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  1. Even better, if you go to http://calendar.ipmsusa3.organd click on the iCal logo at the bottom left of the calendar, you can subscribe to the Calendar feed which will automatically update your computer/phone/etc calendar program... There is also the Forum Calendar at: http://forum.ipmsusa3.org/index.php?/calendar/12-events-calendar
  2. Hey, How about this? http://calendar.ipmsusa3.org/all-events Eric
  3. At some point I would like to revive the guide and make it a web resource... with actual maps and such. Larry knows what I probably have in mind... I just have another project to launch first. Eric
  4. That is the length of time you have been a forum member... I'm not sure it can be changed. Eric
  5. I will send a quick note to the Journal folks to see if they have any... E
  6. The standard way to change your email address is the form at: http://web.ipmsusa3.org/content/change-address But because of the rush, John please email me your old and new email addresses to webmaster@ipmsusa.org Eric
  7. I would also try testing the decals with any spares that might be on the sheet. S27 decals can be brittle but usually are pretty opaque. I would apply it to an identically prepared piece of plastic, with your preferred decal solvent, then try clear coating it. You may not want to clear coat the 003 car as they tended to not have glossy sponsor logos / numbers / etc. but you might need to on other models. A warm damp cloth might also soften then so they conform but you may only need that for the round number on the side. E
  8. S27 decals are usually pretty good. Some of them are hi-tech in that the carrier film can be removed, but I've never tried those. Top coating the tired can be tricky on 12th scale tires as they can flex a bit. For 20th scale solid tires it tends to work better. I think the Acrylic clear paints might be better to spray. I'm not sure if anyone does 12th scale wet tires... http://www.iconautomotiveminiatures.com does a range of tires... E
  9. If you want to look into F1 decals, go to www.indycals.net and for tires http://indycals.net/decals/tires.html The best way to handle tires markings is to spray them through PE masks - http://www.hiroboy.com/120_Tyre_Painting_Template_for_1990_Goodyear__P990--product--4372.html If you have other questions, go to www.f1m.com Eric
  10. I could probably reproduce such a map - I don't have the complete member DB info though. I think being able to handle density - the # of members in a specific area - is the only thing I don't quite know how to manage... E
  11. I lost the post that was going to go with the image, but I was trying to point out that the distribution of the clubs west of Texas follows the major cities where in the East things are more 'evenly' spread out. I would assume that the clubs in the West have more members per club than in the East. E Eric, this is interesting but I would find a map of IPMS member density more valuable. There have to be some very small clubs out there even in major population centers like our. I don't think our total membership is more that 30 with 15 as average attendance.
  12. A map of the current IPMS clubs... (or pretty recent) for reference. Eric
  13. By attempting to limit the Nats registration fee - by keeping it low, splitting out the Banquet, or other means - the funds available to spend on the logistics of the event will always be limited, which will restrict the choices of available venues. Especially if other events, like Web Conf & DrupalCon, can outspend IPMS to book the same facilities. So places like NYC, Boston, and Philly will probably remain out of reach. Looking at recent shows, none have taken place in major centers of population for a while. (I was going to try to find the number of people living within 100 miles of each venue, but no luck yet.) 2001 Chicago, IL - 2.7 million 2005 Atlanta, GA - 5 million 2010 Phoenix, AZ - 4.4 million 2011 Omaha, NE - 900K 2012 Lake Buena Vista, FL - 10(?) 2013 Loveland, CO - 71K 2014 Hampton, VA - 137K 2015 Columbus, OH - 835K 2016 Columbia, SC - 133K How is this relevant? Attendees of events like this have the tab picked up by their employer, or write it off as a business expense. Some people save for years to go to an IPMS National event. When was the last time the Nats were held in the NE....huge population centers(Boston, NYC, Philly, etc) with potential for lots of walk ins.
  14. Hm... I look at it another way, if either bidder over-estimated their profits or there were other issues which raised costs, there would be far less margin for error to prevent things from going in the red. And while IPMS is a non-profit, taking a loss on the Nats would not be a good thing, especially when we have enough issues getting any clubs to step up and bid. I'm also assuming that the Committee members voting on the bid get to see more detailed budget information and perhaps there was something they saw that made Omaha the better option. Eric
  15. $100 would still be cheap by other conference standards. Two examples from my work life... Penn State Web Conference - two day event, 600ish attending - $550(ish) for early registration, $700 for regular. Plus $300 for a single workshop, $500 for both. Drupal Con (another web conference) - 4 day event, 2500ish attending - generally runs $700 to $800 and tends to pick large cities (LA, Nawlins, Austin) where hotels, even with conference rate, run $200/night So this is what we're 'competing' with... so trying to get a decent (IPMS) rate, is gonna be kinda difficult, IMHO. Eric
  16. Best auto >> http://www.ipmsusa3.org/gallery/v/events/NATS2015/Automotive/_DSC8090.JPG.html
  17. http://www.capitalgazette.com/news/naval_academy/ph-ac-cn-model-ship-0613-20150619-story.html Eric
  18. I think you might have hit your account's quota... try again and let me know. Eric
  19. Hi Ralph, I think I added you a while back.. Eric
  20. Any IPMS members who are also web developers who would like to be part of the Forum's Webmaster section? Let me know and I will add you. Eric
  21. Seems to work, see - http://forum.ipmsusa3.org/index.php?/topic/14872-test-post-adding-images/
  22. Testing to see if images are broken.
  23. I don't think so... where were you posting. Eric
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