperating. - I have pretty much been building straight through since childhood. As a young teen, interests focused on building those cool Funny Cars of Prudhomme, McEwen, and Jungle. In High School, mom gave me a subscription to Military Modeler and Scale Modeler. Seeing the works of L. Meserve, G. Hodges, B. Gordon, M. Good, and J. Ross was a huge inspiration to build better. My focus had shifted to Armor models until a few years later when mom gave me a copy of "Flying Colors" and I discovered all of the cool and different paint schemes you could build airplanes in and my interests shifted again. -About that time, I discovered that the publisher of MM and SM was based 4 miles from mom's house and (with mom's help...driving over to) I got my foot in the door and began writing for the two mags. Became Contributing Editor and Technical Editor a few years later and a few years before they bellied-up. Then Tamiya started up their 1/12 motorcycle series and I got seriously bitten by that bug and now Motorcycle models (all scales) have worked their way towards the top of the priority list. 40 plus years later, I have been building nearly every genre of plastic models and have waaaayyyy too many un-built models and not enough years to build them in! Sound familiar? So, my current interests float around: 1/12 Bikes 1/48 Single Engine Prop All scale Helicopters 1/72, 1/48, and1/35 WWII Armor 1/700 Modern Subs 1/32 All Aircraft Any scale Babe Figures - Around the time of my shifting interest towards those Tamiya bikes, my real-world interests dipped into amateur roadracing. During my first year of learning to keep the rubber side DOWN, I had an occasional excursion off-track in the dirt or the weeds. One time as I returned to the pits, my buddies were all pointing at me and the bike laughing their butts off. I was Oh-so happy to discover that they were laughing at the wad of weeds stuck in my front wheel and fairing and was blessed with the nick-name "Weedeater!" (And I bet you thought it had something to do with the disposal of contraband, LOL). For 20 plus years I have worked in and around the Quality Assurance field in numerous industries. The high light was working on Space Shuttle Main Engine turbo-pumps at Rocketdyne, Calif and having the honor of worked on hardware that has entered space and returned successfully. Currently, I work for a National Lab where I continue to be honored by contributing to national security and defense. - Back to modeling stuff. I joined my first model club, Orange County IPMS, in 1987 and became a regular attendee to Pasadena Modeling Society, La Habra IPMS, Space Park, Oxnard, etc., where I learned more cool techniques. The next big shift in modeling more seriously was when Brother Keith and I attended our first Nats in San Diego in 1989. Brought 7 entries and 4 of them placed with 2nd being the highest honor. I was hooked! While I had been an off and on member of Albuquerque Scale Modelers since 1981, I didn't really get fully involved with it until my wife and I actually moved out here in 1998. I have served the E-board in various capacities from Member-at-Large to President and have thoroughly enjoyed the fellowship. I am currently the club Contest Director. Over the past two decades, I have enjoyed serving as the Contest Coordinator for Pasadena's Valley-Con, ASM's 2003 Region X contest, and as the Head Judge at ASM's 2006 "Chile-Con" Region X Contest. - I started participating in the IPMS/USA DF in 07 and in 08 and again in 09. Each time I would leave within a month because I got feed up with being bullied off the forum by a select few. This is the longest I have stayed because is seems that things have changed significantly and I look forward to many more months and years participating in the "New Look" of the forums. I already know the Society has a lot to offer plastic modelers as does this forum. I also believe that I have a lot to offer back and I look forward to sharing in both with all of yuz guyz here. Model on, Brothers of the Sprue.<br />
  17. Gil, it's great seeing this come together. It is looking swEET, so far. Model on Brother of the once liquid, now solid plastic.
  18. I second Gils supportive words. Mark, I was getting the impression on one of your other threads that you were feeling a little dejected. Please, always keep on building to YOUR heart's content. We may not always comment on your posts. But we ARE looking at them. And as Gil said, they are motivational. The Bun-man may have the most posts on this forum, but I think you can lay claim to the most builds. Model on Dukinator.
  19. Dukinator, YOU.....are a plastic model building machine. Cool stuff. You rock!
  20. Has anybody picked up the recent re-release of Tamiya's Sd.Kfz.232 yet? And can you email a scan/copy of the part of the instructions that shows all views of the vehicle and it's markings for the Desert Yellow and Dark Green camo version? Can you also email a scan/copy of the decal sheet too? This one: Drop me a PM and I will send my E-ddress. Many thanks in advance.
  21. Dick, Your TSR in the Members' Gallery looks sweet, but short! I mean short on pics. We.....must....have....MORE! Please. Stop teasen us.
  22. That's a pretty SWEeeeT looking build. Especially since it's a 12.4 hour build. What do your 12 week builds look like?
  23. That build looks SWEEeeeT! Thanks for posting the link Gilbert.
  24. - Took a look-see at your model pics. Many cool things there. The garage in a tool box is very clever. If I saw the right ones, the build is coming along very nice too. If you get a chance and it's not too much of a hassle, can you post a few of the finished pics here? (Many folks here just add model pics to their photo-bucket and use the link button on the message page). Hope to see more and welcome aboard here.
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