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  1. Jim, I was a little embarrassed when I read your post and realized that I had suggested that there were still ships in the Hypothetical category. Thank you for setting me straight. More importantly, you bring out that there is already precedent for moving hypotheticals into their appropriate regular category. Thank you for pointing this out. Regards, Nick
  2. But be gentle and patient. Regards, Nick
  3. I use a wooden toothpick. Nick Filippone
  4. I am transitioning from Model Master also. I have started using Tru-color. I recently used one of their metallic colours ( applied over their gloss black). Far and away the best natural metal finish I have ever achieved. And their service is excellent . Nick
  5. Nice summary, Gil. And I absolutely agree with you on hypotheticals. An additional argument to do away with it is that it violates one of our basic principles of judging: comparing like to like entries! As you know, the hypothetical categories are not just for aircraft but for all genres of models- auto, tank ship,etc. How can these be competently compared to one another? Regards, Nick
  6. I’m going to let someone else take this one!🙄🤔😬 Nick
  7. According to the IPMS Las Vegas website, the dates are 18-21 August, 2021. Regards, Nick
  8. My library is not deep in “ Luftwaffe ‘46” sources. However, one book I do have is “German Jet Genesis” by David Masters (Jane’s Publishing Company, Limited, 1982). Page 97 covers the Ju EF 126 and 127. This reference states that a full-scale mock-up of the 126 was built by the Germans during the war, but the aircraft did not fly during the war. It goes on to say that the Russians built an unpowered prototype which crash landed. The 127, according to this reference was discontinued due to inadequate endurance of the rocket motor that was to have powered it. So, where to place this model? Theoretically, if you knew how the unpowered Russian example of the 126 was marked, you could indeed put it in the regular category in those markings- without engines! Any other depiction of the aircraft in any other markings would be hypothetical and place the model in the hypothetical category. I suppose you could build it as the German mock-up, but who knows what that looked like? ( Frequently, mock-ups do not even represent the entire proposed airframe.) Furthermore, a model of a mock-up, not being a representation of an actual functional aircraft, might have to go in the miscellaneous category. The 127 obviously was never built in any form at all, and, regardless of markings, it would go in the hypothetical category. The general rule to keep in mind is: actual aircraft + actual markings= regular category. If one of the two (or both) are missing, the entry would go to the hypothetical category. I hope this helps. ( I look forward to the inevitable hair- splitting and the Jesuitical debate that I always enjoy!) Regards, Nick Filippone, Senior National Judge.
  9. I am no virologist. (Remember that surgeons such as myself are widely considered to be, in fact, stupid.) Having made this disclaimer, based on my understanding of all that has been said and what I have been taught in college and med school, I would say you have summed it up neatly and correctly, Pat. Best Regards, Nick
  10. Gary and Jim are both mostly correct. But if it was personal risk only, it is a relatively simple ethical calculus. But when you consider the chance of also infecting others, (at the Convention or subsequently at home) you are in a sense asking them to take on the possible health consequences of a decision they were not involved in making. Each of us, when we risk exposure, are not just choosing for ourselves, but for everyone with whom we come in contact. And, to the observation: ‘But that means we need to avoid ANY non-essential contact and practice social distancing until there is a vaccine’ I would reply: ‘ Well, Yeah!’ This resilient organization has weathered at least one financial disaster ( when Treasurer absconded with the treasury many years ago). I have no doubt we will survive this, as well, if we want IPMS to go on. I know I do. Nick
  11. Jim’s remarks are correct if ominous. The only thing I would add is an admittedly morbid possibility that might get us off the hook somewhat ( I am sure others have thought of this, also): If things open up, and we see another surge of cases, there may be a reintroduction of restrictions on gathering size, for example. Certainly, from a humanitarian point of view, we do not hope for this. Furthermore, such a circumstance would throw many other of our future events into doubt until an effective vaccine is available. Hence, until such time, how wise is it for any events to be planned and invested in? Even if such events are permitted, will attendance be prohibitively low out of understandable fear of contagion. It is bad enough that one has to take one’s life into one’s hands to pay one’s bills.Additionally, I assume no one wants to be the cause of anyone’s demise. A model convention just isn’t that important. Testing and tracking may help, but we seem to be a long way from being able to do enough of that. And none of the eggheads can yet answer such questions as: Can you still be a carrier if you’ve had it? Can you get it again and, if so, how soon? These are issues that each of us must wrestle with as individuals and as responsible members of this venerable organization. The next couple of months may help us all decide what to do. Regards, Nick
  12. I agree with much of what Jim and Gil have said. Here is another consideration. Anyone in health care has to consider the possibility that they are a vector of this disease! Even you if tested negative the week before, you could have been exposed and contracted it, and therefore be able to spread it ( whether you were symptomatic or not) if you worked the day before you left. You could test negative and quarantine yourself until the convention, bearing in mind that there is a 15% false negative rate for the test! Working as I am in a hospital where we have had and do have and probably will continue to have Covid 19 cases, do I put other IPMS members at risk by attending, especially, as Gil points out, during judging? And while a recently reported statistic says health care workers are no more likely to get sick from Covid 19 than non- health care workers, that is not the same as saying they are no more likely to be carriers. I have also not heard any health expert say that if you have antibodies, you cannot be a carrier. There is just too little known to determine, for certain, what is safe! A lot to think about. Nick
  13. Sorry to say this, but I agree with your wife. The sails make for a more impressive model! Now for my two cent’s worth. Although I have not done a sailing ship in as large a scale as 1/96, on any of my sailing ship projects, I use paper. It is available in several weights (thicknesses), can be stained and, I think, looks better than the plastic. One approach is to use each plastic sail in the kit as a male mould. Cut the paper to a slightly larger size than the plastic, wet it and drape it over the plastic sail. Let it dry. The paper will take on the shape of each for the “ billowed” effect. But it is lighter than the plastic and can easily be attached to each yard or length of rigging (for jibs) with white glue. I have even drawn in those ropes that run down each sail with a pencil before shaping. Give it a try. You won’t have to damage the plastic sails to try it. Regards, Nick Filippone
  14. A decal company called Fantasy Printshop does RAF serials up to a scale 30” for 1/48 subjects. (They have smaller sizes, also.) A 30” serial would be 5/8 inches high. Would that be big enough? Regards, Nick Filippone
  15. Ron, I have that kit and it has been calling to me too. Looks great as have all your recent builds. Regards, Nick
  16. Microscale Decal Film has one drawback. It tends to make the decals thick and inflexible. They will not conform or suck down over surface detail. On a perfectly flat surface with little or no surface detail, they are fine- but, Cartograph they ain’t! Regards, Nick
  17. Yes, that makes sense. The website does not list any of the old sheets with a broad range of national insignia and letters and numbers. I ordered a few sheets. I will report when I get them. Nick
  18. Mike, Do I feel stupid! I googled Stoppel before I posted, but the website did not come up. I used the link you provided and voila: another place to buy stuff! Thanks a lot!🤑🤗 I have never seen any of their products from other dealers. I wonder if the decals are made in the same way? I am going to order some. Regards, Nick
  19. So this is a question and, for older members, a walk down memory lane. I recently needed some Czech markings and some codes. The only ones that fit the bill were from old Stoppel sheets. I have always loved these decals. The colours are brilliant and very opaque and dense. But the best part is - there is no visible decal film! Each image is just the image, whether insignia or letter or number. The company that printed them was Permeta in Denmark. Now, I know they are a bit thick, but I will trade that any day for dense colour and no #$&%§ film with which to cope. ( This was particularly useful on this natural metal finish. ) But why, does anyone know, did they stop making them? Also, why has no other decal printer copied the process, whatever it was, to make such unique and, I think, really good decals? Is the secret lost like how they made stained glass windows in the Middle Ages? I should add that I bought these sheets 50 or more years ago! They worked fine! Anybody remember these? Thanks. Nick
  20. I do not think it is fair to expect Len and his team to predict with any certainty what public health experts cannot. Predictions change almost daily. The possible scenarios are almost limitless! Best case- the pandemic has run it’s course by July and there are no travel or gathering restrictions anywhere. Or it is still roaring along everywhere and no one can move. Or it has burned itself out on the east coast, but at peak in a city like San Marcos. Or San Marcos has been relatively spared and the last thing they want is a lot of carriers from New York State or California, for example, to fan the flames. I have no doubt that Len and his people are in a high state of anxiety about this. All each of us, potentially has to deal with is the disappointment of not having a National to go to this year. They are wrestling with trying to decide, after two long years of hard work and planning and dedication, if they will have to pull the plug on it and when. What if San Marcos allows such a gathering, but there is a travel ban from enough so called “hot spots” that attendance significantly suffers? What if our convention site is a hospital by the end of July? What if the airline industry is so broken down by this that you couldn’t get a flight, regardless of how far in advance you made a reservation? For that matter, how many of our mostly elderly members will be ill with it or too understandably worried about contracting it (if they had avoided it by the end of July) to venture from what up to that point will have been the apparent safety of their home, even if permitted to do so? What if the National is held, but for such reasons, the numbers are so low that room and banquet minimums are not achieved? What if some of us succumb to this disease? Let’s be respectful and appreciative of the San Marcos team- and patient. And, for goodness sake, do whatever you can to stay healthy! Nick
  21. You can buy a foot operated switch into which you can plug any electrical device and - “voila” - a pedal operated on-off switch. I started using it when I grew tired of having to put down either my airbrush or the model when painting in order to start or stop my compressor. Nick
  22. I also hope that the Convention will be able to go on and I will be there if it does. It would be nice if you were proven correct. However, Mark, it is irresponsible to make such a prediction about the course of this disease when NO other health care expert or epidemiologist is currently able to do so. Over and over, each of these medical and communicable disease professionals has said ‘ We just do not know’ - not yet, anyway. To a great extent, it is whistling in the dark that has got us into this crisis. Facts and competent science alone will get us out of it. Perpetuating misinformation does not help, however well intentioned. Let us stick to building models and let those with the knowledge and training and experience to, when they are able, advise us about what the course of this pandemic is likely to be. We are a small organization, but we can impress many others by being smart, calm, responsible citizens. Nick Filippone, M.D.
  23. Great work, Len. As long as you and your comrades are continuing your preparations to put on the National Convention, I will continue my preparations to attend. You can count on me to register as soon as registration opens! Good luck! Regards, Nick
  24. Because of the confusion and uncertainty amongst political leaders and health care experts, it is probably unrealistic- if not unfair- to ask the host chapter to be able to make a prediction about what, if any, travel and gathering restrictions will be recommended or enforced four and one- half months from now. Neither, for the same reason, can they be expected to guess at the individual health risk for any one member traveling and attending a gathering of this size - four and one- half months from now. I have my hotel reservation and my airline ticket. Unless I cannot fly due to a national travel ban and/or the National Convention is not held because such group gatherings are forbidden, I will be going. This, I think, should be the position of the membership at this point as a show of support and confidence in our organization. An early panic based on inadequate information NOW could irreversibly damage the show for no good, sound, scientific reason, thereby unfairly punishing our friends and fellow members who have been working hard for two- plus years to put on the show. For now, as King George VI would have said:” Keep calm, and carry on.” Regards, Nick- Senior Citizen- Filippone
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