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  1. It would be interesting to plot this data from the last Omaha show and see if there we more west coast registrants or if the data is still skewed more to the east. Ken
  2. I was only at the Nats for Friday and Saturday. Didn't have any issues getting into restaurants and the elevator situation only seemed to be a big issue right after model pickup on Saturday night. Every nationals I've been to that is always the case. I just relaxed in the bar area and watched the 31 girls
  3. That was are really nice donation. Its too bad I couldn't get down to Columbus until Friday. -Ken
  4. " I actually started this last winter as a diversion while finishing the B-47 up, and finally finished it today." Gil, That's a very nice diversion. Great build! Ken
  5. What kit??? I didn't receive any kit with my registration. Is this only something that was handed out if you registered on the first day? -Ken
  6. Good Lord! I hope you are not flying. I can picture TSA destroying your entries before you even make it out of Cali I'll see you and Gil there. I'm bringing my 1/32 P-40E (my avatar pciture) and a 1/48 FW190A-3 for the contest and a P-47D for the display only tables. I won't be arriving until Friday morning though but I only live 2.5 hours away. -Ken
  7. Duke, Will any of these be making the trek to the nationals next week? -Ken
  8. Bill, Awesome job on the F-16! The finish created by those polishing powders is great. I just placed an order for the set. See you at Tricon 2015. Ken
  9. Real nice Gil! Any problem areas with the build? Ken
  10. Bill, Nice job! Having built the Hasegawa kit I know how much work is involved. Ken
  11. kpatterson

    1/48 P-40N

    Gil, P-40 looks awesome. I like the painted diamonds on the tail. -Ken
  12. Phil, Great pics! Lots of cool stuff. Thanks for sharing. Ken
  13. Hi Gil, its been a while since I've been on this forum and I can see I need to start getting back on here! That B-45 is sweet! Ken
  14. That is totally badass!! The flames are so realistic looking
  15. That came out really nice! That will be a memory your daughter will not forget. Ken
  16. I've had success using a cotton swab or cotton pad ( the kind chicks use for makeup removal) very lightly dampened with Windex or equivalent window cleaner. I have not trashed a paint job yet but I foolishly tried this method to remove residue from a canopy that had been dipped in future. The result was no so good. I ended up having to re-dip the canopy, fortunately I had not painted the frame yet. Ken
  17. Thats a beautiful looking F-8. One of my favorite aircraft. Ken
  18. Mark, I'll look out for you at the regionals in Dayton! I can't wait as it's a two day event. Heck it's Ohio it may even snow in April. Ken
  19. Looks good! I love the Felix markings on the rhino! Ken
  20. You have an interesting variety of kits going there for 2012 and an injury to boot. I hope to get at least 3 of my unfinished pile complete this year. Rock on, Ken
  21. Interesting subject and nicely done. Ken
  22. Very nicely done Gil. I like all of Hasegawa's 1/48 Japanese aircraft kits. They are really fun to build and you don't need to add a bunch to them. I know what you mean about the kit decals. The hinomarus are tough to get settled down. I always have to use solvaset on them to get'em to budge. Ken
  23. Gil, Nice job on an old kit (older than me). What did you use for the rigging? I have a Hasegawa 1/32 P-26 I want to do someday with the wing rigging. Ken
  24. Thanks Bill, I'm currently working on an agressor Block 30 F-16C. I posted some in-progress pictures in the "on the bench" section. I hope I have it ready for Tricon. Ken
  25. Hi Bill, Nice clean build there! I really like the scale effect of the antenna. See you at Tricon. Ken
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