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  1. Maybe, instead of an online tutorial, do an article for the Journal. That would catch my attention. I really like how it turned out. Those flames look like the real thing, thats fer sure.The best I can do right now is decal flames. Dave
  2. I would have to say that it hangs on how much extra work youwant to do on a kit. If you were to build it completely OOB and not do any cutting or any serious surgery on the body or whatever (no kitbashing with a current kit) , then it would be Ok. Lets face it, you damage something on a kit you sent big $$$ on with NO replacement parts in sight you tend to get a little paranoid about cutting it up. However, we could also say the same thing about a CURRENT issue kit with a Big $$$ pricetag. If you ruin something on that, are we any less worried about getting replacement kits or parts. It all depends on how much you want to build said kit. Dave
  3. Dude, that is a fantastic flame job. You definitely need to do a tutorial on how to do those licks. I can't do them as a paint job so mine are all decal. But I would love to see them to maybe, someday give it a try. I love the work you did on the interior of that truck. Did you use flocking on the floor or is that just a paint job?? I'm really liking how it is coming. Dave
  4. That is a wonderful idea. The wounded warriors program is a terrific outlet for people to set their wills for ultimate disposal of models from deceased modelers. Thank you Hudson family for such a generous donation. Dave Wahl
  5. Gary: Is that race team going to be in 1/43 or 1/25? That is really cool whatever scale it is. Nice job so far. Dave
  6. I had completely forgotten about that ancient midget racer. Yeah, that bugger is around 1/18 scale. I would like to try to do the 1/25 scale racer with trailer and I do have a couple trucks that might be sufficient for the tow vehicle, even though they are customs and I still have to build them. We'll see, someday. Dave
  7. That is a real interesting looking truck IMHO. Only thing is that the chrome isn't dull enough. Other than that, it looks terrific. Dave
  8. Yep, I got mine last Thursday in the mail. Have been enjoying reading it a little at a time because of my eyesite issues. Just happy that it finally came and that the next issue shouldn't be delayed. Dave
  9. Nice looking Field gun and Tractor. Hope you did well at Noreastcon 40. I really think you did a good job on it. Dave
  10. Gary: That is going to be an interesting model when you are done. I understand that that kit is indeed a 1/25 scale model, so you can use a vintage style tow vehicle for the trailer and the car. I understand they suggest using the R/M 48 Ford Woodie or the 50 Ford Pickup as tow vehicles, even though I'm sure you might be able to use an AMT early tow vehicle. It will be nice to see how they progress. Dave
  11. I'm just curious about the current issue of the Journal. I have been a member again since the beginning of may and I understand there was a snafuwith the current issue, but I still haven't gotten it. What gives??? I have been looking forward to reading this issue. Dave Wahl
  12. I use Modeling manuals as a brief refresher course before starting in on a project. This also holds for any older magazines that I have kept for that reason. That holds true for ANY model, whether it is a car or truck, aircraft or armor, or even a ship, like my FSM article on building Revells PT 109 kit. Dave
  13. You truly are the Iron Duke. I love how those trucks have all turned out as well as your modern stuff. Toquote Randy Jackson on "American Idol" "you sir are in it to win it" Dave
  14. Well, I got a good bit of a revelation today. I occured to me that I could use the engine I have with my 63 Plymouth Fury in my 65 Barracuda. It's gonna require a little surgery, but I should be able to make it work. So now I'm over that hurdle and I can get on the stick as soon as my eyesite gets better. All things considered, not a bad job from a gimped out, Half blind chunky guy. Dave
  15. I am just happy to have been able to come back up with the $$$ to be able to be back in the group. I have missed everyone in the forums and not too often found myself wondering how y'all were doing. Once I get my eye situation taken care of, I hope to be getting some more building in. I have a bunch of plastic in the work area that is saying "Work on me". Which leaves a question to the car builders out there, does anyone have an early small block V8 that I might put in an original AMT 65 Barracuda? When I got it, it was done as a drag style car. I got it brought back to a workable stock car, but with a short hood scoop on itto mask the hole in the hoodso I need a small block 8 to fit the engine compartment. If anyone can help, post me a message. Dave
  16. I build in "braille scale" and I totally love it. When I get done having eye surgery and get things back in order, I'm going to get going on some 1/72 scale military kits. I have more WWIImilitary kits than modern, but I'm gonna have fun anyway. Then all I need is a good, working Digital camera to document what I've finished, be it Cat, Truck, Airplane, Armor, or ship.I do have plenty of plans for projects. Dave
  17. Nice looking engine compartment ya got there James. I have one of the 90s versions of that kit and now I can't wait to try mine out. Dave
  18. davewahl

    1/72 Cromwell

    Nice looking Cromwell as well Duke. Keep up the good builds. Dave W.
  19. The Iron Duke strikes again. It's been a very long time since I've been on this forum, so I'll explain. I had to let my membership lapse last June due to financial problems and wasn't able to catch up for several months. Well I finally caught up and I'm back. I may not have anything built except a single 32 Ford Coupe because I still have some eye issues, but that should be changing by fall., then we'll see what this kid can see to build, LOLOLOLOLOLOL!!! Nice job on the VW coupe and the Bridge Layer. I have seen a few other built projects done by you so I know you haven't been idle. Good job anyway, Duke. Dave Wahl
  20. I'd really like to find that '26/7 Ford coupe body to try a little bash job that's been nagging at me. I also have some ideas for colors for a 40 Ford coupe. I'm not sure whether to go with the Revell, Lindberg, or the venerable old AMT version. I guess I'll go with the least expensive of the lot. I have some color ideas to try to get it around the same color as your chopped coupe. Dave
  21. Fletch: I am now a member in the forums again. Now we can talk about cars anytime as well. Dave
  22. Well as luck would have it, I am again able to be with the IPMS. I am quite happy to be back. Dave Wahl
  23. Mark: That proves it. YOU, sir , are definitely the "Iron Duke". That is the most wonderful collection of Armor and all else that I have seen. I am humbled in the presence of greatness. I showed my Daughter, Danielle and all she could say was "DAMN"!!!!! I think she was a bit impressed as well. Dave
  24. Nice looking T-55 ya got there Duke. Excellent addition to your collection. Dave
  25. Any of the old trophy series kits from AMT or they're annuals from 61-64 manage to bring a smile to this tired old face. They are the kits I started out with so they bring a warm, fuzzy feeling. Also the 1/32 scale cars from Monogram and Aurora, with a smattering of early 60s Lindberg to sweeten the pot. Love them oldies!!! Dave
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