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  1. The few. The brave. The AMT Bomber alumni. Great job! If it's giving you no fits or problems, count yourself either lucky or just better than most everybody else. It's a kit notorious for it's fit issues. But if it's working out well for you, roll on! I like your ideas for a production in service airframe with appropriate markings. That will make it stand out even more than it already does. Looking forward to more progress! Rick L. (XB-70 class of '95)
  2. Well done, Gil! I love what some people can do with older kits. Very inspiring. Rick L.
  3. Naval Fighters Number Thirty One http://www.ebay.com/itm/Model-Airplane-book-Grumman-XF5F-1-XP-50-Skyrocket-pictures-1980s-33-pgs-specs-/320761498076?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item4aaee009dc Eduard photoetch #48285 for XF5F Rick L.
  4. That is the definition of fabulous modeling! Great subject, too. Rick L.
  5. 1/48 F-105B injection. No fooling around with difficult to find conversions. 1/350 USS Enterprise CV-6. No fooling around with expensive conversions. 1/48 F4H-1 Phantom injection. No fooling around with both of the above! 1/48 TF-9J two seat Cougar, now that Collect Aire = collectable 148 T-37B Pilot maker on par with the Greatest Generation's T-6. Why no kit of this yet? Hey Trumpeter, how about some nice 1/350 WWII British aircraft carriers like Ark Royal, or a 1950's Eagle? To many others to list. Rick L.
  6. Did the world start turning the other direction? The Aldrichs are building B-17s and I came home with armor kits. (Don't tell Leslie Quirk. She still thinks I'm "The enemy") Rick L.
  7. If its the one in Rapid, I've eaten there. Best hotwings and beer batter bread I've ever had. That rust is just perfect. It's such an interesting looking model for such a beat up, throw away subject. Very Well Done! Rick L.
  8. Don't care if he didn't fly it. He got the idea right, and executed it impressively. Please pass along my Well Done to Frank. Rick L.
  9. I love the toss bombing B-47. That's innovative modeling! Rick L.
  10. Those are pretty nice builds. Hang them up and enjoy! Good thing they aren't 48th. Rick L.
  11. How about a couple pics? Rick L.
  12. There are twelve steps to overcoming your addiction, but most of them escape me. One of them may have had something to do with double fudge brownies. Or was it Mach 2 kits. I forget. Rick L.
  13. My understanding is that YP-80 and production P-80 dimensions should be the same. The XP-80 had the shorter fuselage and wings, and different shaped intakes. Bob Steinbrunn's conversion didn't alter any of the overall dimensions of the Monogram kit. Just the relevant details like cockpit location, inlet splitters removed, canopy shape, etc. The bulk of his work was just superdetailing areas like the gun bay, airbrakes, landing gear and cockpit. I'd be interested i knowing if I'm assuming wrong about the size. Rick L.
  14. That's some impressive work, Gil! Rick L.
  15. Very nice model of a not often talked about subject! Your website is also an ocean of information, and I've read most of it. I very much look forward to hearing your seminar in Omaha next summer. Hopefully we will have a good showing of Nebraska related subjects on the tables, too. Rick L.
  16. My goodness that a huge novelty penny you've got there! Where's you get it? ;) Fabulous looking build! Rick L.
  17. Well then I am a schizophrenic, model building, nostalgic, rivet counting, hoarder. Meaning there's a little of customer #1, 2, and 3 in me depending on the particular day, or subject I'm interested in that day. I love the old kits. Partly because of nostalgia for my childhood, partly because those are the only avenues to get to those subjects. Just finished a 1968 Monogram F11C-2 1/72 Goshawk (agapemodels.com), which is actually still one of the nicest kits around. I have an old Hawk Travel Air Mystery ship in progress too. There are newer releases of these, but no new tool kits. I
  18. A third possible material might be Parafilm. Just depends on your comfort level with cutting the stuff. Used with the circle template, it would probably lay down better than tape with less wrinkles. Then there's the self adhesive foil, but I won't go into that even though I've used it, as it seems not to have many allies. Rick L.
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