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  1. That's a work bench!!!!!? I have two 2 1/2' x 6' tables, a 2'x4' table and two roll away drawers and I still don't have enough room.
  2. We're glad to hear you enjoyed the show Gary. We'll be having one there next year on June 9th. See you then.
  3. Mark did a great job as Head Judge. He was available in the display room to address any questions all through show.
  4. Thanks for posting the pictures so quickly Mark. We really appreciate it.
  5. Dick said: It'll be a short tour Dick as there are only three wineries in Port Townsend. But, it is a tourist town and the local merchants will be happy to deplete your bank account.
  6. Don't forget John Lee of of the Vancouver and Portland clubs who helped with the raffle; George Stray of Seattle and the guys from Whidbey Island who helped with judging. Also all the wives that were drafted into service. I'm sorry, as I'm sure I missed some people. Thanks to all of you!
  7. NOPMS Show was a great success! Thanks to all the entrants, dealers and sponsors that made this show happen. If you were there, we hope to see you again next year. If you weren't there, sorry, try to make it next year. We're all very tired and will try to get more information on our website as soon as possible. Thanks again, we had a great time!
  8. I've used Acrylic for quite awhile now. I always prime the model with oil base primer (usually MM rattle can). Never had a problem.
  9. Make sure the tip is tight. I have a Badger and if the tip is loose, it won't spray. I'm not familiar with that brand of air brush, but do you have any 'O' rings on the tip? Make sure all the parts to the tip are there.
  10. What happened to the 26/27 T coupe? Did you finish it?
  11. That's the way they looked in the "old days." Good build!
  12. It's not a baggy. It's a tacky film the surrounds the fret. After you cut the piece off, you cut around it and lift the top layer off and take off the PE part.
  13. No, it's bad. He blew a disk out. Just punching his clock.
  14. I'm sure the troops that had to do all the painting would just love your idea and do the best job possible. Yeah, right.
  15. Currently I'm working on a 1/200 Arizona. The PE is sandwiched between to clear plastic films. You can separate the PE from the fret and then cut around it and lift the piece out. They should be congratulated on this packaging. Other companies should follow suit. It shouldn't cost that much and it would do away with tape and parts flying all over the place. I might add I always try to avoid working with PE. In this case the model is for a friend, so I have no choice.
  16. Mark A, If he would have come to the meeting last night we could have fixed him up with an #11 Exacto knife and some CA. Then, he could go to the show this weekend.
  17. Whoever owned that T, he must have had deep pockets. I remember American mags being about $300 a set in the early 60's. I was only making about $2.20 an hour in the paper mill at the time.
  18. Fletch, Years ago one of the guys in Camas had a tall T with a blown flat head in it. Quite a little buggy. Don't know what ever happened to it.
  19. Fletch, that's a gutsy start. Good looking match up. I always liked the tall Ts better than the chopped ones. What are you going to do for an engine and drive train?
  20. At $60 some bucks for a new one (compressor with tank), I'm not to worried about the tank. I just want to make sure there isn't any H2O in the line.
  21. You can also get a compressor with tank at Wal-Mart for under $75. I installed a water trap on mine and a smaller gauge. Never have had to drain it yet..
  22. You would be better off to invest in a CO2 tank set up. It will last a long time and doesn't cost that much to refill. I used to have a loud compressor and to quiet it I built a box around it with foam to dampen the sound. It worked fairly well.
  23. Really wow them Mark. Take on the Monogram PZ IV.
  24. Rusty, It's not on line, but Bill Horan's Masterclass book is great. He deals with 1/32nd figures and gets great results.
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