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  1. The Registrants should remember that they ARE getting a lot more for their money. The difference between the walk in fee and the registrants fee covers the cost of the trophies, the contest room tables, the contest room, the tables clothes, the judge’s pins, etc. None of those things are free and if the members want a contest to enter (and experience suggests that they do) then they are going to have to pay for it, like everything else in life. How much cheaper would the National Convention be put on without a contest? Personally, I would not bother to attend a Convention with no contest and a vendor room and “display only” tables. I am quite willing to pay for the excitement and possible reward of the contest. Whatever the walk-ins pay is gravy! Nick
  2. So, we can have lots of walk-ins at an attractively low price and thus make some money and boost vendor business or punish them for not joining IPMS by raising the walk-in fee to a prohibitively high level and make less money as well as restrict the vendor’s profits. The latter is what my mother used to refer to as ‘ cutting off you nose to spite your face! ‘ Nick
  3. “How could the National Organization “guarantee” a profit? How does any undertaking come with a “guarantee?” But, historically, other than the only one I can think of off hand (due to errors of management ), every National has turned a profit since my first in 1987. While I have never run a National, I have run many Regionals. And before you scoff, I did not have the National Organization to indemnify my chapter or me if we took a bath. That is a “guarantee” that no chapter has in place to protect them when putting on any show below the level of a National. Your show might have been out X number of dollars if it flopped, but neither you personally nor your chapter would have been on the hook for any of that loss, given that the National Organization must underwrite any loss at a National, just as the host is obligated to split the profits with the National Organization! So, lectures on the risk to one’s Club’s or one’s own personal treasure and reputation I do not need. I think of it every time I sign a contract with a venue or a trophy manufacturer or a rented table supplier. That signature is my personal “guarantee” that I/we will honor the contract. So when our show flops and the chapter’s money is gone and the hat has been passed, who will legally and ethically have to make up any shortfall? Nick
  4. I thought the reason for doing the event was to have fun. When competently managed (and it almost always is), the Nationals have always made a healthy profit for the host chapter and the National Organization. I know this is America, but must we be so predictably mercenary all the time? Nick
  5. The vendors underwrite a significant amount of the costs of the Nationals. Anything that decreases their customer base is bad for their business. It also betrays a lack of gratitude for the support they have given us over the years. If we have to forfeit a few bucks because of a liberal walk-in policy, that would only be fair and smart given the mutually beneficial relationship IPMS USA has enjoyed with the vendors and manufacturers over the past almost 60 years. Nick
  6. When did flying the American flag in a front yard become a “ fashion statement? “ Nick
  7. I did a 7TP in 1/72 scale. I used Testor’s Model Master enamels. I used one of their tans for the tan - think their Radome Tan- and RAF Dark Earth and Dark Green. I think it looks convincing enough, especially after some weathering. Nick
  8. How could “some prejudice” have begun, “ if only on an individual basis by each team leader “ when neither the teams nor their leaders have been appointed yet and won’t be until Friday night? Nor will the categories they will judge be assigned until then. Nick Filippone, Senior National Judge
  9. I like wearing masks! They keep my face warm in the winter. Also, people can’t see me sneering at them. Sometimes, I like to pretend I’m someone nefarious …..like a bank robber……or surgeon! Nick
  10. It wouldn’t feel like a National if I wasn’t rushing to complete my entries. Even if I had finished things well in advance, I would then start and try to finish something else in a rush! You are not alone in this. Nick
  11. But an emoji makes it too easy. It takes the mystery and intrigue out of it. I am an old hand at a lot of things but not social media etiquette. I plead ignorance. “ I’m an old man! What’s my name? Take me home.” ( Apologies to Uncle Leo) I guess I am just feeling puckish today. 🙄😉😂🤥🙀🤔😜😷😁 Is that better? This is all just supposed to be for fun………. isn’t it? Nick
  12. Dak, C’mon. Do you mean to say you could not detect my tongue firmly implanted in my cheek in that post? I just thought it was time for a break from a discussion that has become a little wearisome and repetitive. It’s just not an important enough matter to not be able to joke about. I was only kidding! Yipes! Nick PS. The “appreciate my efforts” was the dead giveaway. Even I am not that self- absorbed.
  13. I have always been annoyed by the fact that individual dioramas are allowed to take up so much space, while my aircraft or ship entry is squeezed into a crowd of others entries like so many sardines in a can. It makes it hard for everyone to see and appreciate my efforts from all angles! The NCC should set a size limit on all dioramas: no larger than 12 by 12 inches. This is only fair to all. And think of the space and, hence, money it will save, because we would not have to rent so much space for the Contest Room. I will bring this up at the open NCC meeting. It’s change. It must be a good idea. Nick Filippone, Senior National Judge
  14. Jim is correct. As I have said many times discussing this topic, GSB or open judging is indeed not a contest. It is a demonstration of competencies. It is not a competition. While it removes the stress of competition for those who cannot manage it, it likewise removes the suspense and excitement for everyone! Further, it demands a uniformity in the application of our judging principles and standards by the entire judging cadre, and which would have to be utilized in evaluating many different genres of modeling. This would take years to achieve, if ever. Nick Filippone, Senior National Judge
  15. I am vaccinated and I will wear a mask at all times. My current anxiety is that, with Nevada on the rise and my state ( New York) fairly low now, our Governor will impose quarantine on anyone returning to NYS from Nevada. I could not expect my partner to work alone another 10 days after being alone while I am in Las Vegas. We will have to wait and see. Nick
  16. Winners at model contests see paper certificates as cheap and low budget. They have traditionally been utilized for fourth place, also-ran, “feel good,” honourable mention awards. If you are going to give only chintzy paper certificates to all the winners, you better not charge much for contest registration. Otherwise, people are going to wonder what they are getting for their money. Since the largest budget item in most shows is the awards, you will save a lot of money- and likely have to endure a lot of grumbling! Good luck. Nick
  17. Hi, Jim. Looking forward to seeing you either in the Rio or at the local soup kitchen. ( I hear their Tomato Bisque is excellent!) Nick
  18. I cannot speak with any knowledge about Las Vegas but from what I have seen on the news and what I have experienced in my home town, the restaurant industry in many cities is struggling to find workers, especially wait staff. Could this be part of the problem in Las Vegas? Nick
  19. So herein is one of the logistical challenges of the Gold, Silver, Bronze or “open” system for recognizing achievement in a modeling competition. There is no way to know how many of each award will be needed! This is because there is no way to know how good (or bad) the entries are going to be in a category on any given day at any given contest. Since it is possible that every entry reaches a gold level of excellence, you will be handing out a lot of gold medals. Or, conversely, every entry will be so poor that you won’t be giving any level of award. Of course, the usual situation is an unpredictable mix of great, good, so-so and poor models. (All this assumes that you will be judging every entry against a theoretical standard which will be scrupulously, even ruthlessly applied to each entry, even if everyone ends up with a gold or everyone ends up with nothing.) Without getting into the myriad other implications of this situation, this is why many open judging contest organizers use the same undated awards without any location specific details year in and year out. Large quantities can be kept on hand and easily reordered when needed, without any waste. Nick Filippone, Senior National Judge
  20. The judges who do not get “caught up” in judging dioramas are likely judges - such as myself - who, not being diorama builders, do not feel competent to fairly evaluate them. After all, it is the Nationals and the entrants deserve to have their entries scrutinized by people who have some passing familiarity with the genre. A quick scan of any contest room will reveal that only a small percentage of the entries are dioramas because so few modelers build dioramas. Hence the pool of qualified diorama judges is always small and many of them are likely to be disqualified from judging based on the fact that they are entered in those categories. Having judged at the Nationals for many years, I can assure you that the head Class Judges and all the line judges are scrupulous in giving every entry the appropriate amount of time and attention. No entry is treated as an afterthought! Nick Filippone, Senior National Judge
  21. I built many of these Airfix armor kits when I was in High School. I used to solve the problem of closing the loop of the treads by sewing the ends together with needle and thread. It worked very well. Nick
  22. While, of late, this Forum has been, usually, responsible and mature in it’s discussions, there was a time, not so long ago, when the posts were puerile, vituperative and argumentative when they were not downright insulting, particularly when referring to the NCC and the E-Board. (We have all been guilty of this at one time or another, myself included.) The conversations I have had with some former and current members of IPMS leadership when discussing the value of the Forum as a communication tool, therefore, revealed their, perhaps, understandable disdain for it. Additionally, it has always represented the ideas and opinions of such an insignificant number of members that the leadership could be excused for not regularly utilizing it to take the pulse of the organization. Now, the Journal, on the other hand, reaches every member. The Chief Judge made his position clear in the issue before last: be prepared to wear a mask while judging. So, if one plans to judge, bring a mask. If there is a last minute change to the contrary, leave it in your suitcase in your hotel room. And why not wait until the last minute to make a final decision? Mark could say you do not need a mask today, and four weeks from now, a surge might require him to change it again. Based on his latest directive, we are now prepared for any contingency. Nick
  23. Oh, yes. I will admit that I did not and, judging it, probably would not have picked up the fact that the end vertical stabilizers and rudders are up side down. But, as Dak said, “ if someone caught the problem” might be the difference in placing or not. It might serve as a tie breaker, depending on the competition. Modelers and judges are only human…..aren’t they? Nick
  24. I concede that I looked at the vertical stabilizers but could not tell, not being a more head on view, if they were not angled enough to be correct. Thanks. Nick
  25. Gil, Ok! You got me. I have stared at the photo of the E-2 and I will be darned if I can see the error. It does appear you did a beautiful job on the model. I have looked at multiple photos of the real aircraft and I still can’t find your mistake. If you were intentionally trying to make your point about experienced judges perhaps not seeing an error, you have at least made me look silly 😜. Can you please tell me what the problem is so I can sleep tonight? Lol🤔 Thanks. Nick
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