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  1. a picture is framed without a mat border, the eye takes in its peripheral details. isolated by a mat, the view is focused on the subject. obviously there are extremes, but a bit of space around a subject can enhance the presentation.
  2. is this a fair place to introduce the "to weather or not" discussion? some think thrice about slathering age & patina on a model after putting countless hours into its creation. should they immediately be scorned by others who insist it should be to their criteria? what about those who use stage tricks to cover inaccuracies in their assemblage? should they be getting a ribbon?
  3. thanks for the clarification; helpful in that I can put the conversation in context.
  4. unused coffee filters. keep one on the worktop when brushpainting. its use will become apparent immediately.
  5. is there a lexicon of terms somewhere on the forum? I figured out "basics", but am lost at "sweeps" & "open system". thanks
  6. #206 is still under construction. harry p. is no longer with the company. subscription rates are going up for no issues per year. all from the mcm website.
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