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  1. Oh carp. I have to behave now. Well deserved, Jim. Glad to see you on the team. Rick L.
  2. This... makes me want to quit building planes. No, not really. Utterly amazed. That's one of those builds that could be passed from generation to generation. Rick L.
  3. Want more traffic? Advertise. If the Journal goes to every member; utilize it. Push the forum. I'll bet a large chunk of the membership doesn't know about it, or it isn't in the forefront of their online planning. How many members are registered here? Rick L.
  4. Great stuff, Mark! Those Old Monogram 1/72 kits are tremendous and deserve to be built. I love the F11C-2. Very similar to the F4B-4. Keep it up! Rick L.
  5. x2 There's no such thing as regular hours in Ag. In a couple weeks I'll be doing the 12 hour day thing for a month or so. No build time till the snow flies and the temp hits "holy crap I didn't know it could be this cold". Right now I sneak in 20 minutes in the mornings here and there. Not enough to accomplish big tasks like airbrushing or major assembly. Rick L.
  6. I thought the Photos:On The Bench topic was the WIP section. There are 20 some threads there started this calendar year thus far. I didn't count threads started this year in any of the specific forums. I guess I would leave it as is, and let a few build progress threads escape into their genre specific forums as is happening now. Its the nature of people to do what they want anyway. I doubt that shuffling the board will drive up traffic. We all need to step up with our own contributions in content here. I know most of us have our own particular non IPMS forum preferences and enjoy helpi
  7. You are no longer allowed to remark about my supposed insanity. You are clearly infected yourself and are doing a bang up job proving it. Welcome to the asylum. Rick L.
  8. I absolutely love the Gator Grip glue for photoetch. Rough up the back with heavy grit sanding sticks, and the part you are attaching it too. Way tougher than CA, and a little wiggle time before it sets. Great work, Jim! Rick L.
  9. Jim's building a model!!! Yaaaaay!!! I will be watching. B-29s are awesome. (So are you) Rick L.
  10. Dang nice. As always. Rick L.
  11. I guess us farm kids never really outgrow the farm, and the toys that went along with the chores: They all get proudly displayed right along with the model collection. I remember reading my brother's Toy Farmer issues. Been probably 20 years ago? I'm still holding down the family farm as a closet airplane nut so I know it can be done. I wish I had known that the Hudson locomotive would interest you. I sold it last February when I cleared out about 200 kits to make the stash more manageable. Rick L.
  12. Wow! Simply amazing. AM sure did things right, and you did right by them with this build. Well done! Rick L.
  13. I'm right there with you. I can sell my conversion set. If the kit is acceptable. Rick l.
  14. Was the high gun placement a result of the shallow draft? Well done model, by the way. Rick L.
  15. Glad to see Blue Angel markings included in this kit. The long hunt for a Collect-Aire Twogar is officially over. Rick L.
  16. Those are stunning! Rick L.
  17. Step your game up, Gil. And bring your wallet. http://www.ebay.com/itm/301225070611?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649 And maybe your friend's wallet. Or two. Rick L.
  18. I'm not going to no airshow with clear Porta Pots. Some things can never be unseen. Rick L.
  19. Spruemeister

    Yukikaze FINISHED

    You just make stuff come alive. All you need is a sound card in the base. Another fine work of art, Chris. Rick L.
  20. Thanks for the very nice comments everybody. The little Hellcat did very well at a local contest last weekend. But I'm probably more satisfied with how the whole project pushed me and made me grow as a modeler. Rick L.
  21. Nothing finer than an old airliner. Well done! Rick L.
  22. Your ship building is one thing, and your water is another. All together it's a complete package! Well done. Rick L.
  23. OK. No badly distorted cartoons, no silly looking newspaper photos? Rick L.
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