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Mark Deliduka

The Duke's 2012 Workbench Updated 9/9/12

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It's no use...I'm STILL behind!


GIL :smiley16:

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LOL! Thanks for the awesome replies guys!


This work is all the result of sneaking an hour or so on the bench in between jobs and sleep over the course of the last month! I'm hoping soon to find more time so I can ramp up production. I'm way behind in models completed for the year to date; and I have too many projects that have been sitting on my bench for far too long!


Bill, I love the Valiant! Not too crazy about the soft plastic it's been molded with, but it is going together very well. This is my third V-bomber; I've already got the Victor and the Vulcan hanging on my ceiling already.


Gill, you'll just have to buckle down and git 'r done! :smiley2::smiley20: :D

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Well, here I am a few weeks later and finally have some time to post. A few of the models in the last post I made here have been completed, so feel free to check them out in their respective Forums.


Meanwhile, here's the progress I made during the last few weeks. It ain't much due to my heavy workload, but I did manage to get something done.


I'll start out with the Opel Bus. I finally have an acceptable enough basecoat on this for me to move on. It ain't perfect, but I'm tired of this thing cluttering my bench. It's been in progress for far too long:




You'll notice that the back seems to sag a little; the back glue joint doesn't seem to hold. Drastic measures will have to be taken.


Moving right along...


Another model that has been giving me fits lately. This is my Russian Armored Train the "Dzerzhinets" by UM Models. I posted some time ago on the Missing Lynx Braille Scale Forums asking how do I weather a train? Well, I got some good answers and this is the result.


Engine and tender sans flash:




One of the turreted cars sans flash:




Another shot of some of the turreted cars with flash:




So, all the comments I got confirmed that I weathered this thing just right. Which means I weathered it just right, or the people who know I did it wrong kept silent while the others stroked my ego. :blink: :D


Anyway, I'm calling that part of it done, and now all I have to do to finish this train is add the quad Maxims to the back of the tender. So, I started the quad Maxims and their mount. This is my progress on that so far.


These are the very delicate plastic parts for the main framework of the mount:




Next is the Photo-etch mounting plate. I broke this thing twice while trying to do all the folds on it. Then I had a bear of a time adding the little braces:




Next I have to bend and cement all the pintle mounts for all four guns, then add the ammo cans. Big fun!



Moving on from this model, I also got some small progress done on my Dora Railgun. I finished adding all 288 small hand wheels to the four sides of these main support structures. I also go the connection pieces assembled and some of them installed on the model. Here it is all dry-fit together:






Now that this model can no longer fit inside the original box; I had to rig up a carrying box for this main assembly. This is what I came up with:




I guess you also noticed parts of my German Panzerzug BP-44 in the background. I pulled that out to try and utilize some of the new weathering techniques I learned from weathering the "Dzerzhinets". I'll post more pics when I'm more satisfied with the results.


Well, that's all my progress for now. Hopefully more will come. Remember, comments are welcome. Thanks all for looking in.

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Geez!!!! PE in 1/72 scale! I hate in 1/35 and I HAD to use it on the Monster and STILL hate it!!! Looking good and that Dora is a BIG puppy!!!

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Nice Dora there Mark, Big sucker even in 1/72 scale.

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The russian train looks really great ! :smiley32:

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Thanks guys! I appreciate your replies!


Yeah, Mark; I hate when I have to do this kind of P/E! I was actually considering scratchbuilding the parts from scrap plastic for awhile.


That Dora is big, and the more I work on it, the more scared I get! :blink::smiley22:


Thanks Pawel, I was concerned for awhile I'd overdone it.


Stay tuned guys, more to come.

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I know we are not in competetion this year but I did realize with the upcoming show in McMinnville, I have been able to get 10 models completed since last years show! That breaks down to about .83 models per month! Not too bad for me!

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Way to go Mark! I don't even know how many I've done this year so far. Still, I'd just like to finish some of these projects on my workbench now. Keep going Mark, your work is a true joy to look at!

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Well, it's been about two weeks later and now I have a little time to post the progress I've made from stolen workbench time. I've managed to get a lot more done than I expected, so without further ado, here is my latest work.



I'll start with my aircraft. I only worked on one; it is the 1/72 scale DC-6 from Heller that I just started for a friend who needs it for an aircraft display. It was a fairly quick and easy build at first; there was no internal details to speak of after all. Cockpit looked okay; better than the C-160 one. I got it all assembled pretty quickly:




You can see how big this puppy is; it won't even fit on the bench anymore!


Anyway, soon after that pic was taken; I went to add the main landing gear to the plane and found the forward landing gear yoke was missing!




I looked everywhere for hours and couldn't find it. So, I figured I guess it was time to scratchbuild a new yoke.


Because of this; my DC-6 will no longer ever be an award winner. I'm really bad at this, but at least this stupid model now has all it's wheels!


I started out by drilling a hole for metal rod:




Next I cut a section of plastic rod for an axle:




After that, I measured a length of larger diameter plastic rod for the yoke and bent it into something close to the shape. I had also drilled holes in the ends for the axle to fit into:




Next I installed it on the main landing gear using small wire and bracing it with strips of scrap P/E to hold it into place. After gluing it with the CA glue, I added Gator Grip Glue to the outside to give some added sheer strength:




Another view:




The Gator Grip Glue is sill wet here in these pics. You can see why this will never be an award winner; that main landing gear will knock it out of contention in the first cut. Still; I'm going to do my best to finish this with as much of an eye-catching finish as I can to make up for it! It may not win, but I'm gonna bust my tail to get those "Wow! What a finish!" comments!


The next day after this had dried overnight, I added the main wheel to the new yoke:




Here she is sitting on all her landing gear now:




I got a set of American Airlines decals for this model from a friend which I will be using for this model. It will be in a complete bare metal finish overall. Once I get this puppy sanded down and all the gaps and seams smoothed out, I'll shoot some paint on this.



EDIT: Four days after all this work, I found the stupid yoke piece in a box of Samurai warriors I'd built for a friend's Samurai Battles game! Now I have to figure out whether I want to scrap all my scratchbuilding work and try to re-install this with metal reinforcement, or just leave it as it is!





Okay, that's it for aircraft. Now on to my armor.


First off, I made some small progress on a couple models that had been sitting around for a bit. This captured German T-34/76 is now sporting it's tracks and is ready for the clearcoat, decals, dullcoat and weathering:




Another model that has been advanced towards the finish line is this tiny Doc Models Italian CV-35 tankette. I completed the camo pattern on it and added the tracks:




After it had dried a bit, I added the two decals to it:




Now it is ready for dullcoat and weathering.


After that, I started a couple of projects for a couple Group Builds on two other Forums.


Anyway, here is my project for the Anti-Tank Vehicle Group Build on the Braille Scale Forums. This is the ACE AT-3 Sagger vehicle that I'll be making with Iraqi markings. Here is where I have it now:




Here it is with the missile racks test-fit on the mounting rod:




Another model I started for the Guns! Guns! Guns! Group Build on Modeler's Alliance is this Hasegawa 60cm. Morser Karl on railcars. I only got the railcars started so far:




Finally the progress I made on my newest Magnum Opus, the Dora Railgun. I have finally completed the main support structures for this massive beast:




You can see now why I work on this almost solely at the St. Crispin's Hobby Day Hall. It's far too big to work on at my house!


Here is a close up of one of the four catwalks I installed on this. Yes, that is photo-etch screen on that catwalk. Yes, I had to do four of them like this:




Moving right along on this, I completed the breach block and breech assembly on the main gun. In this pic the barrel sections are not cemented together yet; they are just dry-fit for the purposes of showing the size of this gun. Also, I forgot to put something next to it as a size reference; so when I cropped this pic, I left in the 1/72 scale Huey Hog so you can see how big this monster really is:




Here is a more detailed shot of the breech assembly on this gun:




You can see I still have some more sanding to do. After all this, I also assembled the two gun mounts. You can see in these pics the seam issues I have to deal with on this whole model:






Okay, that is all I have to show for now. Work is starting to pick up again so I will probably be slowing down again. Still, if I can get more progress done, I'll keep you all posted.


Meanwhile, comments are welcome; thanks for looking in.

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Man that Dora is gonna be HUGE!!!

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Okay, now that I finally managed to get my browser to work so I could upload pics, I tried earlier to post pics of my latest progress. Then the site where I was hosting them went down, wiping out my attempt to post anything! Now I'm trying again with my pics hosting somewhere else. This is my progress I made in the last couple days when I finally found some time to work on my models.


I'll start with the Morser Karl on railcars that I'm doing for a Group Build on another Forum. So far I managed to get the railcars themselves done. Now to build the attachments that hold the Karl:




Next I'm doing a couple models for another Group Build on yet another Forum. These are my two ACE anti-tank vehicles that I started. One is going to my Iraqi army, the other will be a captured Israeli vehicle.


First the Iraqi one. I put some paint on it to see if that is the color I wish to use:




Next the Israeli one. I need to glue it bit by bit to make sure it closes right:




Now I also got my two Dragon Churchill tanks up to the painting stage.


The Churchill Mk III:




and the Churchill Mk IV:




In aircraft, my DC-6 is now sanded smooth (I hope!) and waiting for paint. The An-12 Cub is finished, and I hope to get pics of it soon. Now on to my latest aircraft I started. This is the Zvezda 1/72 scale Mil Mi-26 Halo helicopter. I'm doing this for the Call to Arms Group Build on the Modeler's Alliance.


First thing I did, naturally; was build the cockpit. Got it all done and ready for paint:




The roof pieces are just dry-fit in there to help the bulkheads glue properly. I left them removable to make it easier to paint this cockpit assembly as you can see here:




While that was drying; I assembled some of the detail parts to the interior of the fuselage halves, and added the windows to them as well. You can see how big this horse will be by the Exacto blade sitting between them for a size reference:




Finally, I got the engine exhausts assembled and attached to the interior roof section in the main cargo bay:




Last but not least, I didn't get much more done on the Dora; just a few detail pieces and some repairs of some parts that broke from traveling. Still, here is a couple of nice teaser pics showing where I am with this model so far:




Yes, the counterweights do work:





Well, that is all for now. I hope you enjoyed the factory tour. Comments are always welcome; thanks for looking in!

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WOW! That Dora looks like it's trying to overcompensate for something :smiley3: .......or is it the builder........ :P


Lookin' good Duke! :smiley20:


GIL :smiley16:

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Mark, Love your latest photos. The Dora is HUGH. The barrel looks like it is bent? Maybe just the photo.



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Gil, that's a "yes" to both questions! :lol: :lol: Thanks for the compliment!


Thanks Chris! Yeah, she's a monster alright! And yes, the barrel is bent a bit; I haven't cemented the whole barrel together yet. That way I can still pack it into the box. I'll get it done eventually.

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Love it. Hero Modeler of the Soviet Union!


Suggestion: Just to show the outrageous size of the Dora, seat that thing (and its rails) next to a few suitable Euro-style buildings and figures, maybe a Hun staff car or something. While HO buildings are a tad small for 1/72, it's kinda close enough and will accentuate the monster even more. That thing is incomprehensibly huge and will be even more gob-smacking next to some scale buildings...IMHO.

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Thanks Bob! Yeah, I should start showing some items next to that beast. I actually have a few Italeir and Pegasus 1/72 scale buildings that I could place next to Dora.



One friend suggested that I pose the tiny 1/72 scale CV-35 Italian tankette I'd just finished next to this as well, That would be a sight to see!


Thanks again for the great comment!

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Okay, another week has gone by and I actually got quite a bit done this week at Hobby Day Friday. I also have some finished models posted in their respective Forums so feel free to check them out too. They are not up to my usual standards, but they were giving me so much trouble that I just wanted to get them done! They were taking too long to finish....


Okay, now on to the latest progress I was able to make on Friday. I'll start with my armor.


I took a break from my Dora this week but managed to get ahead on alot more projects.


I got the tracks on three of my tanks.


My Neubau Fahrzeug:




My Churchill III:




And my Churchill IV:




Now these three are ready for paint....... and paint finishing....


Next I got some progress done on some of my railroad subjects. This first one is the railcars for the Morser Karl. They are completed and ready for paint:




This next rail subject is the Hobby Boss 1/72 scale Russian Drasine "Krasnaya Zvezda". I had it assembled and finally got it painted:




And finally, I managed to finish the quad Maxims for my armored train. Here it is before painting:






That was a tough little thing to build. I apologize for the slightly blurry pics; it is so small, my camera had trouble focusing on it!


Here it is finally painted and mounted on the engine. You can see that I also added coal to the tender:




And now a shot of the finished engine and tender:




For the finished train, check it out in the armored Forums where I have it posted along with my other armor.


And now for my aircraft. Here is my latest work on the helicopter I'm building for the Call to Arms campaign on the Alliance.


I got the cockpit painted and decaled here:




Then I painted and added the crew:




Here is the cockpit all closed up and ready for the fuselage:




These are some of the extra small sub-assemblies I also built while waiting for the cockpit to dry. I also added filler to the seam of the exhaust pipes inside and out:




Now to find a suitable "africa brown" to paint the main cargo bay with so I can close this puppy up. I may have some more progress later to show on other aircraft I'm working on so stay tuned.



Meanwhile, thanks for looking in, comments are welcome.

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This week has seen some real slow progress for me. I spent most of the Hobby Day improving my German armored train. Take a look and see what you think. I tried to use many of the techniques I learned from weathering the Russian armored train.


Engine and tenders:




Geschutswagens and Kommandowagens:








Panzertraegerwagens and Panzerjaagerwagens:






Along with that, I also got some progress done on my Trumpeter Russian Drasine. I clearcoated it and decaled it. Now all I have to do is touch up that unpainted section beneath the turret, and weather this thing and it's done:








The only other model I made progress on was my Russian Mi-26 Halo. First thing I did was to paint the interior a dark "africa brown" as the instructions stated. Then I drybrushed it with successive layers of a lighter brown then a tan. Here is the interior of the two main fuselage parts:




The underside of the engine deck is also the ceiling for the interior, and it has several lights on it. I got these painted before installing this inside one of the fuselage halves:




Here is a shot of the fuselage with all the parts installed in it and ready to be closed up:




It's amazing how many of these parts had to fit inside this thing. Not only that, but there are about five other additional fuselage parts that go on this after the fuselage had been closed up! Here it is all closed up and drying:




You can see how big this monster is by the Exacto blade sitting next to it. My next step is to smooth out the seams and add some Mr. Surfacer 500 to places that need it. Then we'll be able to proceed further.



That's all I was able to get done this week. Comments are welcome, thanks for looking in.

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Well, here it is five weeks later and I finally have some time to post some pics! These are pics of progress done whenever I've been able to snatch some time from the jaws of life to get some building done.


Okay, I'll start out with my aircraft....


At Orangecon, I picked up this little Cessna 172 on floats for about $3.00, so I figured, 'I have one with wheels, let's build this little guy with floats'. So I got it started. Here it is after I've gotten the fuselage together and the wings and stabilizers on. She's been sanded down and her floats are also nicely assembled and sanded smooth. Now to find a propeller for her. No wonder it was only $3.00.....




Next, I decided to start an F-84 Thunderjet that a friend of mine from San Diego gave me at one of our Hobby Days. This is only the second Tamiya kit I've ever built; the first was an F4 Skyray.


I got the cockpit finished first:




Then I got the wings assembled:




Since these pics were taken, I'd gotten the 'pit and the wheel wells painted but I didn't get pics of that yet. Maybe on the next update...


Now all I have to do is find some weight for the nose of this little beastie and I'll be able to get the whole fuselage assembled.


Onward we go to look at my Monster MiL, the Mi-26 Halo. I have the whole thing fully assembled except for engine exhaust shrouds. Once they are on, she'll be ready for paint:




I had also gotten the main rotor hub assembled, as well as painting one of the three colors on the main rotors. Maybe soon I'll have more done to show.



Moving right along to my armor.....



Okay, I needed a diversion in my armor modeling so I got started with a couple small kits. this first one is a MAC Distributor's 1/72 scale Russian UAZ all terrain vehicle. This was meant to replace the old GAZ-69 'Jeep' from WWII. I think I'll be mounting the heavy machine gun on this:




My apologies for the poor quality of that pic. My camera apparently had some difficulty seeing that little thing. It is, after all, only about an inch and a quarter long.


Next I started on an ACE British Tourer staff car. I started this because someone on the Missing Lynx Braille Scale Forums wanted to see this built up. This is after about 40 minutes of assembly:






Speaking of Missing Lynx Braille Scale Forums, these are my AT-3 Sagger vehicles I'm doing for an Anti-Tank Vehicle Group Build on those boards. One of these will be Iraqi, the other a vehicle captured by the Israelis:




And finally, here's some pics of the Morser Karl on Railcars I've been building. I managed to get the main hull finished first:




Later on, I assembled the mortar itself:




Later still, I finished off the whole gun. Here she is all finished:




Afterward, I tried to put it on the railcars. In the process, I lost six of the eight little pins I was supposed to use to hold this thing up. So, I pulled out a plastic rod about the same diameter as the remaining pins and promptly made some new ones. I cut them a little longer than the existing pins, flared the ends with a hot knife (I made several extra!) and then fought this thing onto it's railcars. You'll note that I had to take off the folded up side platforms to do this:




I actually think this looks pretty darn good if I do say so myself! Now to get it painted. I'll be painting it a three-tone pattern given in the instructions. (God! I'm such a glutton for punishment!)


Well, that's all I've been ale to do these last five weeks. I had to steal the time when I could but this is the result. Now if only I can finish some of these!


Meanwhile, thanks all for looking in; comments are always welcome!

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Good stuff, Duke! The camo paint & weathering crud on that armored train is really nice.

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I don't know how I missed this for a week! Looks like a lot of work and a lot of Fun Duke!


I recommend lead fishing sinkers for nose weights. They're cheap, come in a variety of sizes, you can chop them up smaller with a good pair of snips or pound them flat with a hammer in order to make them fit where ya need.


GIL :smiley16:

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Good stuff, Duke! The camo paint & weathering crud on that armored train is really nice.


Thanks Bob! It was all an experimentation; I had no idea how to weather an armored train. I'm glad it's looking good.

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I don't know how I missed this for a week! Looks like a lot of work and a lot of Fun Duke!


I recommend lead fishing sinkers for nose weights. They're cheap, come in a variety of sizes, you can chop them up smaller with a good pair of snips or pound them flat with a hammer in order to make them fit where ya need.


GIL :smiley16:



Thanks Gil! I've been wondering where you've been!


I just picked up a box of assorted bullet sinkers recently; I'm already halfway through them!


Stay tuned, I got more to come!

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Well, I managed to 'steal' a little more time to 'play' in my hobby room. Here's my latest progress so far.


I'll start with my aircraft.


I shot some Tamiya Gloss Aluminum on my DC-6 from the spray can. Not a good coat. It ran some and also orange peeled. Gee, I thought this stuff was supposed to go on smooth!




So, I sanded down the rough spots and the runs; sanded down even more of the poor seams and joins, buffed off the whole thing (breaking off the nose gear and one main gear wheel) and I re-shot the coat of Aluminum.


My second attempt at a smooth coat:




A little better, but I still need to shoot it again. Man, I wonder how these other guys do such a smooth, blemish-free coat of metal!


While I was at it; I shot the parts for the Thunderjet as well:





Now on to my armor.


I had two cars under construction, and now they have been painted. The next time you see these, they'll be completed.


First, my UAZ 469:




I'm going to need to scratch build a steering wheel for this truck. The kit one broke off and disappeared.


Now my British Tourer staff car:




These next two are my Sagger vehicles from ACE. I won't be able to finish the Israeli one since I am missing one of the wheel hubs I need to mount the rubber tires on. So, I'll be finishing one of these later on:




Next I decided to finally finish something that's been sitting on my bench for far too long. This is my resin A-Stoff trailer I'd been neglecting. I painted a camo pattern on it to break up the monotony:




Next I gave it a wash. This dirtied it up a bit. Now to weather it and it'll be done:




Finally, I got the paint and details done on my two Churchills. Next up; decals, a wash, dullcote and then weathering and these will be done.


Churchill Mk III:




Churchill Mk IV:




Now, the Dragon instructions show painting all those tiny roadwheels black as if they were rubber. Should I do that, or leave them as they are?


That's all for now. Hopefully I'll have a bit more time to finish these and get them posted soon. Meanwhile, thanks all for looking in, comments are welcome.

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