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  1. Mark, so what is the difference between the Type A and Type B and did you get the troops in the 2nd one?
  2. Nick, Here is the reply I got. Can you please ask him to contact us on support@icm.com.ua? Our support manage will do all the best t help him. Hope that works for you. Please let me know what happens. Phil
  3. Good price. I sold mine years ago. According to Scalemates the molds went to Testors who did the change. Also shows HAWK rereleased the original mold in 2016 but not sure how that worked if they sold the molds and they were modified. Good luck on your sale.
  4. Nice stuff, What scale is the F4U-5N? I am looking for a decent 72nd scale kit.
  5. Hi Nick, I just saw this so sent an email to our contact that supplies the Reviewer Corp with kits. Will let you know what I hear back from her. Phil Peterson 1st VP
  6. A few metal figures for sale, 54mm/32nd scale with one slightly bigger. $5 each plus shipping. Sorry for the orientation. They were right side up on my phone. US Paratroopers WWII Italian tanker and German paratrooper Larger scale (75mm?) U-Boat Commander and Goebbels
  7. YI have a few so far this year. First off a trade to acquire 2 car kits that were lost in one of our moves when I was a teen. The Revell rerelease of the Monogram Mongoose and Snake Funny Cars. Next was a preorder that finally came in at CultTVman, the Dragon 72nd scale Saturn V. As a bonus he threw in a 1/2500th USS Enterprise which will probably be my first build as it should take about 5 minutes. And today I stopped in at MRS Hobbies and picked up a couple more 72nd scale kits. The Bandai Perfect Grade Millennium Falcon and a Dragon Sd.Kfz 232. Think that might be enough for January.
  8. And the armor stuff. Have a few more to add here. Plus some Sci-Fi (the Battlestar kits are gone).
  9. Hi all, This time will try and get rid of a few of my own kits. PayPal preferred but will accept money orders. Shipping extra from 84118. If you can't read the price (circle tags) just ask. Thanks,
  10. Thanks to all who helped out. I managed to raise a little over $4K for him and only sold about 100 kits. Will be starting a new thread with some of my kits I would like to get rid of.
  11. Masterpiece Models make two resin kits, one 31" long (77th scale) and one 16" one. https://masterpiecemodels.com/product/20k-submarine/ https://masterpiecemodels.com/product/16-inch-long-20k-submarine-the-nautilus/ I picked the bigger one up at Nats a few years ago. No interior but otherwise looks pretty nice.
  12. The only firefighters I know of come in the Airfix RAF Emergency set. http://www.plasticsoldierreview.com/ShowFeature.aspx?id=63 There is one guy in full gear but he is just standing. There is another manning a hose and one with a fire extinguisher.
  13. https://www.amazon.com/VER90003-Verlinden-Police-Officer-BUILDING/dp/B01LXM1GXX How about this one and the price is right.
  14. This one would be the GZ-20 which were first launched in 1968 (according to Wiki). They were 192' 6" long. Old Model Kits lists it as 1/169th. Doing the math, as Dick said, puts it about 1/171st so close to N scale but slightly smaller.
  15. I had one of those in my teens. If I found another I would do it without the message board or replace it with an LED option.
  16. Armor, aircraft, doubles and triples? Think I get 35 kits. How about $150 + postage?
  17. Ok, we found 11 more boxes of kits. Lots of pics in multiple posts on the FB page. Anyone like the old bagged kits?
  18. Sounds good Mark. The M3 Scout car is already gone but the rest is still available. Think I have your email, do have your cell unless you have changed it recently. Holding out that Orangecon still happens but from what my son tells me (he is in Fullerton) it doesn't look good in the County.
  19. Sharp eye Chuck. Unfortunately someone else already spotted it and requested it. It is the only larger scale item asked for so far.
  20. Couple more pics. 32nd/35th scale armor, 32nd aircraft and an overall shot that shows the Japanese and German stuff.
  21. Hi Ron, Selling some of the stuff is going for better prices and a lot of it will go for deals. Goal is to raise money for when he is gone. Usually I have done this for the families after the fact. This has been fun to get the stories that go along with the kits.
  22. All, You may have seen the post I have up on FB. I am helping an older Air Force vet who was supposed to pass a couple years ago but is still kicking. He wants to sell most of his collection before he passes so his wife isn't stuck with them. I still don't have a list put together, going to try and work on that this week if I get time. Do have a bunch of pics though stuff has been selling well. Mostly 72nd aircraft with a bunch of 72nd armor and a few old Monogram 48th scale kits and 3 32nd scale 109s. Only car left is a Revell 1/40th scale Beetle from the early 60s. Also an old Revell X-15, Aurora C-119, bunch of FROG, Airfix/MPC, Hasagawa and more. I will attach a few pics and if you see anything that interest you just let me know. My biggest problem right now is tracking down boxes to ship.
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