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  1. You know, I wasn’t aware of that judges table for several years myself. I have to believe there is something that can be done to better promote that. I took advantage of it last year, and the guys who volunteered to look at the models were absolutely stellar! I learned a lot. As a matter of fact, one model that I just couldn’t figure out what was wrong, The one judge looked at it and after a thorough look he says, here you go lol as he rolled the model in the light, there was a ghost seam , and he said, look in these classes at this level of competition These are the fine detail things that people look for. I never saw it. If you go to another nationals, I think it’s valuable to take advantage of those guys who volunteer to give your model of once over 🙂
  2. Cockpit looks even better in the fuselage!
  3. Crisp! It just looks so clean and exact.
  4. You’ve got some serious talent there!
  5. Hmmm, i’ll have to catch up on that. Back over the holidays with some feedback.
  6. IP is a stand-out for me! Love it all but that is stellar to me.
  7. I have Tamiya's F-15J in 1/32 scale and I have 2 questions: 1. It has no PE or resin in the kit but it does have white metal landing gear. Reading the rules I think this statement means it would still fit in this BKB class: As a general guideline, kit parts that are necessary to complete and support the overall structure of the completed model are allowed. Can you let me know if metal gear that are included in the kit fit the intent of that statement? 2. If I were to build it in-flight will it be forced into the Elevated Aircraft Entries category? With respect to my 1st question it relates to whether I would buy aftermarket for it. I will build it in flight regardless, I just always had this question about that rule but it didn't mean anything to me until BKB came around. I definitely like setting up the build for BKB if I can.
  8. These are for the 1/48 scale B-58 Hustler. Anyone happen to have a set they could part with? chris
  9. TheMongoose

    HMS M1

    Nice camo and weathering
  10. Nice! I too have been building without aftermarket. Ships especially seems to come at double the cost of the model. Did you add the reinforcement plates along the hull or do they come with the kit?
  11. Cool idea! Tells a nice story all on it’s own.
  12. Hey Steve thanks for the ideas and the feedback! It was late in the day before I noticed the note on my entry form. Glad I was able to connect with you 🙂 I think you and James are onto something there. I was getting to complicated with the trials I was doing to display it. Just a clear plexi riser may be just the trick. Will be a good winter project for me. Although...I got really excited about carriers after talking to James about his Connie. I have the Kitty Hawk in my stash and I am almost positive it's coming out this Fall. I am going to do something with it to lift the deck and display the hangar bay so these ideas will get put to good use! You'll see it in 2 years if you guys are in Wisconsin I bet.
  13. Welcome welcome! You sound like me, started out just building as a kid and not painting. I remember this kid in high school doing some amazing paint jobs and that’s about when i started, albeit with a brush and those Testors square bottles lol I’ll check out your builds as well. Not a ton of us on here but we are a talkative bunch.
  14. I get the feeling you and I are the only ones to build his kit in a long time
  15. Hey guys I had a note from a judge whose name was Steve to get in touch with him at the Show on Saturday. I had been over at the judges table where they were doing model reviews, but hadn’t seen the note at the time so I’m wondering if somebody knows who that might be? The note was on my USS enterprise aircraft carrier if that’s helpful. Steve if you happen to read this or if any of you guys know who Steve is would you please have them contact me through the private message here. Chris
  16. Wish i could help but I don’t have enough info. I can tell you the 1 pontos set I’ve bought and used was better than anything else I’ve used by far. Now the real question is whether you’ll scrap this whole thought process and buy the new 1/200 one!
  17. Awesome work! I really love the build but then found that the way you did the snow for the base really looked incredible, what a great way to complete the model.
  18. Ohh that’s a lot of glass. I can see why you’d hate tape lol how’s progress coming along?
  19. That is a weird little aircraft lol didn’t know it existed. Thanks for the background on it! Another great add to your display case.
  20. I think we all wonder why revell is stuck on stamping that copyright onto the outside of everything 💣 i’ll follow along and see how this builds up for sure. How’s that seat height when mounted in the cockpit?
  21. I tell you what, that landing gear looks tremendous!
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