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  1. That's the way the software works, it's not like I have a choice. In this case things were archived, so I pulled out the one thread, but I'm not going to sort through every item to find more. And in terms of GDPR requests for account removal, everything would be gone permanantly as per the law. E
  2. The one everyone was complaining about... https://forum.ipmsusa3.org/topic/25265-this-sums-it-up-perfectly/
  3. Let me check - I may be able to pull threads back out... Will see tonight. E
  4. https://www.tamiya.com/english/products/87176/index.htm
  5. Hi, I've been cleaning up and re-organizing the URL structure for the various websites - News and Events specifically. This is in preparation for a software / site update. If anyone sees anything odd, please let me know. Thanks, Eric
  6. Honestly, I'd rather remove myself as an admin than try to spend time moderating every post and every comment... Eric
  7. It would not be a matter of money but of Facebook, well, being Facebook. Getting anything to work with them is a nightmare which is why the IPMS/USA Facebook page (not the group) no longer gets news, events, and review updates automatically. E
  8. Hi, There are actually seven people who are group admins... We could set up a non-public page however there is not, as far as I am aware, any real mechanism to ensure those members are valid members of IPMS/USA. Doing it 'by hand' is not practical. Eric
  9. Oh, I figure plenty of emails and phone calls happened too.. But considering it was announced on the internet, why shouldn't people complain there? And how does where the complaining takes place change any of the facts? E
  10. If you receive an email like Please note the text I have highlighted in the red box, "Please do not reply to this message. All replies go to the Forum Administrator" i.e, I get the reply to this email with whatever the recipient sends. I have no way to disable this function or alter the way this message is formatted to make it more obvious to not respond to it. I delete these immediately when I get them.... but folks should be more careful. Thanks, Eric
  11. Pre-orders are now being taken. https://salvinosjrmodels.com/collections/indycar
  12. https://www.svsmgallery.com/Top-level/Contests/IPMS-USA-2023-Nationals-San-Marcos-TX
  13. My current compressor is a Testor's Aztec I won from FSM many years ago... It works, but sometimes I think having a tank might be better and provide more consistent air pressure. Thanks, Eric
  14. Here are some links. https://www.tedsmodelingmarketplace.com/fittings-for-all-lines/ https://www.detailmaster.com/collections/fittings https://www.spotmodel.com/index.php?cPath=298_312 E
  15. https://www.hiroboy.com/Cobra_Guardsman_Blue_Paint_60ml--product--906.html maybe?
  16. Hi, Anyone heard of Timbertech compressors? They seem to have a varied, low cost selection of compressors on Amazon... Eric
  17. Hi, Look how curbside is defined in https://ipmsusa.org/sites/default/files/2023_ipms-usa_national_contest_rules.pdf I think this might be the 'bigger' issue as you would not likely see a race car parked at a curb. Yes, WRC cars do use public roads and could be parked next to a curb, but... Eric
  18. Apparently now that the voting is underway the form/page can't be edited... E
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