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  1. Can you take a screen shot because I have never seen this pop up. Is anyone else seeing it? Thanks, Eric
  2. Which notification box do you mean? Or do you mean the announcement block? Eric
  3. I have done the upgrade to the Forums... you will notice a number of changes. First is you can now log in with either your display name or email address. The theme is also different - I will need to do a little work on that... If you have any issues, please let me know. Eric
  4. Yeah, I'm working on the upgrade - you can now log in with either your display name or email address. Eric
  5. It looks like I may need to update the Forum software soon. We are seeing a lot of bogus account creation requests... I figure its because we're using an older version of the software. When I do the update, it will be late in the evening as to not disrupt things. I may only be able to post an alert an hour or so before I disable login access... Thanks, Eric
  6. There will? Then someone needs to send me that information. Eric
  7. The online registration will go live soon. Eric
  8. I took the pic, but really don't remember much. Its most like a Wingnut Wings Albatross... but no idea which one, but likely a D.V (a?).. 1/32 scale... I think the decals might be from Pheon >> https://www.pheondecals.com Eric
  9. For more... see http://www.news-gazette.com/news/local/2018-01-10/hobbico-files-bankruptcy-layoffs-next.html
  10. There are some nice pictures on this page >> http://www.scalemodelnews.com/2018/01/more-aircraft-at-sac-and-aerospace.html Eric
  11. From Jalopnik.... https://jalopnik.com/these-alternate-universe-autonomous-f1-model-kits-are-t-1821340469
  12. If you are interested, I also have some spare PE bits for the 956 from Scale Motorsport.... i think many would work on the 962. E
  13. You know I might have an extra set of the Canon decals... I have a sheet in case you need it.... Eric
  14. You might be able to find this decal sheet somewhere cheaper.. https://www.ebay.com/itm/STUDIO-27-PORSCHE-962C-LEYTON-HOUSE-16-JSPC-1987-DECAL-for-1-24-HASEGAWA/232148693297?hash=item360d23f131:g:xhgAAOSwiDFYMIsS I dont see too many S27 sets with the wheel decals. You might be able to ask Steve at https://www.hiroboy.com which set might work. Eric
  15. No, I meant using the information there as a template to teach children....
  16. Would the Adult Building Course be at all useful? http://members.ipmsusa3.org/book/adult-building-course E
  17. Well, that depends on the local contest rules. For the Nationals, see http://www.ipmsusa.org/national_contest_committee/files/2017_national_contest_rules.pdf - Page 2, #14 & #15.
  18. You could check on the Starship Modeler Forums... http://www.starshipmodeler.net/talk/ Eric
  19. Agree there are stacks of options within that 8 year window, but ferrari (or possibly senna) seem most likely. They need a return on the license... I'd guess 156/85, f189 then f187 in that order. Otherwise, yes, the 99t Nope.
  20. I don't recall having an issue with cut & paste. Let me try a few things. E Text from a web page >> Apparently there are no screws to attach the rear wheels, like there are for the front wheels. Nor is there anything in the instructions about screws for the rear wheels. This is some text I wrote in a text editor to cut and paste in the forums. This is text from Microsoft Word…
  21. If I recall correctly, Microsoft will be releasing a new version of MS Paint (probably named differently) in the near future.
  22. That depends... are you looking to do things like aircraft insignia (simple graphics) or complex images, like editing a photo to turn into a decal? Photoshop Elements in only $99 and does go on sale, but that is more geared towards editing photos. E
  23. A nice article. https://kitbashed.com/blog/a-complete-history-of-the-millennium-falcon
  24. https://www.etsy.com/listing/207533608/1963-ford-galaxie-convertible-dealer
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