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  1. Thanks for getting back to me guys! Here’s some detail and pics to help out. I drilled out the port holes, the main gun barrels, the stacks, and the cranes. I rigged the cranes. I don’t think that is referenced in instructions so if not that is easily removed.
  2. I have a ship, the 1/350 Tamiya PRince of Wales, that I built for the OOB category originally. I think it fits the new category but would like a sense of that from someone who can give an answer based on developing the rules. Locally that’s not been possible. Is there a way for me to get an evaluation of whether it will fit in the new basic kit build category before i try to box it up and travel to Omaha? If so i can post pics and descriptions or whatever someone would want. Chris
  3. Yeah there was maybe 1 more besides the museum model on Scalemates!
  4. Here is Lindberg’s 1991 boxing of the Snark missile in 1/48. I must have weeks invested cutting off flash and filling seams. What a mess these old molds were. I was bound and determined to finish as my wife gave it to me for Christmas 2 years ago. The key goal here was to go to another level with lighting - EXPLOSIONS! The models are painted with MCW acrylic lacquer. Those are the 31yr old decals…they looked good until i put clear on the Snark ones, a few showed some silvering almost like they lifted a bit with the hot paint on them. The tractor, hitch and stairs were weathered with Flory washes and dry brushed with Vallejo metal colors. 220 grit sandpaper for the base. Lights are 24v COB LEDs at 6500K. 9ft of them! Blinding even from the living room lol had to use my sons New Google phone to capture the scene. Any other camera just showed bright glaring light all around. The streaming jet exhaust is compliments of synthetic ‘rope’ style cotton. That really sets off the appearance of flow I think. Here are my top 10 shots. Hope you guys enjoy them… And here’s a sneak peak underneath
  5. There’s so much to look at. Every pic I’d see some detail i missed in a larger pic. Nice work
  6. Well gang this one is complete! It was beating me so hard I spent more money on it 🤕 the diorama was looking good, just devoid of ammo! So i bought AFV Clubs 155 and 203 howitzer rounds. the banding on the crates is 0.010” lead wire rolled out flat with a wooden paint brush handle and painted natural steel (with some stripped off to show wear on the bands from shipping and cutting). For the figures I primered them in satin black, then dusted them with white primer from the top, like they were standing up, so that the white covered everything except creases and folds. Then i put 10-12 coats of glaze on them in the final color i wanted the uniform or skin to be. A learning experience for sure as they needed more white on them as a base in many cases. This method worked out well so will really try to do up the next bunch of figures really well. as expected by taking some final shots I found what i missed haha My guy without a shirt needs his dog tags painted. Let me any other areas you pick up on.
  7. Super nice! That mud could have been a mess on that white paint but you did it perfect 👍
  8. Why are the number of reactions i can give in a day limited? I tried to click a heart or a trophy and i get a pop up saying no I can’t. It’s not like i was going thru dolling them out like candy lol seems like that’s a setting that should be eliminated. I added comments as i went as well. When catching up on posts i like putting the reactions on specific posts and then commenting at the end of the thread. What gives?
  9. You really pulled off a sweet looking tug from that kit! Kudos to you.
  10. Thanks guys! this came about because one of the guys in the Dayton club gave me some tips on how to blend the 3 piece deck together. I had done KGV and was so wound up about maybe eliminating or at least minimizing those crazy seams I came home and started this one even tho i had a few others on the block 🤩 I just saw a post on the rule change for this year so this was already done. skyking, yeah i noted the dio comments in the rules and figure it’ll be a judgement call as they reference the sea not being out of proportion and not being the predominant feature. The planes are removable so if that would be the deciding factor I could opt to remove them and decide where to place it. For me it’s not a big deal. Just going to see where it lands now that there’s been a change since i built it. I enjoyed seeing what i could do with the plastic deck and a bunch of vallejo paint mixes!
  11. Nice to see this. I just picked one up from a guy at the local club meeting. Looking forward to the build. Any advice for a guy who builds the occasional armor model?
  12. So I believe this will fit the bill, errr build, lol Tamiya’s 1/350 Prince of Wales. I added rigging and flags per the instructions. I did drill out the cranes and the funnel tops. Hoping that still qualifies as it’s just drilling thru thin plastic, albeit many times. I don’t think that’s major reconstruction but if you’ve got a thought on that let me know. Drilling out the main guns is covered in the rules so I know that is ok.
  13. Superb! Love the shading and how you built it up along the way. An awesome tank and the background info you added along the way makes me want to pick one up for the stash 🙂
  14. 110% real if I didn’t know better!
  15. Feels like you captured that scene perfectly! The cobwebs and condition of the car are superb. Nice bit of misc stuff all around, it just looks abandoned.
  16. TheMongoose

    Long Tom

    One of the guys in the Akron/Canton IPMS club likes to sponsor a King of Battle themed build. In anticipation of the next one I bought something special, AFV club’s Long Tom in 1/35. I built the Renwal Atomic Cannon for the 1st build I joined in on! So i love the kit, beautiful detail imho, tho I’m not an armor modeler normally. This kit hates me tho lol I assembled the whole wheel carriage backwards…should have used CA. Out came the razor saw. Fortunately there is a nice flat spot along the leaf springs where it can be taken apart with minimal visual damage. Broke one of the fine rods while trying to put the rifle in. Broke the top off those tension posts on the rear axle while putting the leaf springs back on…I’m sure there were a few more gaffs lol not a bad recovery. Ohh looking at this, i put the main arms on opposite sides. Gads i feel like I’m 8yrs old again. So, to distract your eyes from any errant glue let’s add some distractions and do some weathering yay! Funny story…my wife was trying to call me, I wasn’t answering so she called my 18yr old daughter to locate me. She comes out the garage door and sees, me. She says to her mom, Dad is holding a plastic cereal bowl full of dirt mom, what the heck is he doing! She laughed even harder when i explained I’d dug up some earth in the 30 degree weather to add reality to my dio 🙂 what did she find so funny? Lol so here’s where Tom stands now. next week when I’m back from traveling I’ll finish up the artillery crew. Then I’m just waiting on the shells and crates i ordered after consulting Bradley25mm. See you downrange in a week 🙂
  17. Those are crazy sneaky! I looked at each pic and couldn’t figure out where the wires were. Thought for sure you had to have drilled thru that strut lol
  18. Hey Chris, Did you rifle bore those LG struts or run the wire down it simulating a brake hose? hard to tell when I look at the pics. If you bored them can you share how? Very cool.
  19. Man you've got some serious talent in the natural metal finish category!
  20. Super cool. Sounds like a year of growth for you as the awards kept getting bigger and bigger! Congrats and thanks for sharing your builds 🙂
  21. super looking cockpit. i especially like the map half off the table. adds realism.
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