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  1. You at least have a Corsair for a computer desktop, so all is well. Rick L.
  2. You're missing a whole bunch of safety wires back there in that accessories section, but I suppose we can let that go. Very nice! Welcome to the fraternity. Rick L.
  3. Chris, it's sitting there waiting for me to Git er Done. I've found very little time to model lately, and right now I'm on the road at the in laws. I'm going to Future the belly tank so I can use some oil paints to simulate.......... oil. Brilliant, I know. I've put a layer of Alclad on the prop which I will overcoat with flat black. I'll use fine wet sandpaper to polish the paint back to the aluminum on the leading edges and the outer part of the back of the blade. Simulates the paint wearing away like real life. It's hard to get the effect putting aluminum over the black. Pictures wh
  4. The photo etch straps on the tank are a real pain. I wish Eduard would have left off the plastic molding and done the entire strap in etch from end to end. I probably should have re worked it myself. I think the longer this goes, the lazier I get. Hopefully I can pop the tank assembly off and paint it with no damage from my fumble fingers. Rick L.
  5. Portholes! Is that thing a carrier or a cruise ship? Well done. Once again! Rick L. ps. I vote for Tirpitz style camo.
  6. Tiny bit of work done. And I mean tiny. The kit tail wheel is a solid chunk of plastic because of the molding limitations for something as small as this. But Eduard was good enough to leave the necessary impressions in the part so detail nuts like me can obsess about fixing it. With the help of several different sized micro bits and the tip of a new #11 blade I was able to get it to look like a real tail wheel assembly. Working on the belly tank now. Fiddly would be how I describe that piece. Rick L.
  7. Right proper aeroplane, that. Well done. Rick L.
  8. Thanks all of you. I see the light at the end of the tunnel on this project. Or it's a train. Rick L.
  9. Mark, some launches in the water would add some visual appeal. Not that the darn thing needs any more appeal! Really looking good. Hard to remember its only 1/700. Rick L.
  10. Here is one way I do exhaust staining. I start with a thin light pass of flat white. This is a good base as it represents what hot exhaust gasses do to paint. It oxidizes it, turning it chalky white. Then it's back to the pastels to blend some more custom colors for the exhaust residue. I have nice little plastic paint pallet I put a layer of foil over. Then blend the chalks with a stubby flat brush. When I'm done with them I pick the foil up and set it over a small plastic bottle about the size of a Model Master paint jar, and I cut a slot in the bottom of the fo
  11. Not at all! You'll find you can't bother me that much. I just hope I don't mess you up. Rick L.
  12. Paint, decals and flat finish are done. Will be doing some exhaust staining next. In the mean time I'm working on the gear so I can get it on its own legs. Made some pseudo brake lines from copper wire. I can't come up with a good picture of the brakes or lines, so this is how I suppose they look. Good enough for me. Slow progress. Fall harvest is cutting deep into my hobby time! Rick L.
  13. That's just brilliant work. You are really inspiring me with your ship builds. If I can make one tiny insignificant suggestion: take your photos on the level. I find myself laying my head over to look at them with a more natural perspective. No biggie! Keep it up! Rick L.
  14. Outstanding work! Love the oddball "reject" stuff. Very nice as usual, Gil. Rick L.
  15. Wow, that's a nice looking kit. Now I'm REALLY Tempted. Rick L.
  16. Mixing up some pastel chalks to make custom weathering powders. Rick L.
  17. This is one instance we do NOT want photos. Prayers for quick healing. Rick L.
  18. Topside with some lightened dark sea blue post shading. Still a skill I need more practice at. Rick L.
  19. Cage masts! Woot! Rick L.
  20. On to the paint! Finally! Some underside pre shading layer. Not real big on the process, but under the white it should help dirty up the look. A little up the sides. The topside will see some post shading only. Rick L.
  21. Love that scheme. And its a Corsair! What's not to like about it? I have a newer set of decals and would like to do this in the future. Rick L.
  22. The bumps over the side exhaust stubs are molded solid. A couple minutes with a half round file fixes this pretty easily. Rick L.
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