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  1. Wow! Nice. Thank you for taking the time to do this. If you'd like originals for the FW 14B and/or 641/2 you are welcome to them. Best regards -- Rick
  2. Thank you Phil. The link to the Tamiya PDF noted above displays well but does not print well. The headers & footers printed not from the PDF look fine but the page content is sketchy. Working from a tablet is better than smart phone scan & translate but is not optimal. So your offer is welcome. Scan & email? I'd also purchase the original in the event you'd part with it. Thanks -- Rick
  3. Thank you Mark. I had been using a smart phone translator app. That was getting tedious. Rick
  4. Hello, Can anyone help me locate a place to purchase English or multi language assembly instructions for this Lotus 49? If you could use same for FW 14B or 641/2 I have those. Best regards -- Rick Gamble
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