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  1. All- I built this from an old white metal 1/43 kit from SMTS (Scale Model Technical Services). Lots of unwanted drama, multiple repaints, but finally got it done for the table at Modelpalooza '16 in Orlando the weekend of Sept 16 - 18. I painted it with Gravity Colors "STP Orange". Yes, the correct color is bright day-glo orange, NOT red. I used new decals, the old ones were badly yellowed and very thick, from Indycals. The yellow on the left front wheel/tire is correct for race day. I also ground off the cast in seat belts and replaced them with photoetched 1/48 WW II US aircraft seat belts since they were period correct. Cheers, Rick
  2. Gil- Great Job! Glad you made the Nats. I've got four proxy entries up there. I remember when I went to Sebring for the 12 Hours race, back in the '70s, C-82 and C-119s were parked on the airfield in vrious states of disassembly. -Rick
  3. All- Here's a 1/24 Eagle-Weslake on the table at Columbia this weekend. Scratch built by Andy Sapiro from south Florida. Pictures do not do this model justice. -Rick
  4. Excellent work! My Dad briefly owned this Testa Rossa in 1962. Sold it for $5000, thought he was making a killing!
  5. Noel- I work as a crew member on a vintage race team. This past July we were on our way to a race in Mosport Canada when Oscar Kovaleski called my car owner and asked him to drop by. We did meet Oscar at his house in PA. I can tell you that an awful lot of cool old car model kits are in Oscar's basement. Maybe someday he'll sell them.. -Rick
  6. Jeff- Great job. I remember those Martini 935s running at Daytona and Sebring in 1976. Huge flames from overrun when they downshifted for corners. Fond memories... -Rick
  7. All- I'll be starting on this one today. A long OOP kit from Provence-Moulage of the Gulf sponsored Porsche 917K as it ran the 1971 12 Hours of Sebring. Pedro Rodriguez was the driver when he hit a Ferrari driven by Mark Donohue. The Porsche finished the race in 4th position, but not before yards of 200mph tape were used. The officials called the car into the pits later in the race because the rules stated there had to be headlights on both sides. The crew jury rigged a work light to meet the rules. Provence-Moulage caught all the little subtleties just right. This should be an easy kit to build and I'll get to practice weathering. More as things progress. Cheers -Rick
  8. Marcos- Great job! My Dad owned this Testa Rossa for about 3 months when I was a kid. He got $5000 for it in 1962 and thought he was making a killing! -Rick
  9. Greetings all, Rick here, from Rockledge FL on our Space Coast. Member of IPMS Space Coast. I work primarily in 1/43 competition cars both for fun and as a professional. I also occasionally build 1/48 aircraft with a new interest in race planes. 1/43 and 1/48 are close enough not to look out of place in my display case. I am a US Marine, no longer on active duty but still standing watch. I've been building models since I was 6 or 7, so it has been 50 years officially. I am a contest modeler, took a 1st place in Competition Vehicles 1/32 or smaller at the 2012 Nats in Orlando and took a 3rd in the same category at this years Nats. I have a couple of new builds in progress for the '15 and '16 Nats. I am, for the most part, retired from the family 1/1 scale auto restoration / race prep business. I did mostly British (MG, Triumph, Jaguar, Lotus) with the occasional old school Ferrari or Maseratii. I still work on a few client restorations and race preparations, but only when I feel like it. LOL. Looking forward to the ebb & flow of the forums, Cheers, Rick Ostman
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