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  1. Maybe there was a ScaleMaster sheet in red? Seems vaguely familiar, but I don't have one in my inventory of sheets. There's the hard way: building from single letters from something like the Aeromaster sheets. Rick L.
  2. I love it! It's another masterpiece! By all means, get yourself a good photo setup. You've certainly got some photo worthy material. Rick L.
  3. Check this out. My White Ensign Colourcoats Flight Deck Stain 21 paint came in the mail today. I hand brushed some on a scrap piece and laid it on my deck. I think I came dang close! Not bad for an airplane guy. Rick L.
  4. Ok. If you will permit me to resurrect this thread, I'll show you the display base I just finished for the little Hellcat. I made it using the DreamModels US WWII flight deck kit and a cheap 5x7 frame from Shopco. The kit has laser cut and etched plank strips, brass photo etched tie downs and styrene backing strips for the tie downs. I cut and glued these to a backing piece of .050 styrene roughed up with coarse grit sandpaper. I used Gator Grip Acrylic glue and I love that stuff. I mixed some MM Deck Blue 20B and Navy Blue Gray about 3:1 and came up with a colo
  5. Hey, you got a Class 3 FFL for that thing buddy? Oh wait. Its a model. Never mind! This is all fabulous work, Pete. Keep it up! Rick L.
  6. Rig that puppy! Just remember to put it in a sealed display case after it is finished because you are NEVER dusting it again. Rick L.
  7. Really bummed at missing the Nationals and especially this event. I hope you are enormously successful with it; beyond your expectations even. Rick L.
  8. That's what I think of when I hear, "ship model". Wow, that's nice! Rick L.
  9. My models crash and burn with regularity. Sadly, their carcasses never survive to tell the story. Rick L.
  10. Dog gone. Hate to hear that. Rick L.
  11. Mark, the Dora is an impressive beast. Saw it in Colorado. Wish I had made contact with you there so you could divulge all its secrets before I someday dive into mine. Rick L.
  12. For me, it has to be the 1/72 Eduard F6F-3 Hellcat. Second best, just because of the shear amount of effort it took, and the "just missed" results in a few places, is the Airfix 1/48 B2 Canberra. Rick L.
  13. Very much interested in this. How is the attachment point for the main struts? Rick L.
  14. That's "Sub" standard. Quite nice actually! Very inspiring. Rick L.
  15. I hope to soon. I'm building for a local contest in June, but after that is a possibility. Several options to choose from. No pressure this year as I won't be headed to Nationals. Rick L.
  16. Thanks for all the nice comments, guys. The colors are Tamiya NATO Black, and a 50/50 mix of NATO Black and German Gray. Rick L.
  17. Just read through all the pages. Well done. Nice collective modeling effort to all! Rick L.
  18. A neutrally buoyant thingy. At times anyway. This is the Riich Models 1/200 USS Gato SS-212 from 1942. It is a really nice kit, with good detail and pretty nice fit. The kit is also available as the 1944 refit Gato with the reworked tower and cut down shear plating. I liked this version because it is the way most early Gato class boats went to war right after Pearl Harbor. God Bless the men who go to war in submarines. It would have been about last on my list. The kit has a few options, but mostly they don't work so well. You can choose between photoetch railings, or make your own f
  19. Scale them up to 1/350. Take my money. Please. Rick L.
  20. Well, that explains trying to mate the Corsair pit to the DR.I engine....... Rick L.
  21. Yeah, I like it too. I'm glad you aren't giving it the heave. Airplanes don't have wood decks. Just saying. Rick L.
  22. Its fabulous! All the little things add up to one BIG thing, and that's the cool part about modeling. All the hard work has paid off, Chris. It's truly something to be proud of now. Rick L.
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