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  1. Very realistic. Have you tried plastic card through the crimper as an experiment as well? A bit dubious about using toxic chemicals so was wondering if plastic card was a viable alternative using 'normal' painting and weathering accessories?
  2. Some of those working subjects just cry out to be used as patterns and could be re engineered in polished brass.
  3. Dapol now manufacture all the old Kitmaster/Airfix locos and rolling stock, and also the old Airfix trackside accessories and buildings. So all are still obtainable.
  4. There are plenty of other interesting models from that same company via a number of hobby sales outlets around the world.
  5. Lovely character model. Based on the definitive Christmas Carol movie with Alastair Sym playing Scrooge. Very often copied but never surpassed.
  6. How about trying Grex themselves for parts? Like Badger, they probably can supply parts direct.
  7. I have also been looking at Andy Cauldwell's build of 'Old Calhoun' where he detailed up that old AMT kit. Just shows what can be done to a 50 year old kit and get a top award at your IPMS Nationals. Just out of curiosity can your white metal roadsters be entered in your USA Nationals? At Scale Modelworld Telford 1/43rd scale white metal models are allowed. A bit of an inheritance from when virtually al! 1/43rd scale kits used to be manufactured in white metal.
  8. Gary. Thanks for coming back with that into about the last front engined roadster to run the 500. Surprised to learn that they hung in until 1966 albeit a one car entry.
  9. Hello Gary. Not been on here for a while so thanks for your feed back and additional leads given. I reckon if MFH did a 1/12th scale kit of one of those 1963 Novi Indianapolis Racers it would do well, particularly in the USA. Was 1963 the last Indy 500 in which front engines racers took part?
  10. Read on another forum that Johnson's still make it. Apparently it is now branded Revive It. The poster said that he read the formula label on his Kleer and the Revive It to find that they were identical.
  11. A very sad loss, like all who have perished in that unnecessary war.
  12. Very nice model Bruce. Being die cast metal in the main gives car models the right sort of feel over a plastic model weight wise. 1/8th scale is very nice and compatible with the old and new Pocher kits, and the Wespe resin kits from Romania. The Wespe range has some more unusual subjects. Not highly complex kits from what I can see but capable of super detailing by the more experienced modeller.
  13. Italeri have announced a new 1/12th scale kit of the legendary Bugatti 35B vintage racing car during 2022. Looking forward to this release as the MFH kit in the same scale although very desirable will be a bit too expensive (for me at least).
  14. A rumour is that Model Car Builder Magazine is to close, due to Roy Sorenson retiring. Can someone confirm this or not?
  15. I have recently heard that Model Car Builder also will cease production due to Roy Sorenson retiring. Perhaps someone who subscribes to that magazine will be able to confirm it or not?
  16. Airfix have announced a Bugatti Chiron in a new series of little 1/43rd scale kits alongside two others, a Pagani and an E Type Jaguar.I Wish they had gone for 1/24th scale instead of these as proper kits and not like the Lego fit starter kits. Ironically they do a Veyron and Chiron as click together Lego like kits in 1/24th scale when the market is there for proper kits in this scale. Airfix must be the only mainstream kit manufacturer who have licences from VW Bugatti. It is noticeable that Revell and Tamiya in particular do not have a Veyron of Chiron in their catalogues.
  17. Barnes and Noble published a book with all of Jules Verne's novels in the one volume. A good read to have on your bookshelf.
  18. The Ukraine has much more to worry about right now than making model kits and accessories. I hope that this needless war comes to a swift end please God.
  19. The Genie has been let out of the bottle ! I don't think that there has ever been such a thing as a week end kit when built by a member of IPMS. The debate continues ad infinitum!
  20. Mark, 80 Days has just finished airing here in the UK. I expect one of the stateside TV stations will probably soon get it on air. Also, try signing up to BBC IPlayer on your PC. I would imagine you may be able to stream it. I can stream it directly to my smart TV, but it may be different in the US. You might be able to download it onto a tablet or other device to then stream onto your TV. It you can get it this way it will be ad free. Incidentally you may be able to watch the BBC War of The Worlds in a similar way. The IPlayer has lots of other stuff like documentaries, comedy, films, music and various series that have been shown on the BBC over here, all ad free.
  21. I too loved the Disney film and Harper Goff's rendition of the Nautilus that we are all familiar with. But having read Jules Verne there are a number of things that Disney left out or changed , so I would like to see a movie or series that is actually true to Verne's novel. The BBC screwed up War of The Worlds by going too far from the original Wells novel but managed to get it in period unlike all the Hollywood offerings. It would be really good if someone like Peter Jackson did a true to story in period movie using the original music and Richard Burton's narration from Jeff Wayne's musical version of War of the Worlds. Most of us have heard the album, so I am surprised that no one has done a bit movie version of it.
  22. Got the Artesania Latina Titanic Lifeboat wood kit as a present recently. Will be a bit of a change (and challenge) from plastic and resin kits to build a plank on frame wood boat model. Unusual and interesting subject, particularly as it happens to be in 1/35th scale, so possibilities of finding a period haulage vehicle in same scale to put it on or simply build it as a stand alone subject.
  23. I watched the recent BBC series of Around the World in 80 Days starring David Tennant as Phineas Fogg. In the closing scene he was sat with his 2 travelling companions in the. Reform Club, and was reading out from a newspaper about a mysterious sea monster attacking American shipping. Is this a hint that BBC may be making at a new 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea series? I wonder?
  24. Alas, poor Yoric has not joined IPMS yet! Welcome to the world of competitive, argumentative model making! LOL. Er, isn't this supposed to be a relaxing, fun hobby to unwind to? Me, I'm just a serious modeller who does not take himself too seriously.
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