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  1. Thanks Ralph. The credit goes to the volunteers!! I'm trying to manage three categories. Could not imagine doing them all. Should have trips up this morning.
  2. Bill, I shot everything yesterday except MnT and Tours. Wanted to put pics in the gallery. I did not mark any. Today I will start marking Armor and figures. Truth be told, as long as I can tell what you guys shot when I am uploading pictures and can keep the dups down, I am a happy camper. I hope to be able to snag some good MnT shots today as well.
  3. Sorry you are going to have to wait. Just like I will leave at 1400 and go through registration.
  4. Knew people and I am already set up. Come into the vendor room and hang a left. Got internet for 4 days. Not sure about power though. They want another $145 for the 4 days.
  5. Touch down. Hope to leave the rental about noonish tomorrow and get a feel for the center tomorrow.
  6. We have been on the road since Saturday morning. Roadtripping is more taxing than I thought or remember. I have so far kept my promise to not look in the boxes to see how much repairs I will need to make. I did notice that the door on my IDF ambulance has come off so there is one for sure.
  7. To those that have replied. Thank you so much. I have been on the road since SAT AM and the road trip has been more taxing than imagined. Everything that I have saved is in Excel and now my laptop is telling me that I have not activated Excel. Here is what we have assigned. Bill DeDig - Juniors & SiFi Rick Jackson - Ships Phil Peterson - Dios & PIMA I will be at the MEWSIG table at 1400 tomorrow. Chris and Randall. I appreciate your volunteering and anything you snap will be greatly appreciated.
  8. The gallery is up but will not begin being populated until Wednesday evening (August 1st) at the earliest. 2018 Nationals
  9. Snagged another volunteer. More is ALWAYS merrier. Between the three of us I believe we can still make a great presentation of the models for all to see. However, I could really use someone that is going on the Grumman and Culinary tours to take some snaps and get them to me. PIMA is well covered and the tours are usually the least covered by the gallery. If you happen to be going on either please get with me and I will work with you to get your photographs. The gallery is up and ready but will not start being populated until Wednesday evening at the earliest. IPMS/USA 2018 Nationals
  10. Thanks to Eric for the pictures. https://gallery.ipmsusa3.org/index.php?/category/11247
  11. I have religiously used Model Master Flat clear lacquer in the 1 oz bottles. Never had a problem yet.
  12. With less than 15 days remaining before the start of the Largest Model show in the US, I have so far received one volunteer. The Nats gallery is for all of you. Mostly designed for those that are unable to attend but also so anyone can look back and see the great models that were on display. If you are there and take any pictures, please swing by the MEWSIG (Middle East Wars Special Interest Group) table (should be located in the Vendor Room) and hopefully we can work a way to transfer any pictures you may have. If I am not there it will probably be because I am trying to photograph models so please check back.
  13. Great collection and nice that you can display them. I actually called the American lake volunteer center to see if there was anything we could do for them. Obviously someone missed the whole accolades thing!
  14. Eric, Are you the only one access to this? Ours needs to be changed. Since the library now only allows meetings during operating hours, our meeting dates have changed to the last Wednesday of every month.
  15. The Israeli's actually used at least one of these on the Golans. It had a HUGE set of binoculars mounted in the cargo bed.
  16. Thanks to Bob Wilson for the pictures.... https://gallery.ipmsusa3.org/index.php?/category/5637
  17. Got resin wheels on order. The issue is the PE. The rear deflector is PE and needs to be bend circular around the launcher. I have issues with flat PE so this will be an adventure.
  18. Too cool for school! Love the weathering.
  19. Umm Rick.....Hopefully the backwards track will be fixed before it ends up at the Hospital. Just saying.
  20. Thanks Dick, Just need to get some suck.....I mean volunteers!!! LOL
  21. I have been being charged sales tax on most of my out of State mail orders for quite some time and some even charge my State's sales tax (9.9) when the supplier is not even in my State.
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