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  1. I have a Revell Panzer IV to make Syrian some day. I did get decals for it.
  2. Hi Fred, They just opened 3 more hotels though a bit further away. Also the new Embassy Suites will be ours once it opens. But doing the roommate thing can be fun and cost effective too. I roomed with Ralph Forehand during one of the Phoenix conventions and we had a great time. Good luck.
  3. Update, I did manage to get a Skyvan off of evilbay so have both of my what ifs covered. I will keep looking for one more.
  4. Hi Mike, I am looking for 2 more Skyvan kits and haven't had any luck. Even wrote to Airfix asking if they are considering rereleasing it under the Vintage Classics. PM me please if you have 1-2 for sale. Thanks.
  5. I might be able to find my issue and scan the pages for you. You can also hit up Ro and he can definitely get you the data. IPMS-Q@ipmsusa.org
  6. Hi Dave, Checking their website it looks like total space available is 42,111 which is a bit small for a Nats, especially a central one that could have a big draw but if you could get it for a good price and good room rate who knows. If interested, reach out to John (2nd VP). He can give you some advice on what is needed to pull one off. As for help, you do need a good local ground team. However, with the NCSC's help that could be a small local team. Volunteers are usually going to show up and if you offer them free T-shirts or other bennies you can do one. I keep trying to get SLC to do another but still a few guys from the 1980 show around who remember loosing a lot of money. This was before the Board stepped up to cover certain costs and I hear there were some other things that contributed to the cost. There are 3 IPMS clubs in the area, a Gundam club, Auto club and an AMPS club so I think the manpower is here but the cost of facilities has been the biggie.
  7. Looking at the members in the clubs I am in (that is 4 across 2 States) about half of the members who attend or are interested in attending have children in school and/or are teachers themselves. Summer also has the best times for travel, especially if you plan to drive. The weather out west this year has been trying and it didn’t look much better in other parts of the nation. We also have to look at holidays which we have confirmed are not great times to hold a Nats.
  8. Great question and great model. it was considered an experimental VTOL aircraft so same category as a Harrier or an X plane. Or you can always put it in Miscellaneous. I will defer to an Aircraft Judge.
  9. Only problem is security if stuff is left out overnight. We would need a space where they could be Locke up at night and then brought back to the hall ways each morning.
  10. Really nice stuff as always Paul and I am glad you are back in the Corps. Just one nitpick for you regarding the Airfix Firefly. It shouldn't have the bow machine gun. Airfix got it wrong in the instructions but actually include the part that was welded over the gun mount on the real tank, they just didn't call it out. But then again, you are a plane guy and I love seeing all the armor you did this year. Now we need to get you building some Sci-Fi stuff.
  11. until

    Fun idea, wish I was closer, I would bring some stuff to show (probably not place). Good luck with this and I am interested to hear how it works out and looking forward to the pics.
  12. Fun video but needs some fitting music for the opening shot 😀.
  13. Hi Len, I understand about the space limitations but if you can find a table for the Reviewer Corps, that would be awesome. If not, no problem.
  14. Omaha didn't have a display space as they were limited on size of the venue. I don't recall the size of the space in San Marcos so we shall see. I personally am a big fan of display space and club and SIG group tables at shows though this is more common in England.
  15. I have been looking for one of those for a while. Great deal.
  16. Hey Richard, I am also a 72nd scale builder and have 3 of the PBY kits to make, The RAF one that spotted the Bismarck, a US one, probably the one that spotted the Japanese fleet at Midway and a Black Cat but I might try to make a warbird or foreign post war version with that one. Saw some neat Norwegian markings from Vingtor.
  17. The only problem with food trucks, at least from those we have tried to get, is they require a set number of bodies to sell to. I think a Nats can handle that volume but we can't seem to get them to a local show.
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