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  1. Dak is right. It’s not rocket science. It is hard work, however, to obsessive- compulsively set aside any bias you may have, ignore what you “like” (or don’t like), and conscientiously and scrupulously apply the judging criteria to each entry-as a team. I would also submit that, perhaps, judging is not a good fit for anyone who thinks that they can pick the winners 98% of the time after the first walk through. That kind of “Pride ….goeth before destruction.” It also is a disservice to every entrant in the category and inevitably tempts one to ignore what is a clear mandate given every year to every judge- evaluate each entry carefully. Nick
  2. And how you fairly decide what to pick as best is by scrutinizing, as a team, every entry regardless of how long it takes! Nick Filippone, Senior National Judge
  3. He ruthlessly seized power in “ The Night of the Bloody Xactoknives!” 😉😂 Anonymous (for fear I might be next to ‘disappear’ )
  4. Darn those specifics! They always annoyingly get in the way of what one of my teachers called ‘ hasty generalizations.’ Some prefer heat. I prefer light. Nick
  5. For your information, Dak, the members of my chapter are working together to organize what will be much more than a “decent regional!” IPMS Northeast New York will celebrate the 50th anniversary, not only of Region One’s first Regional but IPMS/USA’s first Regional. Noreastcon@50 on 29 and 30 April, 2022 in Latham, New York (near Albany) will put the lie to yet another of your sweeping generalizations. “No one” Dak? Consider getting your facts straight before disparaging every member of IPMS/USA! Nick
  6. Dak, it sounds like you are suggesting an acceptable/ unacceptable standard as the only criterion for an award. It does seem very exciting. It would be like a Pass/ Fail course in college. One’s efforts might have earned an A or a D-, but the world will never know, including the student…er…builder! Nick
  7. Of course, you cannot determine which of a builder’s multiple entries is the best without scrutinizing all of them. It can be very time consuming but I think it is important to maximize that builders chance of placing by selecting the best of all his entries. Nick
  8. My post was in response to Dak’s proposal for a contest without the contestants actually contesting. Of course we Aircraft Judges look at everything. As you ship judges do, that is how we divide the wheat from the chaff, even if some of the chaff is still quite good! Nick
  9. But how would the judges decide what deserves to be recognized and what does not, since as you say: “… it is not simply a participation award. Not everyone will win and the Judges would not be required to give all out in a category?” One way or the other, the Judges are going to have to critique every entry in your system, and some may not be good enough for “recognition.” Nick Filippone, Senior National Judge
  10. That’s a bit of an exaggeration,Dak. For years, the National Organization has had in place a sensible and reasonable and responsible policy about what it feels might be offensive to most. We still have plenty of entries and entrants each year with less and less entries that are inappropriate, thus demonstrating that sensible, reasonable, responsible people actually can reach a consensus policy that works. And it is important that we have done this successfully because, as has been oft repeated, what is in our contest rooms is viewed by the public and reflects on us as an organization. We should be conscious, therefore, of staying within the bounds of ordinary good taste and commonly held sensibilities. Nick
  11. The Registrants should remember that they ARE getting a lot more for their money. The difference between the walk in fee and the registrants fee covers the cost of the trophies, the contest room tables, the contest room, the tables clothes, the judge’s pins, etc. None of those things are free and if the members want a contest to enter (and experience suggests that they do) then they are going to have to pay for it, like everything else in life. How much cheaper would the National Convention be put on without a contest? Personally, I would not bother to attend a Convention with no contest and a vendor room and “display only” tables. I am quite willing to pay for the excitement and possible reward of the contest. Whatever the walk-ins pay is gravy! Nick
  12. So, we can have lots of walk-ins at an attractively low price and thus make some money and boost vendor business or punish them for not joining IPMS by raising the walk-in fee to a prohibitively high level and make less money as well as restrict the vendor’s profits. The latter is what my mother used to refer to as ‘ cutting off you nose to spite your face! ‘ Nick
  13. “How could the National Organization “guarantee” a profit? How does any undertaking come with a “guarantee?” But, historically, other than the only one I can think of off hand (due to errors of management ), every National has turned a profit since my first in 1987. While I have never run a National, I have run many Regionals. And before you scoff, I did not have the National Organization to indemnify my chapter or me if we took a bath. That is a “guarantee” that no chapter has in place to protect them when putting on any show below the level of a National. Your show might have been out X number of dollars if it flopped, but neither you personally nor your chapter would have been on the hook for any of that loss, given that the National Organization must underwrite any loss at a National, just as the host is obligated to split the profits with the National Organization! So, lectures on the risk to one’s Club’s or one’s own personal treasure and reputation I do not need. I think of it every time I sign a contract with a venue or a trophy manufacturer or a rented table supplier. That signature is my personal “guarantee” that I/we will honor the contract. So when our show flops and the chapter’s money is gone and the hat has been passed, who will legally and ethically have to make up any shortfall? Nick
  14. I thought the reason for doing the event was to have fun. When competently managed (and it almost always is), the Nationals have always made a healthy profit for the host chapter and the National Organization. I know this is America, but must we be so predictably mercenary all the time? Nick
  15. The vendors underwrite a significant amount of the costs of the Nationals. Anything that decreases their customer base is bad for their business. It also betrays a lack of gratitude for the support they have given us over the years. If we have to forfeit a few bucks because of a liberal walk-in policy, that would only be fair and smart given the mutually beneficial relationship IPMS USA has enjoyed with the vendors and manufacturers over the past almost 60 years. Nick
  16. When did flying the American flag in a front yard become a “ fashion statement? “ Nick
  17. I did a 7TP in 1/72 scale. I used Testor’s Model Master enamels. I used one of their tans for the tan - think their Radome Tan- and RAF Dark Earth and Dark Green. I think it looks convincing enough, especially after some weathering. Nick
  18. How could “some prejudice” have begun, “ if only on an individual basis by each team leader “ when neither the teams nor their leaders have been appointed yet and won’t be until Friday night? Nor will the categories they will judge be assigned until then. Nick Filippone, Senior National Judge
  19. I like wearing masks! They keep my face warm in the winter. Also, people can’t see me sneering at them. Sometimes, I like to pretend I’m someone nefarious …..like a bank robber……or surgeon! Nick
  20. It wouldn’t feel like a National if I wasn’t rushing to complete my entries. Even if I had finished things well in advance, I would then start and try to finish something else in a rush! You are not alone in this. Nick
  21. But an emoji makes it too easy. It takes the mystery and intrigue out of it. I am an old hand at a lot of things but not social media etiquette. I plead ignorance. “ I’m an old man! What’s my name? Take me home.” ( Apologies to Uncle Leo) I guess I am just feeling puckish today. 🙄😉😂🤥🙀🤔😜😷😁 Is that better? This is all just supposed to be for fun………. isn’t it? Nick
  22. Dak, C’mon. Do you mean to say you could not detect my tongue firmly implanted in my cheek in that post? I just thought it was time for a break from a discussion that has become a little wearisome and repetitive. It’s just not an important enough matter to not be able to joke about. I was only kidding! Yipes! Nick PS. The “appreciate my efforts” was the dead giveaway. Even I am not that self- absorbed.
  23. I have always been annoyed by the fact that individual dioramas are allowed to take up so much space, while my aircraft or ship entry is squeezed into a crowd of others entries like so many sardines in a can. It makes it hard for everyone to see and appreciate my efforts from all angles! The NCC should set a size limit on all dioramas: no larger than 12 by 12 inches. This is only fair to all. And think of the space and, hence, money it will save, because we would not have to rent so much space for the Contest Room. I will bring this up at the open NCC meeting. It’s change. It must be a good idea. Nick Filippone, Senior National Judge
  24. Jim is correct. As I have said many times discussing this topic, GSB or open judging is indeed not a contest. It is a demonstration of competencies. It is not a competition. While it removes the stress of competition for those who cannot manage it, it likewise removes the suspense and excitement for everyone! Further, it demands a uniformity in the application of our judging principles and standards by the entire judging cadre, and which would have to be utilized in evaluating many different genres of modeling. This would take years to achieve, if ever. Nick Filippone, Senior National Judge
  25. I am vaccinated and I will wear a mask at all times. My current anxiety is that, with Nevada on the rise and my state ( New York) fairly low now, our Governor will impose quarantine on anyone returning to NYS from Nevada. I could not expect my partner to work alone another 10 days after being alone while I am in Las Vegas. We will have to wait and see. Nick
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