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  1. Congraz on getting the moderator post. It's a tough job, but someone has to keep us all in line. ROTFL!!! Dave Wahl #46035
  2. Rodolfo: That is a very nice looking piece of Armor. A little too clean given the November time frame. Still, I'm a BIG fan of Panther tanks. Dave Wahl member #46035
  3. Raisin, that is one beautiful looking Starliner. Your dad would have been proud. Dave Wahl
  4. Duke: That 113 is killer. I have a 113 ACAV in my stash thats asking to be built. Its from some British company and the tracks and wheels are all cast together, so it should make assembly fairly easy. We'll see. I still say that is a nice looking vehicle. Dave Wahl IPMS #46035
  5. Duke: Are you also planning on doing some WWI and WWII Style Ambulances. I saw some Model T style trucks that could be used as Ambulances, and there are several different trucks that can be used from the WWII era, and they are in 1/72. Dave Wahl
  6. Duke: Those are all beautiful vehicles. I am a big fan of 1/72-76 Armor, simply because I got no room for many large scale Armor. I think they are all great. Nice job on the Hummer ambulance. I really like how it turned out. Thanks for sharing. Dave Wahl
  7. In my opinion, the best Sci-Fi films have got to be the Star Trek series, including the new one coming out in May, I believe. Rest in peace DeForest, Mark, The Great Bird of the Galaxy, and any others whom I didn't know passed. I think they all have excellent special effects for there times. I also like the digitally enhanced original series. Dave Wahl IPMS #46035 Kitbashers Model Car Club Wellsville, N.Y.
  8. Those are some sweet looking armor models. One question though, was that Stryker hard to build? My brother used to work on them at the G/D plant in Anniston, Al. and I have been interested in them since I saw some pix. Most of the model armor I have is in 1/72-76 so I check out all the 1/72 projects shown. Dave Wahl IPMS#46035 Kitbashers Model Car Club Wellsville, N.Y.
  9. Mark: I'm a big fan of 1/72 Armor, in fact, I have mostly 1/72 with a few 1/35 in the store room. I have a twopack of Hummers by dragon, both 998's, one as a regular transport truck, and the other as an armored truck. I also have a couple of Shermans, one an old AIRFIX and the other is HASEGAWA. I am planning on having a great time buildin them, although I have some other plans for NOREASTCON at the end of April. I probably won't win anything, but hell I go to the shows for the comradery. Dave Wahl
  10. Raisin: Those are some fantastic kits. Personally, I like the 55 and 56 Chevies in the photos. The custom style is right up my alley. One question though, What color is that on the rear end of the 56?? Is it a brown or a burgundy color? Dave Wahl Kitbashers Model Car Club Wellsville, N.Y.
  11. YRaisin: You could always take the spare body and make either a NASCAR style racer or as an AWB style Drag car out of it. Just a couple of ideas. Dave Wahl Kitbashers Model Car Club Wellsville, N.Y.
  12. Andy: Looks like all you need is an Austin Powers figure from the 63 Corvette kit and maybe a Union Jack clad Jag XK120 with the female figure from the Austin Powers movie. ROTFLMBO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Raisin: Nice to see a familiar name here in the IPMS site. That is gonna be a nice looking Ford when you are done. I have the custom version of that kit, although I am at odds with what color to do her in. I am thinking of doing here like the one in the book "Here is your Hobby, Model Car Building". I believe it was done in a deep blue color and had enlarged rear wheel wells. What color is yours going to be??? Just curious, so I don't copy yours. Dave Wahl Member #46035
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