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  1. No, A2 Hosting has been working on the server to handle recent security updates and their entire hosting infrastructure had been under a DDOS attack which they had to handle. I think everything is sorted out now. Eric
  2. The Forum software was updated on November 10, 2014 to fix various bugs and security issues. If you have any issues with the new version, please post them here. Thanks, Eric Aitala
  3. See: http://spitfirespares.co.uk/RFC%20Propellors.html Eric
  4. Awards listing is now online - http://web.ipmsusa3.org/news/2014-ipmsusa-national-contest-award-winners Eric
  5. http://www.hasegawausa.com/promos/savings/index.html
  6. The auto scroll should pause if you have your mouse pointer on an image. Eric
  7. I will bet you are using Internet Explorer 11... I've been seeing odd issue with folks using it, but I thought I found a temporary solution for the Forums. Eric
  8. Hi, I've had a few reports of issues on the Forums and elsewhere that may be due to folks upgrading their browser to Internet Explorer 11. I believe I have patched the issue on the Forums - posting links and links to images in the text editor - although it not an 'official' fix from the Forums software developers. It may also re-occur once I apply the latest update to the Forums. If any one else is having issues with the text editor, please let me know especially if you are using IE 11. Thanks, Eric
  9. Its pretty chilly in plain ol' central PA as well.. Dr E
  10. Ed, See the attached pic for a possible fix... click on the thumbnail. Eric
  11. Don't forget that there is a Facebook like button at the bottom of every topic page... Eric
  12. As far as I know, we didn't touch anything in the Forum admin section, so... E
  13. With this board software it is not possible for admins to examine PMs unless that PM is reported by the recipient as being abusive, etc. I'm not aware of any instances of that ever occurring since I took over in 2009 (?). Eric
  14. I put up a page in the NCC section of the IPMS web site with a table of past locations... http://www.ipmsusa.org/NCC/ipms_nats.html E
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