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  1. Liked Cannonball Run and Gumball Rally. Good shows.
  2. Ok, but question is are the Mechs different sizes in different series? Is the Gluag in Macross the same size as the Marauder in Battletech? Like I said before, a guy built a 1/100 scale kit that worked out to about 72nd scale in the Battletech universe? Reason I ask is that you can find the 1/100 scale kits a lot cheaper than the 72nd scale versions.
  3. Neat stuff Stephen. Here is a link to several interesting links. http://www.heavymetalpro.com/links_new.htm I like the one with the decals but they appear to be for the wargame figures. Would love some of these in 72nd. Anyone know a site that lists the Mech classes by height and the different scale kits by height?
  4. Nothing mentioned on the sci fi model sites. Have seen the toy in the stores here and it could be used as a base for a nice display.
  5. Nice Warhammer. Still looking for 72nd scale version of this (and a couple others) to finish my Heavy Lance. Right now I just have the old Revell kit of the Battlemaster. Want to add a Tomahawk and Marauder. Someone said the 1/100 kit of the Marauder was closer to 72nd scale based on the Battle Tech universe. Wonder about the other 2.
  6. Had the plane name wrong, fixed now. From data from other sites, she was a B-25J.
  7. Buddy of mine at works Dad was a TSgt in WWII. He flew with HQ 65th Army Airways Communication System Group in Europe. He said they would fly out and then come back simulating an enemy aircraft to see when the radar system would pick them up. They flew several different kinds of aircraft but his main mount was a B-25 named Range Rider. He has a few of those small pics his Dad took with some good views of the plane but all the turrets and guns were removed so I can't tell if it was a D version or a J. Serial on the tail reads 428-853 so I am assuming 44-28853. A Google search has only given me the colors for the Squadron badge which was painted on the nose. If anyone has any more information about this group and the aircraft they used, I would be very interested as I would like to build a model for him (his Dad died several years ago). Also, if someone has another way to tell which version of Mitchell it is, that would help. I will try to get a hold of the pics he has and scan them in but hoping for some help/info before that. Thanks in advance.
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