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Mark Deliduka

The Duke's 2012 Workbench Updated 9/9/12

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I feel for you on the metal DC-6. That's why the B-35 got the camo treatment...hey, a nice camo DC-6, yeah, that's the ticket.


The Morser is really cool looking also.


Nice job on all of your builds.



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Thanks Bill. Yeah, that would be interesting, but for this model I have some American Airlines decals I want to use. Just gotta keep trying.

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Okay, a little more progress to show from my time at St. Crispin's Hobby Day Friday.


The day before, I managed to get some paint shot on the Karl on railcars. It looks okay in these pics, but I was able to see where I need to shoot more paint on this before I camouflage it:




At St Crispin's Hobby Day, I got some models finished which are in my other Thread in armor. Once they were done I decided to start two other models.


This first one is my ACE 1/72 scale Opel Olympia staff car. I'll be making it a captured US Army staff car. I got it all assembled up to the wheels and roof:




Just for kicks, I dry-fit the roof on this to see how it was going to look:




A few gaps and seams to deal with, but I gotta say, Alexei has really improved his molding! this is a fun little car to build.




Next I decided to start a model I'd been given by a friend for free. This is only the third Tamiya model I ever started. It's the 1/72 scale F-4U Corsair. This is the cockpit after I assembled, painted, washed and decaled it:




The instrument panel side:




Here is a shot of all the parts that I painted and washed on the sprues; as well as the completed cockpit, wings and engine:




After they dried, I assembled everything you see here:




Next I just have to add the canopy; mask off all the engine and wheel wells, then I can paint this. Sweet!



That's all my progress so far on my latest works in progress. I'm hoping to move ahead on more kits than this soon. Stay tuned!


Meanwhile, thanks for looking in, comments are welcome.

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Hi, Duke,


I keep following your progress on the DC-6B. I'm sorry to see your problems with the Tamiya gloss aluminum paint. I watched Bill suffer through his bare metal on the B-35, so I hope you can keep the American Airlines livery for this plane. Keep us posted.



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Thanks Ed. I'm not giving up on that DC-6. I may eventually concede to a less-than-acceptable coat of paint just to eventually finish it; but I am going to keep trying.


Thanks again for the encouraging words.

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Well, it's almost the end of the year, and I've got a bit more progress done. I doubt that any of these will be finished before the end of the year, but who knows? One or two may get finished. Otherwise, consider this a preview of what I will get finished in January.


Let's start with some of the projects I've had languishing on my bench for a while. For instance, my Privateer. I got some paint on it and now it is more-or-less ready for clearcoat and decals:




You can see I have quite a few guns to repair on this. I also hope to have the turrets turn as well, but I'm not confident. Now to clearcoat this and decal it so I can finally finish it.


Next up is my Airfix Vicker's Valiant bomber. I finally have the fuselage cemented together; the wings and horizontal stabilizers installed; and the bomb bay installed with bay doors open:




Sorry only the one pic; my camera was running out of battery charge. Now to check seams and gaps to fix them so I can start painting this.


Next is a model Skyraider I got from a friend who had started it. He lost interest and then gave it to me, knowing I would finish it. It's been languishing on my bench for most of the year. Well, I'm a few steps closer to finishing it now. The canopy is painted, some other details were painted and she's almost ready for clearcoat and decals, if I can find some decals to use:





Now on to some of my more recently started projects....


The first of these is my Mi-26 Halo. It took awhile and bored me stiff, but I got the main and tail rotors painted the way the instructions said to do it. Now I'm ready to assemble these massive rotors. This is going to be interesting to say the least....




While they were drying I painted the lower fuselage of the helicopter with the light blue. Then I went back and touched up the rotors while the belly paint was drying. Once it was dry, I masked off and painted the upper fuselage with the base color. Now all she needs is the camo pattern and she'll be ready for clearcoat and decals:




Next up is my Tamiya Thunderjet. I couldn't close this up earlier because the engine exhaust cone that went inside the fuselage went into Oblivion. After awhile, I thought about it and said 'screw it' (in slightly harsher terms) and decided I wasn't going to be held up by this stupid model anymore! It always seems that something keeps holding me up from making any significant progress on this! So I cut out a small circle from some sheet styrene and glued it inside to block off the opening of the small exhaust. Then I glued these two fuselage halves together, added the tailplanes and went looking for the wings. AARRGH! They were left at home! Well at least I was able to get this far:




Now on to something that is more cooperative: my Tamiya Corsair. I added the canopy and refined the seams by buffing them smooth. Now, after I mask everything off, she's ready for paint:




After all this, I decided to start a couple of my Secret Santa Christmas presents.


This first one is my AMTECH 1/72 scale Ju-88S-1. Here is what is in the box:




Naturally, I started with the cockpit:




Rather sparse, but this will look better in paint. Then I went on to assemble the wings and nacelles:




There wasn't much more I could do with this until I painted it so I set it aside and started my SF3D Nutrocker hover tank. Here is what is in the box:




Not much to do but add the underside to the main hull and then I started the turret. Not much to show in pics so I didn't take any; again, my camera was running low on batteries.



That's about all I have for now. This is my latest progress for this year so far. I may get done with a little more; if so I'll post that on New Years Eve as my final progress for the year.


Meanwhile, thanks for looking in, comments are always welcome and motivating.

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I'm sure that your output for 2012 will by 10 times mine Duke! That said, I want to congratulate you on a marked improvement in your quality also! I've noticed that despite your hectic schedule and continuous building, you've also managed to up your game! Wish I could say the same for myself about either of those! You're a true inspiration on this forum for many of us, and I look for you to continue to lead the way in 2013! :smiley20:


GIL :smiley16:

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Wow! Just when I thought my work was really going downhill, I get this post. Thank you ever so much for such kind words. I never really thought of myself as an inspiration, given how many Masters are on these boards, I'm still trying to just master the basics!


Thank you again Gil, you cannot imagine how much your words posted here mean to me.

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