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  1. Actually, I do bother to look at what is being entered in these categories as I enter them and judge them. What kits are being entered is not the point. One of the most important reasons for creating OOB was to provide categories where perhaps more casual modelers feel they can compete successfully without having to do the major surgery or create out of raw materials the extra details often seen in the “standard” categories. While there may be an element of perception versus reality in this distinction in the minds of modelers, it is an important perception. IPMS contests have long been accuse
  2. As an avid model builder, enthusiastic trophy hound and practicing National Contest judge, I have never had nor have I any problem with OOB. Neither do most people who enter these categories- at least in my personal experience. I agree with Jim, based on it’s popularity and participation, these categories should be kept. While changes in contest categories are at the discretion of the NCC, heretofore, they have, appropriately, based such decisions on the perceived preferences of the National Contest contestants - usually expressed in the numbers of entries in a category from year to year. T
  3. I was very sorry to hear of the passing of Mr. W.R. Matthews. Older old-timers will remember him from before Air Enthusiast when he wrote the modeling column for Flying Review International. As a budding serious teen age modeler in America, he was for me a near mythical guru of our hobby. Everything he did in the Mother Country seemed so much different and better than what we were doing here in the colonies. His information about aircraft I never heard of and camouflage schemes never seen before was fun and exciting and educational. And as if that wasn’t enough, he had a Briton’s enviable supe
  4. Isn’t that just a dark coloured rubber seal? Could you simulate it after painting with decal or tape? Nick
  5. I guess you can’t tell the UFO without a score card. Nick
  6. I cannot figure out a link. However, the ETSY dealer is: DPETERSCOLLECTIBLES. Regards, Nick
  7. ETSY has one for $39. Googling this kit turns up a few more, but the price mostly goes up from there. Someone on Google has a group of Sci-Fi kits including this UFO kit for $35., but not as pristine, as far as I can tell. Nick Filippone
  8. With the predictability of Haley’s Comet- only, mercilessly, annually, instead of a more sufferable once every 76 years- we endure, yet again, the OOB rules debate. The why’s and wherefore’s have always been and always will be grist for mill that endlessly grinds on our Forum, as we strive mightily to plumb the arcane and inscrutable raison d’etre of OOB. But, as Pete and Rusty have said, the rules are plain and they create a level playing field. Just apply them as you build your entry and you’ll be fine. If you think they should be changed, the National Contest Committee is always willin
  9. Actually, OOB is no more difficult to judge than any other category. Because our competitions are based on craftsmanship, accuracy is not the primary consideration. Any kit, well assembled by paying heed to the judging standards explained in IPMS Competition guidelines (alignment, seams, painting, decal application, etc.) will be competitive. And, as has been pointed out many times on this Forum, the more detailed and advanced the kit, the more opportunities there are to make mistakes. Nick Filippone, Senior National Judge
  10. Based on the photos you provided, it does not appear that this part supports or bears much weight. Can’t you just glue it back together? If it is big enough in diameter, you could drill out each end and insert a small reinforcing rod of brass rod to reinforce it, but if it doesn’t bear weight, you probably don’t need to. Good luck. Nick Filippone
  11. That’s exactly how I built my vacuform machine, aluminum frames, office clamps and all. Only mine is nowhere near as big- about 4” by 12.” Hence I can only do one piece at a time- and that in 1/72 scale. I am very impressed with the quality of your moldings. Nick
  12. This looks great, Gil! And a natural metal finish no less. What was the actual Vacuform device you used? Thanks. Nick
  13. I did google it. Every Cougar between ‘71 and ‘76 look the same to me! Regards, Nick Filippone
  14. Looks like you have created the proverbial silk purse from a sow’s ear! The only metal car kits I recall from my youth were by Hubley. Is there any relationship between those and these Ertl kits? Beautiful work as always, Ron. Regards, Nick
  15. There’s gonna be a lot of models to judge! Nick
  16. Pete, You may be right. I know that last year the venue hotel also sold out very quickly. Maybe it is, as you say, a demonstration of pent-up demand. I know I am already impatient for it! Nick
  17. Could it also be that some members, especially from different parts of the country, who might share a room under ordinary circumstances, might be social distancing by rooming alone? This would increase the rooms per registrant count. Who would dare to predict what the recommendations and requirements related to the pandemic will be even 13 months from now? I know I sound like a Cassandra and no one will be happier than I will be to be seen as having taken an unnecessary precaution, but unpredictability seems to be the only consistently predictable feature of Covid 19. One thing I a
  18. Wayne taught me and many of the other Judges of my vintage how to judge. He always displayed tact and charm and a civilized, cultured demeanor. However, like the good soldier and leader that he was, he demanded excellence in modeling and judging. He inspired us to be discerning and scrupulous in examining every aspect of the model when judging. I recall some of his noteworthy and characteristically pithy aphorisms: “A hole ( cockpit, landing gear bay, bomb bay) is to look in.” “ The modeler finished before he was done.” Even more importantly, he demanded absolute integrity from his Judges. We
  19. It wasn’t my fault! Gil made me do it! 🙀 LOL! Nick
  20. I also just made my reservation. Very easy. Gil, thank you for the heads-up! Regards, Nick
  21. Is this an armour colour or an aircraft colour? I cannot find that Model Master did an FS 34558 or anything named ”Italian Interior Green” at all in enamel. However, a company called Life Color does an “ Italian Interior Green.” It is their product number UA 116. Regards, Nick Filippone
  22. I use the Passche H1 single action airbrush with siphon tube from “ bottom load” paint bottles. I use Model Master enamels and, now, Trucolor. I have used this airbrush exclusively since my Bink’s Wren died many years ago. I think of the H1 as the AK 47 of airbrushes- simply, sturdy, forgiving and reliable. Spare and replacement parts are easy to find. I follow Ralph’s regimen for cleaning between colours and for periodic field stripping. I clean the MM with Mineral Spirit- it is relatively low in toxicity. Trucolor must be cleaned with acetone. I vent my spray area when cleaning with bot
  23. I went back to reread your first post. I think I goofed. You are building in the smaller scale. In that case, you must reduce your 1/350 scale plan to .875 to get to a 1/400 scale plan. Again, a good copier should be able to do this as well. My most common math error- failure to accurately read the question! Nick
  24. If I have done these calculations correctly: (1) Obviously, a 1/350 scale model will be larger than a 1/400 scale model. (2) 1/350 is .00285 - rounded off to five places. (3) 1/400 is .00250 . (4) .00285 divided by .00250 is 1.1428. So, again, if I have done this right, you would need a copier that will “ blow up” a plan in one percent increments, selecting a setting of 1.14 percent. ( I do not think copiers go to thousandths.) I have a commercial grade copier in my office that will do this but a retail copy service I am sure would have such copiers also. Nick Ignore this. See below. Sor
  25. How long have I been asleep? When did Michigan become an East Coast state? I did not think tectonic plates moved that fast! Nick
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