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  1. Well sh** -- I suppose there are pics of a Luftwaffe marked 'Tony' or Zero too?
  2. I was digging through my stash and came up with an idea. Since I'm real short on time I needed a 'throw together. How about a Tony in Luftwaffe markings, or a 109 in Japanese? I'm not going to bother with a backstory, just 'git 'er done'. The airframes are similar enough to look off but not instantly recognizable, and I think the Tony would outperform the 109 in combat. It would have been an interesting battle scenario where ETO allied aircraft are suddenly facing a Japanese aircraft (with a German pilot), or PTO allies are pitting say Wildcats or Corsairs against 109s. The Brits had our Wildcats and Corsairs for awhile, but they were used to facing 109's and Focke-Wulfs. Our PTO Navy/Marine pilots weren't. Work with me here... This is the first aircraft build I've done in a few years, and probably my last.
  3. Now that's a rather interesting repurpose. I wonder what a B-17 would look like as an airliner? Hmmmm.... Unfortunately, either would take far more time than I have, but thanks for the idea.
  4. Does anyone know if British Lancasters were ever painted in US or Luftwaffe markings?
  5. Anyone know a Mark Losasso in any of the Chitown area clubs?
  6. Steve - Yea, I was afraid that's all it was going to say. Guess I'll have to take a pass on this one. Thanks anyway.
  7. No Korean restaurants around here. No Filipino restaurants either unfortunately. I haven't had any Lumpia since I left the Navy/San Diego.
  8. I was looking at buying some figure kits, and the seller freely admits to being a recaster. I'd rather not deal with recasters, as the quality is frequently less than stellar, and unless they have the rights to the original product, I don't want to help their business survive. If I can figure out who the original company is/was, I'd buy it from them, not the recaster. I emailed the recaster, and I was told the text on the instruction sheet appears to be Korean, but they can't read it, and don't know who the original company is. Apparently the file is too big to attach, so I'd have to email it.
  9. While some may not believe it, I have a friend, and he is attempting the AMT Chevy Titan 90. Have any of you built it, and can you hook him up with some idea of what he has to look forward to, good or bad? He is currently working on the engine, and he said it's a really bad fit already.
  10. Here are a few videos I have on airbrushing flames, smoke and lightning. They're on 1:1 subjects, but I think the technique would scale down just fine. http://www.youtube.c...feature=related (Ed Hubbs is good at this!) http://www.youtube.c...feature=channel (airbrushing lightning) (airbrushing smoke) This is a tutorial on making the 'true flame' stencils, rather than buying the expensive premade pieces. I have no idea who this guy is, so I have no vested interest in the endorsement. I ran across it purely by accident, but after watching it, I realized the guy has a valid point. Hope this helps.
  11. I will pass on the info, thanks!
  12. What's the name of your LHS? There's a guy I've been corresponding with lately and helping with advice in Springville - I'm betting it's the same LHS he goes to. I told him about the Salt Lake IPMS chapters, but he hasn't contacted them yet, or at least hasn't mentioned it. He's a complete newbie, and I think he may have that fear of being "not good enough...

  13. I sold an H to a guy, and now he's asking some questions I can't answer. I haven't used one in years ('93 maybe?), and I was just kind of playing around with one that was allready adjusted. This one a new one I had bought and never used, so I just sold it. He's asking how to adjust spray pattern, paint flow, etc. Some of the basics I know, like opening and closing the tip to adjust paint flow, but adjusting pattern I have no idea, I don't remember. Do you loosen the allen screw and move the whole needle/tip ass'y back and forth into and out of the air cap? I need someone who has a lot of experience with an H and really knows it's pros and cons and quirks if any. Thanks.
  14. I'm not familiar with that particular liquid mask, but I do know all latex masking agents do indeed have ammonia for the solvent. Ammonia will eat into acrylic paints (and Future floor finish) guaranteed. If your Testors Glosscote is acrylic, there's your answer. I know masking liquids/ammonia won't touch Testors Dullkote because it's lacquer. Hope that helps.
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