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  1. This is precisely why most RCs will ask the Chapters in their Region to carefully review the Charter Renewal Fact Sheet rather than just rubber stamp it and send it back. Frankly, I can't see how a Chapter can be rechartered if the Chapter Contact information the RC has is incorrect--if the CC doesn't get the paperwork, how can they recharter? And if the RC knows the CC info on file is no longer accurate, then it is on the RC to correct it.
  2. The particular fonts you are looking for are Amarillo USAF and Long Beach USN. Check your font menu on your word processing program--Amarillo may already be there. Long Beach used to only be available through TLai Enterprises, but dafont has a passable version listed as "USN Stencil" font.
  3. Very nicely done! I built the Revell kit many moons ago, and the Zukei Mura kit is certainly worlds apart! The diorama should be a sight to see, can't wait until you get it finished and post pictures. Cheers! Ralph I've moved the rest of my reply to Nick's thread in the Bull Pen.
  4. The kit dates back to 1970-1971. It was based on early information and wasn't one of Monogram's better kits--it lacked detail. The cockpit, seats and all, was molded in to the fuselage, and the wheel wells were greatly simplified. The exhausts were molded in, and the small parts were clunky. It was produced during the Mattel era, when all Mattel wanted was a way to turn model kits into toys that kids could play with. This was one of the first models that was compatible with the short-lived "Skystick" controller. The Tomcat was the only new-tooled airplane kit produced under Mattel--all
  5. From what I've read, some of the USAFE Huns were painted with silver lacquer as early as 1958. As always, having a photo of the airplane you want to depict is a great way to tell--if the finish is more or less matt and uniform, it is lacquer. If there are different sheens and tones on the various panels, it is still bare metal. Cheers! Ralph
  6. A few random thoughts... Contest venues are expensive. Our one-day show in Columbia, SC is held at the National Guard Armory, and we pay $1,000 a day. That could be why it seems that contests are in decline. Perhaps, too, people are tired of the need to compete, the need to win at all costs, so they don't go. Perhaps they don't get anything out of a contest, so they stay home. As far as the misguided notion that contests are money-makers, that's largely hogwash. Any club that hosts a show as a fundraiser is going out far on a weak limb. Most shows break even, at best, and that'
  7. When I need an overall white, I simply use Tamiya's "Superfine White" spray primer directly from the can. A few light coats, let 'em dry, then gloss/decal as usual. You can decant it and airbrush it if you wish, I don't like creating more work for myself--the paint sprays just fine from the can. Cheers! Ralph
  8. Plain old Elmer's White Glue. Tape the nacelles in place while it dries. It will hold the part in place, and when you need to separate them it "unsticks" easily. Peel the Elmer's off and reattach the part when you're ready to do so. You could also use small drops of CA, but that's a little more difficult to remove. Cheers! Ralph
  9. Nice work! And kids who look at it will only see a cool model of an X-Wing... About the same time Revell moved their molding to a the facility in China, their plastic also became softer--probably more vinyl and/or regrind added to the mix. That's the main reason that if I want a vintage Monogram kit, I buy the earliest issue I can find in order to get that sublime Monogram styrene...
  10. My take: I don't care about "winning" or "losing" at a model show--I've been on both ends of the spectrum many, many times. That's not why I build models and put them on a show table--I put my models out there to show what I've been doing. I welcome questions. I value critique. That's the only way to get better at something--have another set of eyes (or two, or two thousand) have a look and tell me what they see that maybe I could have done differently. Note--this is different from merely collecting a trophy that says I'm King Styrene for a Day and assuming that I need to copy what I did
  11. Nick, I'm not disagreeing with you--as I indicated, a preponderance of the votes would have to be in favor of Open Junding before anything gets done.
  12. Jim, your question is a fair one. In theory, a model that earns Gold at one AMPS show should earn Gold at all AMPS shows. The system is presented to the judges that way, and the fact that judges' training is scripted and uniform aids in this. AMPS still allows OJT shifts, but in order to become a certified judge, you must sit through the training session and do two shifts. As I said on Facebook, a tie vote is no indication of a "win", and that in and of itself means that nothing will change. Maybe some will talk about it from time to time, but unless something drastic happens, this g
  13. Nice work, and congratulations to the club! It is always nice to get the work out into the public eye, not only for them to see what it is we do, but to also add a touch of education to the mix, too. Cheers! Ralph
  14. Airliners, too--Braniff, Trans-Texas Airways, Continental...
  15. I can think of at least a dozen racers from Texas--stock cars, sports cars, drag racers, Indy cars...
  16. It is the same reason I put the Model Building 101 seminar together for the 2016 Convention, and have been continually refining and updating it. It is now a series of units, much like Paul Boyer's "Finishing School" series from FineScale Modeler back in the day...
  17. I can't add anything to the previous posts or what I've already told you guys in person or on other forums. Great city, great show, great hosts. I thoroughly enjoyed the show, although I left Chattanooga and forgot to stop by Naked River Brewing to pick up some Moon Pie Stout... Ralph
  18. Whenever I get asked why I present "Model Building 101" at a National Convention--I mean, this is the World Series/Super Bowl of modeling, right? People should know this stuff, right? I believe your post provides the answer--I always say that basic things are what the judges look for, and ignoring basics will trip you up more times than not. Alignment is usually #1 on the list of the things that answer the question "Why didn't my model win?" Then there are "the little things"--drilled out gun barrels, those pesky ejection pin marks that you thought were not visible, that minuscule part
  19. I can add veracity to that statement--Columbia was required, by the agreement with the venue, to host a banquet. I'm sorry I had to leave before the reception, but from what I hear it was a great idea.
  20. Seconded. Awesome show from beginning to end.
  21. There are alternatives to Model Master, both the enamels and acrylics: True North ( https://www.truenorthpaints.com/ )--I gather these are nearly the same formula as the Model Master enamel line. There's also Tru-Color ( http://trucolorpaint.com/ ). Squadron is carrying Humbrol. Tamiya now markets a lacquer in jars in the LP line--the colors are keyed to their acrylic numbers. MRP, an acrylic lacquer, is one of the current darlings of the hobby, and GSI Creos still markets the Mr. Color lacquers. Can you go to your local hobby shop and get these? Probably not, but how many of us sti
  22. So, to get newbies to participate you establish skill levels. Most noobs will compete as a Novice. And the best they can win is a Bronze? We have to go back to the question "What dpes IPMS/USA envision as the purpose of their models conetests?"
  23. I'm for it--but how do you regulate it? Does each entrant self-appoint all the time, or after earning a 1st/Gold at one level, are they promoted to the next level? It would require the establishment of a National database to keep track, and all Chapters would need to have access to it in order to properly run their shows. This is what I mean by "Standard, Uniform" contests system throughout IPMS/USA. You can't "wing it" and expect things to police themselves...
  24. AMPS is the Armor Modeling and Preservation Society. They are a modeling group dedicated to armor with chapters worldwide. https://www.amps-armor.org/SiteMain/Main.aspx Jaxcon is the annual contest hosted by IPMS/First Coast in Jacksonville, Florida. http://ipmsfirstcoast.org/
  25. My largest misgiving on this whole survey is that it put the cart before the horse. I stated such when work began, I said so when the questions were being written, and I'm saying it now. The first question that needed to be asked is "What does IPMS/USA envision the purpose of it's National Model Contest to be?" Does IPMS/USA want to simply pick the best models presented at that show on that day? (OR--Does IPMS/USA want to recognize well-built models and more or less ignore the rest?) If that's the goal, they already have it in the 1-2-3, comparative/triage judging currently in use
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