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  1. I decided to start this kit to get my feet wet in the aircraft side of the hobby. I know it's probably not that accurate of a kit, but it caught my eye at the show and I figured I couldn't go wrong for the $2.00 I paid for it. I am in the process of getting my model bench in order, but have begun cleaning up the various parts and will get pics posted most likely tomorrow evening. Should be a cool project as I've never built a helo before. Stay tuned for pics...
  2. I wanted to take the opportunity to send out a heartfelt "Thank You!!!" to Dave DeLang and Frank Baehre of the Champlain Valley IPMS Chapter. While at Noreastcon 40 last weekend I stopped by their table in the Vendor Hall and saw a stack of kits under their table. I was told by the gentleman attending to the table they were set aside for a guy named "Chris" from Glens Falls. We joked about it because that was where I am from and I saw a couple Israeli kits in the stack. I was specifically after any Israeli kits I could get and was disappointed when I was told the kits were already spoken for.
  3. Thanks Ed. I appreciate the in depth list and info on the kits and decal options. I'll be honest, it's been frustrating because people have told me there are decals available for the 100th and yet noone seems to be able to tell me who made them or what kit they came in. The tailwork would be very hard to replicate due to the design of the crown and so forth across the top of the tail. As popular as aircraft are in the U.K. you would think someone would have made these decals at some point in time...
  4. I have several sets of KC-135 decals. Do you know of any particular manufacturer and sheet that contains what you are looking for. David, I don't know which aftermarket company made the decals. From my understanding the re-issue KC-135R kit has decals to do tail number 0100 from the 100th ARW. I have been told there are aftermarket decals available, but n oone is 100% sure which company did them. The picture I attached shows the tail code and "Box D" artwork...Hope this helps...
  5. Thanks Doug. I will be around alot more, that's for sure. I appreciate the compliments about my work as well. I was humbled when I walked in and saw what had one and how high they had placed. I never considered my work to be of the caliber that I saw this past weekend, that's for sure. Even though i enjoy my automotive projects, my passion for building those subjects has waned considerably. Hence, the reason I'm branching out into the armor and aircraft section of the hobby. I do know it will be a very long time before my work on those subjects will be of the caliber I saw this weekend, that
  6. Just wondering if anyone might have a set of 1/72nd decals for the 100th ARW for the KC-135R tanker. Looking for at least one set if possible. Please let me know!
  7. We called about reservations a couple weeks ago Nick. Yes, we did use the code and we were told that was the discounted price. Normal price for one room was $185 per night. I actually called a second time to make sure and it was the same price both times we called. My wife called the first time I called the 2nd time.
  8. I completely agree with you Gil. One thing we hated was having to drive 2 and half hours each way both Friday and Saturday. But, when we tried to make reservations at the host hotel, we were given a "discounted" price of almost $170 for ONE NIGHT!!!! Could we have paid the price and stayed the one night? Sure we could. But, if we did, then we would have no money to eat, spend in the vendor area, etc. It's all a matter of choices really. We used to make the annual pilgrimage to the NNL East every April. However, over the past 3 years, the money just hasn't been there to support the eve
  9. Great job! I will always have a soft spot in my heart for these planes as I spent much of my USAF career turning wrenches on them. Excellent work on both of these Hercs. Can't wait to see more!
  10. Nick, I honestly did enjoy the show and I will say I was extremely humbled by being recognized for my efforts in the hobby. People always told me if you manage to win in an IPMS sponsored event, you have hit the "big time" and are "playing with the big boys". I was actually numb when i went in to collect my models and found out my work had been recognized they way it had. I also got a TON of inspiration from seeing the unbelievable work on the tables and can't wait to get out of my comfort zone and tackle subjects that are totally new to me. One huge regret I had was not having the fo
  11. Here is the link to the photo album of this weekend's show. I know some of the pics aren't the best and my photography skills definitely need help, but I hope y'all enjoy the images all the same... http://s15.photobucket.com/albums/a357/AMMWebsite/Noreastcon%2040/
  12. I thought I'd redo this post to include my experience from the past 2 days. I made the trip yesterday afternoon to register for this show and get my projects on the table. I also made my round through the vendro market as well to see what good bargains I might find before the big crowds hit. I was somewhat surprised at the number, or lack thereof, of entries I saw yesterday. I guess for some reason I expected a huge throng of modelers to be buzzing around and fighting for space on the tables to display their models. I will say that every IPMS staff member I dealt with both days was more th
  13. That is one impressive kit when it's done, that's for sure. WOW!!!!!!! I have a TON of learning to do before I tackle this project, that's for sure. You don't realize how big this thing is until you see it built up. I wouldn't mind even picking up a second kit if i can find one at a reasonable price. That builder did one heck of a job on that kit, that's for sure. Thanks for sharing the link.
  14. Brian -- Like I said, I have the Badger 150, hose, extra needle, crown tip and nozzle. Like the Paasche VL it has a trigger adjuster to essentially make it a single action. It's thinner and lighter than than the VL, but the part I don't like about Badgers/Thayer & Chandler is the top of the trigger button is too small and flat, and my finger slips off it. Other than that it's...

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