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The Duke's Workbench Updated Again Dec. 30, '09

Mark Deliduka

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To be honest, it was actually quite a bit of Gator Grip Glue. The three pieces of the canopy/clear parts are not very well molded and did not connect well. What you see is the result of my attempts to sand the ridged down where the connections were off. I used the Gator Grip Glue to glue these and then taped them in the best possible arrangement I could but there were still noticeable ridges at the connection points when I removed the tape.


Before all this, I did dip the parts in Future, It was later sanded off, so I brushed more Future on it after re-sanding the canopy parts with successively finer sanding grits to smooth it out as much as possible.


On this model I didn't use as liquid masking agent. However, the one I mostly use is Hobbyco Liquid Masking Agent. It seems to work the best for me, leaving the least residue and being easiest to remove.


I know my canopy isn't the best on that Russian helicopter, but I think after all had been done to it, it came out fairly well. I'm actually pretty happy that it came out as well as it did.


Thanks again for the comments, and the good questions Michael! I appreciate it. Feel free to check out the finished helicopter in the Aircraft Forums.

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I know it's been awhile, so in the spirit of increasing participation in this Forum, here are some pics of some of the work I got done between jobs all last week.


I'll start with my Staghound and the Br-52 Lokomotive. I took these to Hobby Day again where I was able to work on them for about five straight hours. The result is that the lower hull of the Staghound is finished. All it needs are the wheels and then I can start on the turret:




On the Lokomotive, I finished the coal tender and also got about a third done on the engine itself. I did complete the interior of the cab.


Here it is:




And the cab interior:




That is about all the progress on my armor so far. I did start another ACE gun, but didn't get far enough to justify pics.


And now on to my Shipyards. I have made a small amount of progress on my two French ships.


The Charles de Gaulle has finally got a smooth enough join on the lower sponsons that run the length of the ship on both sides. I kept finding seams and imperfections for awhile. Now, after four attempts, and three coats of Mr. Surfacer, I am finally satisfied with the way the hull looks now:






Here it is with the island dry fit to the upper deck. You can see that I did a preliminary painting of the windows. Gotta touch them up next:




Now on the Richelieu, I installed all the deck fixtures. The only things missing are the stacks of life rafts and the weapons. Next up is the superstructure:




Next I figured since I was building two French ships, why not three? This is Heller's Jeanne D'Arc helicopter carrier. It is a it bigger in scale than I like, but what the hey.....




The main deck and superstructure are dry fit on the hull. You can see there's quite a bit of fit issues on this kit. Typical Heller....


That's all I got going on in the shipyards so far.


Now on to my Aircraft....



Only one in the works right now. It is the Testor's C-130 H model that I got as a gift from a friend. I'm finally getting it done so I can clear out another large box. I have a few more aircraft I plan on starting along side this one; I'll post pics of them when I get started.


Here is the cockpit assembled so far. Just need to paint it:




Next I went and assembled the wings and tail surfaces. Gets that out of the way quick:





I should make short work of this one soon. I'm looking forward to having it hanging on my ceiling.



Well, that's another edition of Maddog Manufacturing's production report. I hope you enjoyed it.


Thanks all for looking and comments are welcome.

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:smiley9::smiley17: :smiley17: :smiley17: Wow, thank guys! This is really inspirational seeing all these great posts! Man, I can't wait to get back to the bench now! Mike, I'm glad you're back to post again. I hope you stay.
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Just a small update on some of the things I got done over the weekend.


Most of what I got done was little stuff. For instance, I painted a little on the interior of the C-130 cockpit and glued all the windows in the fuselage. I also sanded some seams and joints on the island of the Jeanne d'Arc, and generally did other small work on the halftrack and the artillery piece and the battleship that wasn't worth photographing. Now I'm going to show the noticeable progress done on some models and also show the two new projects I started.


First off, the progress on the current builds. I finished off the detail parts on the Staghound hull, and got halfway finished with the turret:




Next I finished the interior of my Sdkfz 251 halftrack and finished adding all the detail parts on the upper hull as well:




Here it is with the top hull dry-fit on:




Next, I installed the main canopy on the CH-53 and painted the camouflage pattern:




Time to get the last parts installed on that and get the main rotors built.


Finally, I got some more paint on the Charles De Gaulle. The decks and the flight deck are painted now, along with the lower hull:




I'll be touching this one up a bit before adding the final detail parts. I'll be using some pinstriping for the boot stripe. The island is still just dry fit. I'll glue that down near the end of this build.



Now for the two new projects; one big, one small. The small one is a gift I got from Tim Herriman, who won it in a raffle and passed it on to me. This is the 1/72 scale Zlin 142C aircraft that I started:




Tough little build. There's no indicator slots and tabs to align things right. It's all got to be done by sight. Cool little plane though. I'll be doing it in Canadian markings.


This next one is another gift I got from a former IPMS club member. It had no box, no instructions and no decals at first, then he found the instructions and gave them to me. I figured it was time to build this before the bag broke and pieces got lost. This is the Italeri 1/72 scale C-47 transport.


This is the cockpit and interior:




I then assembled the wings:




Here is the main fuselage all assembled now. I also glued the two halves of both tail surfaces together:





That's about all I got done this weekend. Yeah, it ain't much, but I'm slowly but surely getting through. I'll post more when I can get more done.


Thanks for looking, comments are welcome.

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Mark c'mon, is that it, is that all you accomplished in an entire weekend?! Hmmph, that little bit would have only taken me, oh, three or four years.... :smiley29:


:smiley22: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:


I'm sorry. It was a busy weekend and the wife was home too. I'll try to pick up the pace here a bit more..... :smiley2::smiley17::smiley17:

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A small update showing some of the work I got done today.


I'll start with my Armor, which was the bulk of the work I got done.


The Staghound was completed, and finally painted with the preliminary camo pattern. I just need to do a little touch up:






The sand color, for some inexplicable reason, is gloss. That will be taken care of later with the flatcoat. After some touchups, I'll add the tools and jerrycans.


Next, my Sdkfz 251 with Pak 36 is pretty well completed. Unfortunately the gun does not elevate or traverse. Dragon got lazy this time. Oh well, it is looking pretty good with the P/E shield:






Again, the top hull is just dry fit on. I'll cement it down when I get a little more done on it.


Next I did a little painting on my Lokomotive. It ain't much but it was tough getting into all the inside surfaces underneath the main boiler. I also put the basecoat color inside then cab. Just have to detail it later:







On my aircraft, all I did was add more detail and paint to the C-130 cockpit and added the main landing gear wells to the inside of the fuselage. I also cemented all the doors in before closing the main fuselage up. Wouldn't you know it, just my luck. One of the doors is missing for the cockpit access so I have to wait to close this one up. No pics of the C-130, but I did shoot one of the C-47. I got the fuselage assembled and the wings and tail surfaces glued on. Next is the engines and landing gear:






In my shipyards, I got a little progress made on my Charles de Gaulle carrier. I painted the lifeboat pods and added the dark strip on the flight deck . Next I have to detail out the white edges on this before I can clearcoat the flight deck and decal it:




The Arleigh Burke class destroyer is ready for decals now:







The white on the flight deck is hand painted. Too much hassle trying to get the decal to fit right. Looks like this one will be the USS Porter.



That's about all for now. I may get more done on the weekend, it depends. I'll post more pics when I do. Meanwhile, thanks for looking and comments are welcome.

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Here's my weekend update now. These are the things I got done yesterday and today. I'll start with my Aircraft and helicopters.


My CH-53 is now ready for decals. The main rotors are only dry fit on. I'll leave them that way. Makes it easier to transport back and forth to shows.




All that's left after decals is adding the final bits and bobs. This one is nearing completion.


Next, My C-47 transport is up on it's main landing gear and the engines are on and complete.




I'll be fixing a few seams on this later. I'll be taking my time on this until I get some decals.


I am quite impressed with how my engines turned out though, if I do say so myself:




Now my C-130 Hercules has been fully assembled, wings and tail:




The blue tape is where the missing door goes once I find it. Wheels and engines will most likely be next, and then paint.




Now to my shipyards.


Only one ship got worked on in my shipyards this weekend. The Richelieu is almost done. Just needs weapons and a few last bits and bobs:




The superstructure is dry fit on. I got the lower hull taped off for painting.




In my armor, I got the Sdkfz 251 with Pak 36 all assembled, the gun painted, and the whole thing ready for camouflage:




While working on the one above, I found another Sdkfz 251D APC in the stash. I figured I'm already building the one, why not this one? So here it is:




The top of this one is only dry fit; there's still some detail that need to be painted inside.


Here is the two halftracks together:




Oh, remember the ACE artillery piece I mentioned before? Well, I finally have enough assembled to show something. This is the German leFH 18/40:






That is about all I have finished for this weekend. I'll keep you posted on further progress. Meanwhile, thanks for looking and comments are welcome.

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Your C-47 is looking good so far. Was the kit shot in black plastic or did you paint it that color? I see the interior is painted what looks like chromate green. How about making this a Russian Lend-lease aircraft?



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Thanks Jonathon. I'm having fun with that Herc.


Ed, thanks. The C-47 is actually molded in a very dark green plastic. And yes, I painted the interior with a green zinc chromate. I was actually going to make it a US aircraft, one that was used on D-Day even. Now that I got my decals in from Sprue Brothers, I'll be able to do that. I do have a couple more DC-3/C-47's in the stash, one just might end up a Lend Lease aircraft.


Thanks again for the great comments guys! Keep them coming.

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Well, I managed to get back to the bench again a couple times this week. Here is the latest progress I got done during the few hours I had to 'play' in my hobby room.


Some of these, about six, are approaching the finish line. That means they are ready for clearcoat, wash and decals. These are the Staghound, CH-53 Helicopter (both shown earlier) the two halftracks, the field gun and the destroyer. Today I'll be posting my progress on my most recent works.


Here is one I did a little work on. Barely anything when compared to the rest of the models I've been doing. Still, it is looking pretty good and I wanted people's opinions on it. This is the interior of my Br-52 Cab. I did a little weathering and detail painting in it, trying to give it more depth and make the wooden floor look a little like the paint has been scuffed off. I still have to paint a few more details like the gauge faces and some other things, but let me know what you think:




Now on to some of the models that are ready for clearcoat,wash and/or decals.


This is my ACE 1/72 scale German leFH 18/40 light field howitzer:




Next are two more German vehicles, both Dragon Sdkfz 251's in 1/72 scale:


Sdkfz 251D with Pak 36:




Now my Sdkfz 251D:








Now over in my shipyards, I have finally added all the bits and bobs to my Arleigh Burke-class destroyer that I hadn't had on before. Now she is finally ready for a clearcoat and decals:







And finally, my latest on the two aircraft I'm building.


Here is the Testor's 1/72 scale C-130 aircraft with the main cockpit windows in place and the wheels on, and the engine nacelles in place. Everything is sanded down and once I put the landing gear doors on, I'll be able to shoot paint on this plane:






And finally, the 1/72 scale Italeri C-47 Dakota is now painted with the basecoat of Olive Drab over grey. Don't worry, I have liquid mask on all the windows:






You can see that parts of her are a little wet. Oh well. After she dries, I'll paint the details, add a few bits and bobs, then clearcoat and decal her.



After all this, I may be posting some finished models in their appropriate Forums!


As always, thanks all for looking, comments are welcome.

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And several days later, we have more pics....




Okay, the next time you all will see these next five models, they will be in their respective Forums as completed models:


My 1/72 scale Italeri CH-53 is decaled and dullcoated. Next I need to add several detail pieces and finish touchup painting after they are installed:






I'll be so glad to get finished with this! I've only broken the tail rotor blades about eight times!


My leFH 18/40 field Howitzer, my Sdkfz 251D, my Sdkfz 251 D with Pak 36 and my Staghound are decaled and dullcoated. All that is left is weathering, and then, in the case of the SdKfz halftracks, adding the final pieces:





















All those above should be done in a day or so.



And now check out my next post for more progress on two other models....

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Meanwhile, as I was waiting for all the dullcoats to dry on all the models posted previously; I got some more progress on a couple other models done. One is my French carrier the Charles de Gaulle. In this pic you can see the deck masked off and the yellow and white stripes on the black landing strip painted on:




Once I remove the tape, I'll touch it up and then clearcoat it for the rest of the deck decals.


I set that aside to dry and then painted my Br-52 Locomotive. I did this now because there are a couple of vinyl parts that go on either side that I won't be able to paint around when they are installed. Furthermore, after getting these vinyl parts installed, I'll be able to finally add the wheels to this Loco:







My apologies for the bright white window. It happened to be positioned just perfectly to reflect the light that way.



I also clearcoated the C-47 in prep for decals, but got no further than that on it. The C-130 has masks drying on the windows now as well. Not much to show; that's why I didn't shoot any pics of them.


That's all I got done for now. Thanks all for looking; comments are welcome.

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These past couple weeks have been tough ones. Finally, on Saturday I hurt myself breaking asphalt. Monday, the doc said my X-rays are normal, so I don't know what cracked inside my lower left side. So I've been staying home taking it easy and recovering while working on the workbench.


I finished six models, four armor, one helicopter, and a submarine. All those can be found in their respective Forums. Meanwhile, I have several more models I've made progress on and I'm seeing the end of the line with them. Several more models have been started. These are the ones I'll show here.


I'll start with the Br-52 Lokomotive. I'm nearing the end of this .....finally:






I got the decals on the C-47 Dakota. Now to finish it:




This is my Charles de Gaulle with the masking tape off, showing the landing area of the flight deck all hand painted:




Now when I can find the decals again, I'll get them on the deck and finish this bird farm up.


The last one I've gotten progress on is my Richelieu. The upper hull and superstructure is painted, as well as the deck. I just need to touch it up and then add the pattern if I can:







Now for the models I started.


This first one is the Hasegawa 1/72 scale OV-1D Mohawk. I started this a couple days ago. Messed up the canopy; that's gonna be a bear to fix. Other than that, I'm almost ready for decals on this one:






I also started three more armor models. This first one is the Trumpeter 1/72 scale M113 A2 APC that I'll be making into an ambulance:




The other two are Dragon's 1/72 scale M4A2 (75mm) Shermans. One will be a Beute, the other a Russian Lend Lease tank. Here are the lower hulls and the assembled bogies:







That's about all for now. Thanks for looking. Comments are welcome.

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Hi, Duke,


I am always prepared to be overwhelmed when I open one of your updates. In that I am never disappointed. I did not see any flaws on the Mohawk's canopy, but then I am using an old 2000 vintage monitor rather than an LCD flatscreen. Colors and lighting look much darker on my screen.




BTW, what's the secret to editing the post's subtitle with new dates?

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The painted markings on the CdG ROCK Duke! That's a sharp job! Sorry to hear about your pains and hope you heal quickly. Glad to see it's giving you some bench time. I don't know of anyone who takes better advantage of it! Thanks for the update!


GIL :smiley16:

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Hi, Duke,


I am always prepared to be overwhelmed when I open one of your updates. In that I am never disappointed. I did not see any flaws on the Mohawk's canopy, but then I am using an old 2000 vintage monitor rather than an LCD flatscreen. Colors and lighting look much darker on my screen.




BTW, what's the secret to editing the post's subtitle with new dates?


Thanks Ed! The Mohawk canopy has some Gator Grip Glue all over one section that I have to sand off. I'll hopefully get it done soon. Other than that issue, the Mohawk is ready for clearcoat and decals.


To edit the date on the subtitle, go to the original post, click "edit" and then choose "Full Edit". Then the page looks just like it does when you post the first time. All you need to do then is change the date in the subtitle and then finish the edit.


Gil thanks! I'm pretty pleased with that paint job. I just need to find those deck decals soon so I can finish this carrier. As for the pain, I'm not healing quickly. I have a followup with the Doc today. I'm enjoying my time on the bench, but I'd rather be out earning some cash. Oh well, I guess at this rate of healing, I have time to finish another 50 models now..... :smiley20::smiley17:

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Well, two of the models in my previous update post are completed. These pics will show my progress on the rest of my models I've been working on.


I'll start out with one I'd set aside for far too long. This is a model I've been building for someone as a gift, it's the Monogram 1/48th scale F-102 Delta Dagger. It is now ready for decals:




The Shermans I started are coming along. The upper and lower hulls are both finished. Now all I need to do is assemble the turrets:




Next is a couple of shots showing my attempt at a fine, three toned camo with the airbrush. I only did the one color over the basecoat and decided to stop. This is a really lousy job so this camo pattern will be finished with a brush:






Apparently either my skills or thhis particular airbrush aren't up to this class of work. I'm thinking it's my skills....


Finally, here is a fun little kit I decided to start. It's the Airfix 1/72 scale German Reconnaissance set. I have it all assembled except the wheels; I'll paint it first:





I still have a few other projects going besides these. Once I get further progress on them, I'll show them as well. Meanwhile, comments are welcome and feel free to check out the Aircraft Forums for my two newest models.

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