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  1. Thanks for this great idea Steve. As we talked about, I got a lot of quality time in, mostly on my Whippet tracks, and priming the Whippet. Armour modellers know that a set of tracks can take a whole day/session so I am glad that I had the time put aside. I also got quite a bit done on my IS-2 now that I have the replacement part from Tamiya. Let's make the Saturday of the Nationals each year, National Modelling Day. Graham
  2. Tom, One thing that was slightly different at this last Indy show is that there were two buyers that did this, which is why it was so noticeable. The first table was bought out by another vendor before the doors opened to the general public. That ticked some people off, especially as the vendor did not put those kits back on sale. The other buyer, the Turk bought out three other vendors, one being me, but quite a bit later in the day. Anticipating that may happen, and as I only had half a table, I had suggested to my partner to bring extra stuff, which they had, so we filled the table back up and I helped them sell for the rest of the day. The concern for show hosts is that too many empty tables dissuade buyers from showing up if they think there will be empty tables, a big problem, but I as a buyer would go not matter what as I duoubt he would buy everything up and I can still find bargains. G
  3. Welcome to the group. If you need any translation services there are a few of us Ex-Pats here as well. I am a transplanted Salopian from Telford.
  4. For those thinking that the size makes the difference, then look at Category 423. First place HMCS Ojibwa about 3 inches long. Second place a large paddle steamer and Third was a Calypso, each of which were over 18 inches long.
  5. too impressive and too big. You saw my 1/72 747, imagine that half as big again. Then imagine painting it.
  6. You can just bring your models on the day and fill out your entry form when you get there. You can download the entry form from the website and prefill it so you have no waiting once you arrive. Means that you can get in the vendor room that much quicker.
  7. Hold on there my young Padawan. You cannot claim to be complete without a Tu-22, and don't go claiming that you are covered with the Tu-22M, they are not the same plane, despite what those pesky Russkies may say. You too must deal with the old Esci kit, Hahahahaha
  8. Tom, You certainly deserve a reward for your perseverance, well done. I agree with Gil, don't give up on KH yet, in fact it would be interesting for you to do another to compare how they do a completley different type of kit, maybe the two seat Cougar? G
  9. Gil, when we redesigned the website, we did some research on the club history and found charter papers dating to 1966. Graham Holmes IPMS Columbus Eddie Rickenbacker Secretary
  10. Blizzcon 2015 is almost upon us, 21st February and we are looking forward to another full show. As in past years location is: Aladdin Shrine 3850 Stelzer Road Columbus OH 43219 For more info: http://ipmscolumbus.com/blizzcon
  11. What a coincidence, I know a lady aero engineer, my daughter do you know her?
  12. I have posted a list of the winners as well as some photos of the winners on the website at IPMSColumbus.com. There is a link from the home page.I will post more photos tomorrow, including some more of the show winner, a great Mustang GT500.
  13. I agree, just finshed the new type 52 and it is wonderful. I have now started the type 22.
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