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  1. Thanks. I have tried it and now I know I better get some water on the model!
  2. Thanks everyone. I agree about the chrome and am playing around with a few things for that still. Bit afraid to try anything on the model since I am thrilled how the rust turned out and don't want to ruin it!
  3. Been a while since I have been around here and been even longer since I have finished a build. Funny how the kids lives have taken mine over! But I get to have as much fun as they do so that's all right. This took me about a year from start to finish and is the Revell 1950 Chevy truck cab. I have always wanted to do a rusted out fire truck and this one just happened to be handy. No major modifications were done really, mostly just all finish work. The firefighting equipment laying about is a mixture of resin,plastic and scratch built. The look I was going for was that of a cab that was removed off a body to replace it with a newer one and the department recycled the main part of the truck. my department has been guilty of doing that a time or two. As with most municipal vehicles when retired the markings were painted over but starting to show back through the fading cover.
  4. Not as much as being in a hotel every night, that's for sure. When at home I have a detached man cave that I have heated and AC in so I do what I want in there and if I need to paint, I paint!
  5. The jack stand looks great! Thanks for going through the process, I have seen the kits but never seen the actual process and results.
  6. The Oshkosh TFFT would be top of my list, would probably not want to see the price but it would be top of my list!
  7. It just depends on what the part is for me, some things like grill covers and fenders in a heart beat. I have done the tool clamps, can say I have I have done them and don't think I want to do them again! Now on my firetrucks, I have used all sorts of PE left over from sets for armor and aircraft for a wide assortment of stuff. Just takes a little creativity and combining different things to make something that would be nearly impossible to scratch build and look as good.
  8. That is looking great. I'm taking lots of notes!
  9. I have sprayed Future over lacquers in the past and it was fine. I have had the opposite result though from lacquer clear coat over acrylic, that was not pretty.
  10. I have had to deal with them a few times and every time it has been great. I know once the part was at my door in two days and they don't give you a bunch of crap about buying the whole sprue and charging a bunch in shipping because they messed up either like some companies.
  11. Yup, figured it out gluing elastic for fire hoses on a build when I all of a sudden had a fire starting on my firetruck.
  12. I gave up on the needle part of the system and just use the plastic refill bottle and the needle on it. Biggest problem I have always have is the needle getting clogged.
  13. Dish Network has it, my kids love watching it when there is something cool going on.
  14. Chris Mobley


    Looks great. That helo is what got me to meet Gen. Scott. I was standing there at the museum in Warner Robbins probably with a confused look on my face trying to figure out how those blades worked and he came up and explained it to me and spent a good bit of time through the rest of the place. me not being a huge plane buff did not know who he was till we went by the God Is My Copilot display. Then it clicked.
  15. As long as you don't let it freeze you are good to go with it.
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