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  1. Heard nothing substantial since my last post. Larry Greenberg has placed an update on the MCM website but not announced any date in it when the magazine will be produced and go back on sale. He has a bit of an uphill struggle on his hands as the magazine has to rebuild confidence both to its subscribers and advertisers.
  2. Corporate decisions, regulations, no matter how much we debate the loss of products that we have known and loved throughout the years, these things happening are a fact of life that we have to live with. Evolution is not always brought about by gradual change. Often it is forced upon us, like it or not. I started modelling say back in the 60's when 95 per cent of the finishing products we take for granted today were non existent. Maybe we ought to count our blessings that there is so much after market stuff available despite some things being withdrawn. We all like our comfort zones with
  3. It is called 00 Gauge in the UK. Not sure if there is a scale difference of not. I often see model railway items being referred to as HO / OO gauge. I guess that it there is a scale difference between HO and OO gauge locos and rolling stock but as the actual scales are quite close, a compromise must have been made so that either can run on the same model track width.
  4. Is can remember the Frog plastic kits. I have an AC Cobra car kit of theirs, but I think it was an American kit made by Frog under licence at the time. Ron mentioned the Frog wooden kits of days gone by. I can remember the flying ones, but cannot remember if they made any ' solid' kits in 1/72 scale. I know that Kiel Kraft and Veron did balsa wood solid kits back in the early fifties, but got wiped out in that market as soon as plastic kits hit the shelves. The old solid kits were sold with rough cut balsa parts that had to all be shaped by the modeller to match plans enc!osed. Kiel
  5. Simple support that I have used is an old shoe box of similar type of box with lid removed. Model can be placed either right way up or upside down on it during the build process.
  6. Evolution! Pointed out it was happening, not that I agreed with it judging by a couple of reactions to my post. For the record, I have stacks of good old Humbrol enamels in my stash that will see me through many years yet, but I also embrace some of the newer stuff. All paints have their advantages and disadvantages and we all have our preferences.
  7. What is happening is named EVOLUTION guys! Been modelling since the 60's. Seen a lot of stuff come and go since!
  8. The turnout at Telford IPMS I'M Scalemodelworld Show next year may also get a massive turnout of models both in competition and just displaying. Hopefully we may be back to some sort of normal by November 2021 with travel restrictions lifted as we get many European Competitors and Visitors to the show. Hopefully, as the UK will have fully left the EU by then, our friends from abroad will not face any travel restrictions by then.
  9. There are not many books on scratch building techniques out there, regardless of subject.
  10. Swann Morton in Sheffield UK is a long established maker of surgical scalpel blades and handles, also craft tools. I do not know if they have any distributor in the US, but maybe a UK contact might be able to help if not. Have a look on the Swann Morton website at their ranges.
  11. Over here in the UK we went into total lockdown earlier in the year. Unfortunately the cases are rising again since many of the restrictions have been lifted to stop our economy going into freefall. I am blessed to be retired now, but there are many people world wide who have to work fearing for their own futures. Queues for basic necessities like food are a salutary reminder that there are much more important things going on in the world that are affecting us all, and will do so for some time to come. Sort of puts the i.importance we place in our hobby, local meetings, shows and contests
  12. Still got it wrong!!! It is Bob Steinbrunn. Apologies Bob if you are reading this! I have deviated a bit from Ron' s lovely build of the Hubley Packard, that he has done a very nice job of it.
  13. It was Bob Steinbrumm who's name I spelt incorrectly.
  14. Hubley, Gabriel, Ertl, Scale Models. Those old car kits have certainly done the rounds. I have built the Duesenberg and done some detailing work on it, and it makes up into quite a nice model. In one of the copies of Model Cars Magazine from about 3 or 4 years back there is an absolutely superb super detailing job done on the Hubley Duesie by Bob Steinbaum (please correct me if I have his name incorrectly spelt) who I believe is a fellow member of IPMS.
  15. One of my wishes came true. Revell have re tooled the Jaguar E Type in 1/24th scale. I have bought the Airfix Veyron. Having done some reworking on it the kit makes up a nice little model. It is a pity that Airfix chose the Lego type build route rather than a more conventional snap together kit, that from a modeller's point of view would have been better.
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