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  1. That thing is so shiny it kicked my ADD in. Well done. Rick L.
  2. See, you did build an airplane. You liked it so much you build several. Rick L.
  3. OK.. just shot about 25 really good photos of this build. One of youz guys could have told me I left the top mask on the windscreen before I went to all that work! Sheesh. Rick L.
  4. Hey, I put the "dirt" on it! Very realistic, no? Rick L.
  5. Wouldn't fit down the chimney..... Rick L.
  6. This one is done! Five months later. I still need to glue the canopy on permanently, and build the base, but it's done. I'll get some good photos with my better SLR and light box later. Here it is: It has it's little issues, but I'm happy. Probably my best work in quite awhile. Thanks for the moral support along the way. I appreciate all of your comments. Rick L.
  7. Some dry brushing along the wing root foot traffic areas and I used a silver pencil around the ammo bay covers to simulate chipping. This is the first time I have tried the technique. I think it will be a good way of doing chipping. I need some more practice. Rick L.
  8. Mark's Model Machine marches on! You are always an inspiration. Lets see more! Rick L.
  9. Wow. The Germans came up with alot of good ideas. That wasn't one of them. Why not just copy the air ops of the more experienced nations I wonder? Rick L.
  10. Used super fine wet sanding to polish down through the black paint into the aluminum paint underneath on the back side of the blades. Front and back will get some pastel fading too. Looks like a prop nearly ready for overhaul. Rick L.
  11. OK, so just how would flight ops have worked with this ship? Totally confused. Rick L.
  12. That's truly some stormy seas. Wonderful technique. The colors really portray the dark North Sea feel. Rick L.
  13. The signal lights were just to bright for me to leave them, so they each got a drop of Tamiya Smoke. Much better. Rick L.
  14. Spruemeister

    whut izit?

    The bogies look like truck rims. Rick L.
  15. Oh boy oh boy oh boy. It's finally on its own gear! It's really going to actually be finished soon. Rick L.
  16. Liiiiisten, to the dark sssssside. Feeeeeel its POWER! Join us and together we can rule...... Oh wait. Sorry. That's the target armor/treadhead guy's thing. I, uh, look forward to... mentoring your first aviation build. Rick L.
  17. Well now we have signal lights. So we can tell the nurses which beach, and what time. Presumably. Rick L.
  18. I'm in O'Neill. Been here my whole life, except for college in Omaha and Council Bluffs. I've been to Sidney and Cabelas. No cockpit photos. This was the one and only slide of this airframe. If somebody would do decals, I would build it. Short fin and all. Rick L.
  19. Fine. Where's the rest of the ship? Half a battleship? Rick L.
  20. Pete, that's really cool! I love the Dayglo scheme on tankers. One of my side hobbies is collecting old Kodachrome slides. Here is the rest of that picture in my avatar. Ramrod Rick L.
  21. That darn leaky radial engine. Puked all over my nice clean belly tank. I used really thinned drops of Burnt Sienna and Burnt Umber oils which I then "blew" across the surface with my airbrush. Rick L.
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