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The Duke's Workbench Updated Again Dec. 30, '09

Mark Deliduka

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Well, I had the house to myself so I decided to try and make a bit more progress. I'm hoping to finish more than a few of these in-progress builds before the New Year. One thing I was not looking forward to was putting the tracks on the BMP 1 and the two T-34 conversions. So that is what I did.


Here they are with the tracks on and the start of a basecoat on each one.


Egyptian T-34:






Syrian T-34:






And finally, the BMP I that I've decided to make Iraqi, since I already have one of these in my Russian Army:







Yes, the paint looks glossy. I don't know why. It is Testor's Sand Beige and for some reason it always comes out glossy. Oh well, I'll be flattening these out anyway.


Next I got some more done on the little Russian gun truck. The windows are in, the cab is built, and I painted the whole thing with an olive drab basecoat:







I liked the color so much, I re-painted the GMC truck with it:






Finally, I got some more progress done on my blacksmith shop:






The roof was still wet when I took this pic.



Well, that's my Christmas Eve progress so far. Hopefully some of these will be finished by the New Year.


Thanks all for looking, comments are welcome.

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Unprotected barn wood when exposed to the elements for many years tends to look anything but like wood. Gray to black tones seem to predominate, with the darker shades on the grain. Nice effect so far. Perhaps a darker wash over the final flat finish will pop out some of that grain detail.



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Here's my progress on my last models for 2009. I might even get at least one of these done before the end of the year.


I'll start with my Br-52. This model is all assembled and fully painted. I have coated it with a clearcoat and washed it:






Now all it needs are decals and a dullcoat, but........









I lost the decals.


So much for finishing this one this year.




I may just dullcoat it and weather it and call it done anyway. Trumpeter has not answered my order for replacement decals so unless I find them again, I'll never be able to decal it anyway.


Moving right along. then.....



I did alot more work on my Blacksmith shop. The forge is painted and ready to go in:




These next pics are of the building itself after I'd done a dark brown wash on it. The roof parts are not cemented down, nor is the forge cemented in place yet:








I might even got this building done today.



Aside from these, I have two more trucks to finish. They are at the weathering stage now so I didn't take any pics since the next ones I'll be taking will be finished pics.


Speaking of finished pics, feel free to check out my other five models I finished yesterday. Four armor and one submarine. They are in their respective Forums.


Thanks all for looking and comments are welcome.

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