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  1. Flat Future is used to make a nice, hard, acrylic flat coat. Some other flat coats are enamel based or have a color to them (Testors) that shifts the color of the finish on the model.
  2. I've heard if you add Tamiya Acrylic Flat Base to Future that it makes an excellent flat coat. I haven't tried it myself yet.
  3. Bruce Campbell is a great light comic actor. He is currently on USA's Burn Notice. I like him in everything he is in.
  4. Firefly. Hands down. Joss Whedon is a freaking genius. If you don't believe that, go watch a show called Wonderfalls, on DVD of course, because Fox can't stand having a successful series and they always mess it up. Babylon 5 was good too.
  5. I've always liked the 30s British biplanes. Now, if I wasn't afraid of rigging......
  6. I think 10 in one post is just right. As always Bob, you've got it right.
  7. Members can always set up there own Blogs on a site like Wordpress and just post links here. Like this.
  8. I use Google's RSS feed as well. Works well.
  9. And I thought I was the only one to combine drinking and modeling!!
  10. When I've used Alclad, I've found that a primer coat of Future on the bare plastic works wonders for giving you a smooth finish and takes out a lot of flaws in the plastic.
  11. Love the Soviet a/c. This is a 72nd scale MiG-17 in Nigerian markings.
  12. Body Snatchers is one of the few movies where the remake (the Donald Sutherland version) was as good as the original. Most remakes bite.
  13. I have the articles. I got your email. I have been out of the office for the last week or so. I will try and get them scanned and emailed in the next few days.
  14. Dick, What did you use for the metallic finish?
  15. Very nice Bob. Bob Hester, Internet Wizard, Top Modeler. :D
  16. Yep, we are very luck now to have so many good modeling magazines.
  17. Gil, I've wanted to try the same thing. Please post on how it works for you.
  18. Keith, Thanks for the links. I am at the same point as Clare on a model.
  19. I still think the A-4 was the prettiest of the BA aircraft. I saw the Angels in the 70-71 or 71-72 season when they were flying F-4s. Man, it was a completely different show with those a/c than with the little A-4s.
  20. Paul, A beautiful model. I take it from your comments that it wasn't the easiest of builds? Are we going to see a review sometime?
  21. A guy at our Saturday morning modeling bunker was sanding a model srayed with the black base. He said it dried in 24 hrs. I do know from reading over on ARC Alclad had some bad batches of their metalics that did not dry. I don't know if that problem extended to the black base as well. Anyone know?
  22. Didn't Polar Lights release an injection version of this kit?
  23. I am a fan of lightly sanding the photoetch. It does seem to make the paint adhere better
  24. I am a fan of lightly sanding the photoetch. It does seem to make the paint adhere better
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