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  1. Steve and I will be there. Yeah, Travis is very good....so look out. Mandie
  2. Thanks Rod. It was a great show, great venue. All I heard was positive comments yesterday. Mandie
  3. I did mine and Steve's online for $124 a night mountain view king. Can't wait. Mandie
  4. Yes Rod it will be riding in my lap all the way there. See ya there. Mandie
  5. due to work I have had to abandon any real hopes of finishing anything, but that's ok. I will be admiring everyone elses and plotting next years. See you guys soon. Mandie
  6. I am suppose to build something??? I hope I can pull stuff together in time. Mandie
  7. Welcome Russ. happy modeling Mandie
  8. Steve and I always turn our trip to Nats in our vacation. In fact, 2009 in Columbus was our honeymoon. Mandie
  9. Well as one of the 3 female members Of Kalamazoo and a past president, and the one who wanted the best female modeler award to begin with. There are quite a few female modelers, we cover a wide range of interest. I focus on aircraft, anything that can be painted pink.I actually came to the hobby late actually around age 35 after my divorce from my first husband, he is a modeler, our son is a modeler and my present husband is a modeler. I need to get something finished for Nats next month. Mandie
  10. Welcome Randy. My son is in a model club in Fayetteville.
  11. Steve and I will be driving out for that one since he lived out there years ago and wants to go back for a visit. I have never been there. Mandie
  12. Hi Chris, welcome to one of the best groups of guys around. I'm in Battle Creek, a member of Kalamazoo Scale Modelers and IPMS West Michigan. Hey I'm not sure where Sanford is. Welcome Mandie
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