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  1. A serious modeller who doesn't take himself too seriously!

  2. It is a pain in the rear, but it has to be done. No shortcuts unfortunately. You just have to resign yourself to the fact that airbrushes have to be properly cleaned and maintained. After all, many airbrushes are a modeller's biggest investment so they pay to be looked after.
  3. Batmobiles. Don't you just love them! I think that this one that Bryan is building is the best looking of the movie vehicles. This build looks really good and will be following the progress.
  4. David, you mentioned about local hobby shops being passive in the face of ecommerce. They face the same problems as any other retail business. Rents and business rates and taxes ever increasing, Cost of any salaries that have to come out of the business. Buying in stock and waiting for it to sell at a reasonable profit to sustain the business with potential customers often just window shopping, getting straight onto their smart phones to compare on line prices, and ordering from some big warehouse operation instead. Not all small outfits can afford to set up ecommerce themselves as the on costs of having to pay for IT expertise to design and set up a website and maintain it, as well as their own input to keep it always up to date. Are they really passive, or just being steam rolled into giving up against relentless pressure by on line giants and modellers going for the cheaper deals they can get on line? I for one miss a number of local hobby shops disappearing, being able to browse and occasionally meet up with like minded folk in the shop, and owners who were model makers in their own right with their expertise.
  5. I can see where you are coming from on this Richard. How I see it is that the magazine world will be more affected by the onset of digital than the book world. It my local bookstore is anything to go by they are doing well! It was said that Ebooks will become the norm, but I can see no evidence to suggest this. In fact they started to sell ebook tablets that were being pushed at the time but stopped very soon after. In fact I received two books this Christmas that were nice to unwrap and start reading. Receiving a transmitted ebook to download would just not be the same.
  6. Sadly many old style family run independent hobby shops have disappeared over the years here in the UK. I guess it is a similar situation Stateside.
  7. Tom, further to my last post the Scale Motorcars site had to close for a short period of time. They did have some real problems to sort out at source program level. It is now back up and running, and appears to be ok. I have had no problems logging in since.I Nick has further developments on his Bentley transmits to show on the SM and Britmodeller sites.
  8. Gary Davis, I have not heard of the Sellers 1/25th scale kits. Any more info about them? Is Sellers a company still in existence? What range of kits do they make. I guess they are a cottage industry manufacturer. Those old Indy racers in 1/24th or 1/25th scale seem to have really been neglected by mainstream manufacturers. I seem to remember Monogram making one way back in the 50's 60's era but have seen nothing since. If you are into NASCAR and Formula One modellers have been spoilt for choice over the years. SMTS have made superb kits mainly in 1/43rd scale for many years now that Andy's superb builds are testament to. Mark's Corgi diecasts are like comparing chalk and cheese to them as he has testified.
  9. Very nice models Andy. A real treat to see those older front engined Indy cars built into lovely replicas as they have a character all of their own. SMTS over here in the UK has been making 1/43 rd scale kits to a high standard for many years now and Andy has done real justice to those particular kits.
  10. It went ahead ok but 2 main halls of the usual 3 used. The whole thing was a bit smaller than usual, but none the less was a successful event given outside influences. Entry for non members was by pre booked ticket only and ALL attendees, Members, Traders and Non Members alike had to have covid passports. Unfortunately many overseas visitors were unable to attend due to the volatility of travel restrictions. Hopefully we will be wecoming them back in 2022.
  11. The Rosebud Kitmaster range of locomotives went to Airfix. And along with the old Airfix line side buildings and accessories was eventually acquired by a company named Dapol and still available mainly through UK model rail outlets. Rosebud had a kit of the General and a Beyer Garratt that neither Aitfix or Dapol marketed.
  12. If it is 1/16 scale it will be the Morgan 3 wheeler with JAP engine out front. Possibly a Minicraft kit?
  13. Telford is back on this year. Check out the IPMS UK website for details
  14. I'm a Luddite when it comes to mastering shortcuts on a forum. All I do is browse the forum, find the subject headings and find what I want that way. The aircraft section is alive and in rude health! I mainly build car models and it was interesting to read the US Nationals results. All you 'Wingy Thingy' guys are certainly spoilt for choice. Just the same at Telford as well. It just reflects the majority interest within IPMS and the kit market in general. Although I have to say that car guys like me are much better catered for in your Nationals than SMW.
  15. Highlander, there are significant differences in how the UK and USA run their respective annual competitions. In the UK we have constraints imposed due to the use of a commercial exhibition centre. Friday is a general trader and display stand set up day. Our competition entries go onto the table on Saturday morning up to mid day and judged within a tight time frame in the afternoon. The competition area has to be opened again late afternoon so that 1 day visitors get a chance to see the winning entries. The USA competition tends to be based around a hotel with exhibition hall facilities so you have more time and flexibility to deliberate at length whilst judging and move models about. At Telford the halls have to be cleared of people by 6pm on the Saturday and 5pm on the Sunday. That is why competitors who do not place their models in the correct category or fall foul of any other rules get disqualified. It may seem draconian, but we simply do not have the luxury of being able to judge in a more leisurely fashion long into any evening. It's just the way it is unfortunately. SMW is such a big show now that IPMS UK has to use a large commercial exhibition centre and the constraints that go with it
  16. Harry, welcome to the forum. If you do not know this already there is a New Zealand IPMS too, so there may be some like minded folk close to you.
  17. I realise this is an old thread but here goes. C1 polishing powder is one that I can think of. There was another by S&J I think that was polished aluminium. AK are now making tube based polishing compounds for metallic finishes.
  18. Tom, try generating an extra email address for yourself and try registering again on Scale Motorcars is all I can suggest. One thing about site, if you go past the very first opening page the login will fail. Try logging in as soon as the first page shows. Incidentally Nick has more stuff on the Britmodeller site to look at just now.
  19. Never seen Megan Markle with a dog or cat in any photos. Am I missing something about how she appears to be an authority on animal feeding to write a pet recipe book? Just cashing in on being married to a royal I guess. More interesting things in the world than an ex actress writing about feeding pets, like the future of Fine Scale Modeler. It 'absorbed' Scale Auto. Well that was doom for auto modelling enthusiasts straight away! I have seen a number of magazines go that route where the absorbed magazine content dwindled to nothing very soon after. Nothing changes does it?
  20. Up to now the only upgrade to the big Airfix Bentley was a set of Hartford Shock Absorbers from Shapeways. The great news for big Airfix Bentley builders is that there is a guy named Nick over here in the UK who is developing 3D printed after market upgrades. He is developing wire wheel kits, engine detailing, chassis and suspension upgrades. I believe that he will be marketing the upgrade kits to suit different modeller's requirements and alternatively a full upgrade transkit that will have everything included. He has indicated that a full kit might also be in the offing as well. He is marketing under his website Unobtanium that shows what is already and will be on offer. Nick has a presence on the Britmodeller and Scale Motorcars websites where you will be blown away by the examples shown of his 3D CAD developments and renders as well as photos of test pieces that he has already printed up. I am really looking forward to what he has to offer as I have donor kits of the Bentley in my stash already.I Incidentally, Nick already has wire wheel kits available for an Alfa Romeo kit by Italeri.
  21. This thread has strayed from being a GSB discussion. As previously pointed out a GSB contest will be unpredictable depending on the quality of the competition entries. Ralph mentioned that generic GSB medallions would be the best option. They could be bought in bulk and used year on year pulling from stock until a stock top up is required. Probably the best option both flexibility and cost wise for any GSB contest.
  22. Ralph, thanks for coming back about how open competition is interpreted in the US. Telford and your Nats are IPMS members only competition. Telford allows IPMS members from any nation to pre enter. Is it the same with your convention? My understanding of open in this context is that IPMS members can enter these two competitions directly without having to go through branch/chapter eliminators beforehand. We used to run eliminators at local UK branch level a number of years ago but it was dropped in favour of direct entry for a number of reasons. Local shows in the UK tend to be open competitions for any visitor to enter on the day. I guess the US is similar at local level. From what I understand is that GSB gets referred to as open in as much that there is more latitude to present more awards to models reaching high set points gradings as opposed to the first past the post 123 system. There are pros and cons for both that have been discussed ad infinitum in other threads however.
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