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The Duke's Workbench Updated Again Dec. 30, '09

Mark Deliduka

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Well, here's a little more progress done so far. I concentrated on aircraft and armor this time.


I got the camo pattern painted on my C-130. Now she;s ready for clearcoat and decals and then finishing:






Thew other plane I was working on is this little Zlin 142 I got from Tim Herriman. I finally got the vacuformed canopy on. Man that was tough! Now I have to mask a whole bunch again and spray a new coat of white.









Now for my armor. All I did was paint.



Here's my German Recon Group in their basecoat of German Schwartzgrau:




Next, I painted the upper and lower hulls of my two Shermans. I need to build their turrets now:




And finally, I painted the camo pattern on the M-113 A2 APC. I was going to make this an ambulance, but I'm not sure this version served in the 'Nam as an ambulance or otherwise. I may have to look for another basic M-113 to make a battlefield ambulance version from the 'Nam.


Here it is camo'd up. I'll probably make this an APC. Still undecided:






That's all my progress for now. Feel free to check out the Aircraft Forum for the model I built sans instructions.


Thanks for looking, comments are welcome.

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Anyway, as promised, more pics are posted. Check them out.




Oh, by the way, everything you see posted here will be finished the next time I post pics.


So, here's a preview of everything that is almost finished.


First off, my KiTech 1/600 scale Charles de Gaulle. All the decals are on, and most of the final fiddly bits are installed. I painted the aircraft for the air wing. The Hawkeye E-2's still need to be assembled as does the Dauphin helicopter.


I had some issues with the deck decals silvering, and fixed them in the usual way. Didn't work like I wanted it to. Hopefully a coat of Future over the deck will fix it.






Next is my 1/48th scale Monogram F-102 Delta Dagger. Decals are on. Now all I need to do is add the final detail parts and weapons:








On to my Armor. Most of these just need a dullcoat, drybrush and weathering


My 1/72 scale Airfix German Recon set:




My two Dragon 1/72 scale M4A2 (75mm) Shermans. Finished the painting; I need to decal these and then finish with the dullcoat, drybrush and weathering:




And finally my Trumpeter M-113 A2. I'll be making this an APC instead of an ambulance:





And last but not least, here is something I had started awhile ago and then tossed in my closet and forgot about. This is my Airfix 1/72 scale Waterloo Farm House. While reorganizing recently, I found it again. I decided that it's about time this gets finished. So, I painted in the grout, painted and washed the roof, and then painted and drybrushed the wooden doors and structures. All that is needed now is some touchups and weathering:






Now all I have to do is build a base for this....



That's all my progress so far. Look for these models in their respective forums because they'll be done in a day or so.

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Yeah, I vote for a few thousand French & British fighting around it !!!

Sounds like a great idea, John. Given Mark's build speed, I'd say it'll take a week or so, if he can get enough paint! :)

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Gill, thanks for the compliment on the F-102. I'm building it for the former project manager of development for that aircraft. I hope to get it tor him soon.


As for the Waterloo Farmhouse. I do have a couple plans for it. A local museum is doing a three-month long exhibition on Napoleon. Part of that exhibition is being provided by another group I'm associated with, the St. Crispin's Irregulars. They have set up a large wargaming table to re-enact any one of the battles Napoleon fought in. One gentleman I know already has over 2000 Napoleonic miniatures in 1/72 scale painted and set up on bases for wargaming. He'll be bringing them in to show off as well as to use to re-enact the battle of Waterloo in a table top wargame. So yes, John and Dennis for awhile, this farmhouse will be surrounded by 2000 French and British troops during those wargames. I'll try to get pics of it for you during one of the battles.


After that, I was thinking of setting it on a base and using it as a photo base with a background behind it to shoot pics of my 1/72 scale armor once they are finished.


Thanks again for the great comments guys!

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I just looked over all the pix of your projects and they are fantastic. I like your German recon set. I can't wait till they get dullcoated for the more realistic look to them all. I'm not as keen on ships, but I even like what you are doing there. I am getting ready to build a Tiger I for a group build in another group I'm in. Should be lots 'o fun. I will try to get pix when I'm finished.



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Thanks for the compliment Dave! Wait no longer; everything is posted in the Armor Forums already. Feel free to check them out. meanwhile, I'll be watchign for your pics of your Tiger. Thanks again!


Gee, this is the first time I have less than six models on the bench waiting for me to finish them!


I wonder what I'll start on next......

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Well it's been awhile, and I apologize for not posting progress sooner. After getting this new PC, my wife took a long time getting my old hard drive holding all my pics out of the old one and plugged into this new PC. Now that everything is situated, here is what I've been working on while I've been waiting for this computer to be configured. It's gonna be a long ride through the Factory today, so please keep your knees and hands inside the car at all times.


I'll start with a commission project I was hired to do. This is Revell's 1/72 scale B-1 bomber I['m being paid to build. It is getting close to being done. First shot is the cockpit:




Here are all the component parts assembled and being sanded and filled:





Next I decided to start four trucks. Actually, one was already started, so I added it to this truck group to finish it. Here they are:


This is the truck that was already started. Chassis was done and part of the hood/nose was built. I just added the rest of the wheels and finished the cab and bed:




These next two are Airfix, formerly JB Models trucks. Yes, they are 1/76 but close enough for guvmint work. Here is the Bedford:




This one is the modern Land Rover ambulance. I plan on having the rear doors open, although the detail inside is soft and I have no clue how to paint it beyond the white I already have:




This last truck is the UM Models Russian gun truck with the short howitzer in the bed. Can't remember the name right now, but this little bugger is a fight to get it together. Otherwise I'd have been further along.




I'll be lucky with this last one if the wheels all touch the ground.


Moving along, I just can't help thinking how 'Swede' it is to be building again. Okay, bad pun to lead into these next two builds. I have the Swedish Gripen finished, now I finally get to work on the Swedish Draken and the Swedish Viggen.


Here's the Draken. It's an easier build than the Viggen and so I'm alot further along on it than the Viggen:




Now the Viggen. I did also assemble the jet intakes on the Fuselage, but so far the only noticeable work is the cockpit and the wings. Both of these Swede planes are Heller kits so they are a bear to assemble:





See the next post for further progress on other projects.

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These next models are all armor again, and most likely will be all Middle East subjects. I say most likely because I'm not sure about the BMP I yet. If I don't need one in my Russian Army, I'll make it Iraqi.


Here is the BMP by the way. It's by ACE. Haven't gotten too far yet:




Next are two Middle East tanks, all based on the T-34. One is an Egyptian conversion with the 122mm D-30 gun in a turret:




Getting that turret to close up right will be a bear. I made the mistake of following the instructions by installing the base plate of the turret to the upper hull instead of waiting till the turret was fully assembled. Oh well....


This is the next conversion. It is the Syrian T-34 with D-30 gun, turning it into a self propelled artillery piece:




Both of the above T-34's are Military Wheels models and are made this way. No aftermarket conversion sets were necessary.


And for fun, and to satisfy a war gaming buddy who is heavily into Napoleonics, I started this little 1/72 scale Italeri Napoleon War supply wagon. What the heck, it could also double as a Wehrmacht supply wagon in WWII as well. I do need to glue it with somber epoxy as it is all in soft plastic. Would have been better in hard plastic, but beggars can't be choosers.....






Now that I've gotten through everything I've started, here's a little something that is almost finished. I know many are waiting to see the final completed pics. Here is my Trumpeter Br52 Lokomotive:






I just have three or four more little detail parts to add and then some final touch up painting and this bad boy will be finished. Should be fairly quick.





And finally, back in the days when I worked at Fort Snelling in Minneapolis, I learned how to do Blacksmithing as it was done in 1827. That was a blast! But what does this have to do with building models you ask? Well, at the Brewer Brother's Model Kit Show and Expo, I saw someone examining an HO scale kit of a Blacksmith shop. I figured, I'm a blacksmith and so what good is a blacksmith with out a blacksmith shop? I asked the guy if he was going to buy it and he said no, I could have it. So I picked it up. Groundbreaking was that evening and now I have a blacksmith shop ready for painting and detailing:






Well, that was a long and informative trip through the Factory. I hope you enjoyed the tour. Thanks all for looking and comments are welcome.

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Well it seems I'm back in the swing of things here.


More progress to show.


The B-1 is now sporting a camo pattern, all airbrushed freehand. I wish I was better at it. Here it is hanging up to dry:




I even did the engine nacelles:





While waiting for this to dry, I worked on some more trucks and tanks. I had lost a piece to the gun cradle of the Russian truck a couple days ago. Today I found it so I did more work on it to get it built as much as possible:




No, the cab is not that bad fitting. I haven't finished the cab yet because I need to add the clear windows. What you see over the cab area is the blast shield.


Now I need to find the stupid rubber tires.....


Speaking of trucks, my little Airfix/JB Models Bedford truck is almost finished. Just a few minor paint details to add and then a clearcoat for decals:





Next I got some more progress done on the BMP I. Still don't know what I'm going to make it. All this needs now are the tracks before I can go much further:






You can see that the top is just test-fit on.


And now to some modified Russian equipment. This is the Egyptian 122mm self Propelled Gun on the T-34 chassis. The Turret has all the gaps filled and sanded and now this only needs tracks before I can go on:




And finally, I got the Syrian D-30 mobile gun almost done. The gun is now mounted to the chassis. All that is left now are putting on the tracks:




So far that is all I got done now. Gonna be marathoning the B-1 tomorrow to be finished by Friday so more will be shown later.


Thanks for looking, comments are welcome.

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Thanks Gil. In the pic it looks fine, but up close the pattern looks bad, I got it fixed and I'm hoping to slap decals on this bad boy today so I can finish it. Got lots to do and no time.


Thanks again for stopping in.

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John, the B-1B appears to be the Revell kit in 1/48. Yes, it is huge. I have two of the B-1B Revell kits, but the sheer size of them has me spooked. I bought them, of course, with the intention of building them. Not many of these kits wind up on the contest tables. Mark is out of his 1/72 character when he accepts a commission job in 1/48. Do you recall the 1/48 F-102A and F-106A kits he did recently? All look great!



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Is that B-1 in 1/72 ?!? It's a monster !!! Next picture, put a yardstick next to it ...


John, yes, this B-1 is in 1/72 scale. Unfortunately, I got your post too late. I finished the model and delivered it last night. I did get some pics which I'll post a little later, but there won't be any yardstick there.


Sorry, Ed, that B-1 was in 1/72 scale. And yes, about the only time I will build 1/48th is when it is a commission build. I have only built one 1/48 scale plane that I kept for myself, but that is a story for another day. The guy I did the B-1 for is going to also commission me for a B-24 Liberator in 1/72 as well. We'll see when.


I also gave the F-102 to my friend that I built it for. I have pics showing the delivery that I'll post later as well. The F-106 is still under construction.


Finally Ed and John, thank you very much for the compliments. They are one of the things that really keep me motivated to build more and better models.

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Sorry, Ed, that B-1 was in 1/72 scale. And yes, about the only time I will build 1/48th is when it is a commission build. I have only built one 1/48 scale plane that I kept for myself, but that is a story for another day. The guy I did the B-1 for is going to also commission me for a B-24 Liberator in 1/72 as well. We'll see when.


The perspective threw me off, I guess. I thought the model was closer to the shelves than to the camera. The kit boxes behind the model make the model look larger when the model is closer to the camera. Great depth of field on the image, however. :smiley9:



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You're right Ed, I can see how that looks. It does look bigger than 1/72 scale. Anyway, I got that one finished and need to post the pics. Maybe later today.


Thanks again for the comments.

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Hey Bob, I guess that's why my client wanted a Bone!


Yes, it is finished. I just have to find some time to get the finished pics posted. Hopefully later today. Keep your eyes peeled on the Aircraft Forum, pics should be forthcoming soon.

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