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  1. Hey everyone, my daughter loved the B2 Stealth bomber at the Air force Museum and got me one for my birthday. It’s a 1987 Revell model so you can imagine the state of the decals. I saw on Scalemates that the Nationals had a set of B-2 decals. Would love to use them if anyone has a set and would part with them. Let me know 😃 Chris IPMS USA 2006 National Convention [Kansas City] Decal Northrop B-2 Spirit Stealth Bomber IPMS USA - No. 2006 - 1:72
  2. Really nice write up. You covered all the typical questions that come from these ahead of time, like where did you get "that" and where did you buy "those"! I'm building the USS Enterprise in 1/350 so I will make use of this for sure.
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