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The Duke's Workbench Updated Again Dec. 30, '09

Mark Deliduka

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Okay people, here is a complete showcase of all my current Works in Progress. These are the models I currently am actively working on at this time.


It is posted on two posts since the pics limitation won't allow it all to be showcased in one.


I'll start with my aircraft, which are one aircraft and three helicopters right now.


Gran 1/72 scale Mi-1 Hoplite:





Hobby Boss 1/72 scale CH-46 Sea Knight:





Italeri 1/72 scale CH-53 Jolly Green Giant:











Now for my Armor. All these are also all in 1/72 scale.


RPM Staghound Mk II:






Dragon SdKfz 251 halftrack with Pak 36:





PST KV I tank with bolted on armor:





Revell AG M-48 A2C Patton. This will be in German postwar markings:





Revell AG M-60 A3 with a Dozer blade:





Two Revell AG M-60 A1's with reactive armor. One will be Italian Army, the other US Marines.





And finally, my Hobby Boss Br-52 Lokomotive:






The next post will show my ships in progress.

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And now for my ships.



I'll start with a couple of sailing/steamships that I have had on the back burner for awhile as I try to find a few parts that got lost and then get them rigged.


Glencoe Models Corsair II:






Airfix models Great Western Paddle Steamer:





Now for some more modern stuff.....




This is my Dragon USS Porter Arleigh Burke class Flight II destroyer:





Next, a recently started Trumpeter French battleship Richelieu:





This last one is my French aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle:






And that completes everything that is currently in progress on my workbench Now you all know just what I'm working on. I'll be posting pics of the completed models on their respective Forums. Meanwhile, stay tuned to this place here for further updates on my work.




Dennis, how's that for trailblazing? :smiley17::smiley20:

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I'm not Dennis and that's not trailblazing.....That's showboating. We had a word for that when I was in the Army but I can't repeat it here. They ALL look great and I can't wait to see the finished projects....especially the CH-53. That was the first bird I every hooked up a sling load to. That was a memorable experience.





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Well, thanks Mark.... I think :huh: :P I'ma just tellin' it like it is! LOL! Hey, I had to start somewhere when I decided to show my Works in Progress....


I'll bet it was an experience attaching a sling load to the -53. I'll try to get her done soon for you.


Thanks again for the great comment! :D

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Awesome production, Duke!


I don't have the room on my bench...or the patience...to deal with that many models at one time...kudos to you!!

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[images removed since they're visible above...mod]




You are truly the "Iron Duke". Those are truly wonderful looking models. I especially liked the Armor pieces you have going. You are definitly a "Man on a mission". That'll keep you busy while the rest are at the convention. Too bad you won't be able to go. Have fun anyway. :smiley20::smiley20:

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Well, I AM Dennis and you are the Daniel Boone of trailblazing with this post. Wow! impressive body count here. Thanks for getting the ball rolling!


Dennis (not Mark Aldrich :) )

[images removed since they're visible above...mod]




You are truly the "Iron Duke". Those are truly wonderful looking models. I especially liked the Armor pieces you have going. You are definitly a "Man on a mission". That'll keep you busy while the rest are at the convention. Too bad you won't be able to go. Have fun anyway. :smiley20::smiley20:


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"Okay people, here is a complete showcase of all my current Works in Progress."


Mark, When I read the first sentence from your opening post, I was expecting to be intimidated. I was not disappointed.


My "in-progress" list includes 52 projects, only five of which I can call "active." Photos will be far and few between. In most cases, masking and paint seem to be the problems.



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Thanks everyone for the great comments! These kind of comments keep me motivated to build more. That's partially why I have so many working at once.




All that's missing here is a couple of those WWII-era factory production motivation posters.


Actually, I'll go one more than that. Here is my "factory"photo base; a pre-made display by Dragon for one of their prebuilt models. I sometimes use it as a backdrop to showcase some of my in progress armor builds when I get a wild impulse. The 'crew' (except for two) I painted myself. If you look closely, you'll see the motivational posters on the upper tier:








Someday I'd like to build me my own larger, more detailed Factory photo base, along with a motorpool base to take pics of my models in. We'll see.


Thanks again for the great compliments guys!


Edit: All the above models in the factory pics had been finished for more than two years now. If you want to see the finished models let me know. I'll be happy to re-post them.

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Anyway, on with the parade of progress....


I managed to get some significant progress on eight models, while also sanding and filling on two more. I didn't take pics of the two that I sanded and filled; there really isn't much to see there.


Here's the eight models I did get progress on, starting with my Armor.


They's all Pattons. This is my German M-48 A2 that I got the main basecoat on. The instruction sheet said to mix some olive green and grey, so I chose something from Humbrol that looked close to what that would look like. Anyway, this is the color I'm going with:




It's actually a bit more green than these photos show. I was shooting under fluorescent lights.


Next, I got my basecoat on my M-60 Dozer tank:




I'm going to do the MERDC camo next before I detail it.


The other two M-60 Pattons with the reactive armor now have all their roadwheels installed. Now all I have to do is finish the turrets and they'll be ready for paint:




That's my armor for now.



Next up are my Helicopters.


I only really got some progress on two of the helicopters I'm working on. There was a lot of filling and sanding that still needs to be done to the CH-53. So, I went ahead and worked more on the other two helicopters.


First is my Mi-1 Hoplite. It's up on it's wheels, all the detail parts are installed, and it has it's basecoat on:




The windows show a lot of glare because I'm still trying to buff out the scratches that happened when I tried to sand the seams on this front canopy. A little more and it should look good enough with a coat of Future on it.


On the Sea Knight, I added the last few detail parts and then gave it a basecoat. The instructions said to use an 'engine gray'. Well, I pulled out my engine gray and it was dried up. So, I compared it to all my other grays to see what the closest color match was. It was Polly Scale Grimy Black!


So that is what the basecoat on this model is:






If this color ain't right, I expect some Marines to set me straight. This bird is going to my Marine Corps.


That's all I have done on my helicopters.


Okay now, on to my ships.


I filled and sanded some seams, and then added a few detail parts to the destroyer. Then started painting everything. After painting everything, I lost one of the yardarms. Two steps forward, one step back. Story of my life:




After seeing that come off, I just didn't want to deal with it. I moved on to my Charles de Gaulle.


On the Charles de Gaulle, I filled some holes, sanded things down, and then shot a basecoat of gray over the hull to see where I needed to touch up. While that was drying, I finished assembling the island and filled and sanded some more gaps in that. When that was ready, I shot that in gray as well. Here it is with the first coat of gray:






Kinda hard to see that it is painted. It looks the same as before in these pics, but I assure you it is painted. The red on the island is from my trying to sand some rough spots smooth with a red sanding stick....



Well, that is about all I got done for now. Time to head out to bed. I'll keep you posted on further progress.



Thanks all for looking, comments are welcome.

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[duplicate photo posts removed in the interest of tightening this thread a bit...mod]


Those are all amazing looking Mark. As far as I'm concerned, you are the "Iron Duke" forever. Dude those are wonderful looking pieces. I like the shots with the factory diorama. Very cool. :smiley20::smiley20:

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Thanks Dave! I may go back to doing that since everyone on the LEM calls me 'Maddog Manufacturing'! I got that idea from a guy who does cars and shoots his in progress shoots in a model garage with several figures standing in it as if they were working on the cars.


More pics forthcoming.


Also, a suggestion: Instead of hitting the "REPLY button on my post, go to the bottom and hit FAST REPLY. That way you won't be adding all the text and pics from my post to your reply.


Thanks again for your comment. I do appreciate it and I am always glad to see you reply.

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I think the regular reply works too. I think they are using the Quote option to reply to your posts. Great work as always!!!


Mark :smiley20:

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Well, I'm moving right along here. I have six models at the clearcoat and decal stage. Here are the pics showing my latest progress.


I'll start with my helicopters.


This is my MI-1 Hoplite all ready for clearcoat and decals:




All I have to do is fix the main rotor again and add it to this model afterward. Then I'll be able to call this one done.


My Ch-46 Sea Knight is also ready for clearcoat and decals:




After that, there are a couple of small detail parts to add and this one will be finished as well. Also, the main canopy is still dry fit on. That's why there is a seam there.


On my CH-53 I got the basecoat on. Next is the camo pattern:




It's coming along a little slower but I expect to have it done almost at the same time as the others.




Now on to my armor.


With the difficult camo patterns that two of my M-60's needed, I decided to concentrate on them today. Here they are all ready for clearcoat and decals.


First is my M-48 for my German Army:




The top is only dry fit on. I'll be able to remove it to install the tracks.


Now my M-60 Dozer tank. This is with the full camo pattern on it:




Next is my Italian M-60 with the reactive armor on it:




And finally, my Marine Corps M-60 with reactive armor:




Now, I know the Marine Corps tank is not an accurate camo pattern. Nor is the different color on the Italian tank's reactive armor correct. I got the idea for the Marine Corps tank because I have an AAVP7 with sand-colored ERA panels over a three-tone camo pattern already built. Since that looked so cool on the AAVP7, I decided to apply the same color scheme to this tank. It does look pretty cool, even if it ain't accurate. I sure like it this way! Same with the Italian one. I wanted to break up the monotonous one color with something different. Anyway, that's how these bad boys are gonna be finished.



Now, while waiting for the different colors on the multi-colored camo patterns to dry, I figured I'd keep busy with a couple of quickie builds. And what's quicker than a 1/72 scale artillery piece? Not much, so I pulled a couple of them out and went to work. By the time I finished all the camo patterns, these two little gems were fully assembled.


Here they are.


This is my ACE 1/72 scale Russian F-22 76mm Field gun:






And this is my ACE 1/72 scale 7.5cm PAK 50 anti-tank gun:






By the way, that last little gun is only about 2 inches long or so. Fun stuff!!


That's all I was able to get done so far. Maybe this weekend I can get some of these completed. I'll keep you posted.


Meanwhile, thanks for looking in and comments are welcome.

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Greetings everyone. I had a little time to work on some models today, but not enough to finish anything yet. I still figured I'd show some progress pics to keep you all up to date.


I'll start with some of my most recent models I started. This first in is my Dragon Sdkfz 251 with the Pak36 mounted on it. I didn't get as much done on it as I wanted, but I was able to get some paint on the roadwheels and in the interior a little:




My PST KV I is coming along. I have the basecoat on and a clearcoat for decals and a wash:




My two little ACE guns are almost finished. I have them painted and clearcoated for washes. All that's left after that is weathering.


My Russian F-22 76mm gun:




My 75mm Pak50:




This time I added a No. 11 Exacto blade for a size reference so you all can see how small this gun is.


My Pattons all have their decals on and a dark wash done. All except for the Marine one. I gave a black wash to the tank, but on the reactive armor I'm going to give it a dark brown wash. I have to get some; that's why I didn't get the reactive armor on my Marine tank washed yet.


Here they are, starting with the German one:




Next is mt M-60 with Dozer blade:




Now my Italian M-60 with reactive armor:




And finally, my Marine Corps M-60:




That's all my work done on my armor so far.




Now here's a couple of my helicopters that I got decals on.


This is my Mi-1 Hoplite:





I realized when I was putting on the decals that I needed to still paint the underside a light sky blue. I'll do that after the decals dry overnight. Then all I have to do is fix the main rotor, add it to the model and this bird is done!


This is my Marine Corps CH-46 Sea Knight:




I was really loving these decals! They went on so well and stayed on! This was actually fun to decal! All that's left on this is a little bit of touchup paint, adding the last few detail parts and placing the rotors on and it'll be finished.




Well, I appreciate any and all comments guys. Thanks all for looking in.

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I know! I know! The flat coats are not on the armor pieces yet. They still look strange, however, when you see them after they have been dipped in a gallon of Future. Looking forward to the flat coats over the decals. Keep on truckin'.



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Thanks guys. Yeah, I should have them all dulled down and weathered in a day or so. Hopefully I'll be posting finished pics soon.

Thanks again guys!

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Color me so green. I thought I was doing good to have 2 projects going at the same time! Whew! I guess I don't need to tell you to keep up the work, as you definately are working all of the time. They really look nice.



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Thanks guy! Yeah, I keep busting them out as much as I can. I have slowed down a little, but should have some more progress to show in another day or so.


Thanks again for the reply. Most of these are finished already and posted in their respective Forums.. If you haven't already, feel free to check them out.

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Mark -- I have a question on the Hoplite, way back at the top there.... The whole front section looks like it has had an accident with a tube of old Testors glue. While I realize this is not the case, what is it? The thought crossed my mind ( a very short trip!) that it could be a liquid masking agent of some kind. Yes/no? If it's a yes, what kind, and then apparently you don't do a Future dip for windshields? Michael Vinson

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