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The Duke's Workbench in 2011: Updated 12/2811

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The Duke keeps 'em rolling!!!!!!


Yep! Here's some more rolling along! I'll start with the ones that will be finished the next time I post pics after this post.


Here's my five Bradleys which will be finished the next time I post them.












This is my British Warrior that will be finished next time I post:








Now for my aircraft that will be done next time.


Here's my Matchbox Hunter ready for clear and decals:




Next is my little SO3 float plane, all complete and ready for decals. The propeller will go on after all that is done:




And finally, here's my YF-12 A with the exhaust cans painted. All that's needed now are the decals:








Now for the couple of models I still have some way to go on.


Here's my German Leopard Bridgelayer all painted up in camo pattern. Now all I have to do is add the tracks to the roadwheels and then I can have this ready for decals. I need to finish this soon; those stupid bridges keep breaking!




And finally, I got a lot more progress on the Privateer. Here's the turrets all completed, and the pilots added to the cockpit:




Here's the two waist blisters completed:




And here are the blisters added to the fuselage halves:





And that's all I have for now. Stay tuned for the latest completed models to be posted soon.


Thanks for looking, comments are welcome. l

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Never seen a Bradley without it's 20mm cannon. Did the carpet monster eat them? Great progress Mark. That Bridgelayer has my keen interest for some reason.

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Is that reactive armor (the gray panels) on the one Bradley?


GIL :smiley16:


Yes, two of the Bradleys have reactive armor. One is an earlier Bradley, the other a later one. And they are supposed to be tan. :smiley9:


Never seen a Bradley without it's 20mm cannon. Did the carpet monster eat them? Great progress Mark. That Bridgelayer has my keen interest for some reason.



Thanks Chris. The carpet monster hasn't eaten any guns. They are all still on the sprues. I am leaving them till last to keep from snapping them off while I finish these models. I've already snapped off the Warrior's barrel about four times now. Not going to take the chance with five Bradleys! As for he bridgelayer, I'm wondering if I'm ever going to be able to finish it. I've broken the bridge parts at least seven times because the braces are so stupidly delicate it ain't funny! Furthermore, I've lost one of the sprues holding the track links for one side of this tank. I'm really getting fed up with this kit! Germans always over-engineer everything; why couldn't they over-engineer this stupid bridge to stay together?!!


Okay, I've ranted enough, back to the bench......

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Love that YF-12; very sinister looking. Good idea leaving the PB4Y fuselage halves on the sprues while doing the turrets! I just couldn't leave the fuselage halves on the sprue - first thing I gotta do with any new kit is cut those out and 'imagineer' them together.

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Thanks Von. I usually do too, but in this case, it made it easier because I had to open all the windows in the fuselage halves, and then there was the issue of the turrets. I had also left the wings and tail surfaces on the sprues when I glued the halves together. Keeps them from getting lost until I need them.


Stay tuned all, more to come...

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Okay, here are a few of the projects I have left. This includes one model I got started on at Hobby Day.


I'll start with the newest one. It is a little German Volkswagen from Military Wheels. I got the chassis done and the upper body about half done:




It looks pretty crude,. but then it is a short-run model. Hopefully, I'll be able to make it look good.


Next is my little coast Guard cutter in 1/600 scale from Hawk. I got the superstructure painted and the details done. All I need to do is decant a bit more of the hull paint and clean up the edges. Then, according to the box, this was hull number 31. I got to find some naval numbers to add to the bow for this, and then I can call it finished. Not bad for such a basic little kit:




This is my YOV 10 Bronco finally sporting a three-tone camo pattern. Next comes clearcoat and decals, and then finish it off:




And finally, I managed to get my C-130 fuselage assembled. There's going to be a few spots that need filler and sanding, but it is now together. Here it is with the main wings test-fit into place:






That's all I have for now. Feel free to check out my nine finished models in the Aircraft and Armor Forums. I have six finished armor models and three finished aircraft.


Meanwhile, thanks all for looking and comments are welcome.

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:smiley20: Excellent works friend!, the bradley is one of my favorites and the Zeppelin looks great!




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Thanks Rodolfo! That Zepp has been giving me fits, but soon I hope to have it finished. Thanks for the compliments on my Bradleys. I'm glad I finally got them all done. Now I have six of them on the shelf (I'd built a RevellAG one several years back)


Stay tuned for more!

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Well, it was a good weekend production-wise. I got some progress done on three aircraft. I also started four new armor models while finishing two others to bring my total up to 561 armor models finished.


The first aircraft I got progress done on was the British C-130 which was basically masked off in preparation for the basecoat. No pics of that; there really ain't much to see.


On the other hand, I got the Buccaneer masked, painted and then camo'd. Here are those pics...


Base coat:




Camo pattern:




Next, I went to put the decals on my Bronco and once again, the main landing gear broke for the fourteenth time! That's it! I placed this little pain upside down and proceeded to cut a few pieces of copper wire. I threaded and wrapped them around and then placed them beside the landing gear parts and CA glued them all together. Here is how they look now:




I'll paint silver over these and call them done. They'll look like crap, but by God they'll hold this plane up without breaking again!!


Here it is standing on it's new legs waiting for decals:





Now for my armor progress. This first one is another Bradley I found in my stash recently and so I decided to build it for a small scale Group Build on another Forum. Here is my progress on the first day of work on this.


I started with the lower hull and suspension. Got all the roadwheels on and the rear end on:




Next, I assembled the turret, all except for the main gun. I don't want to snap it during handling:




Finally, I assembled the upper hull, and the side skirts separately which I left on the sprues. here is a shot of the three sub-assemblies all test-fit together. This Bradley is ready for it's basecoat:




When I went looking through the stash lately, I found that I had three Hasegawa 1/72 scale GMC CCKW dump trucks. What the hey, I thought, I'll build them all. Two hours later, here they all are, ready for the first basecoat of paint:




That's all I have for now. Feel free to check out the two newest armor models I've got posted as well.


Thanks all for looking in, comments are welcome.

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I'm not worthy...


You build more models simultaneously that I've done in ten years. Amazing.


The Herc is intriguing. Assuming it's good ol' 1/72 scale: Does this kit have a history of drooping wings? If so, do you plan to reinforce the wings with brass rod, or some such?

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Thanks Guys! I appreciate the compliments very much. I hope to have more progress done on all these.


Bob, the Herc is 1/72 scale and yes the wings on the model were drooping only because I had not actually cemented them in. In actuality, the Herc's wings are level (except in flight when they flexed upwards) After having glued the wings in; I found them with a distinct upward sweep and needed to bring them down. It worked a little, it is not so pronounced, but is still there. And no, there was no reinforcement of brass rod needed. This is a well-molded model that holds up well.


I have two Herc's in progress. One is a US Air Force bird that I lost the decals to some time back and has been languishing on the bench until I could find or replace them. This one has decals for multiple versions from different countries, so I'm planning on using the US Air Force decals from this one on my first Herc and then making this one a British bird. Both will be decaled at the same time, and hopefully finished then too. Stay tuned!

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Okay people, here's my latest update.


I'll start with my armor. I got the three dump trucks painted up. All that's left is to add the windshields and clearcoat for decals:




Also, on the Small Scale Group Build on the Modelers Alliance Forums, I have sprayed on the green basecoat for the latest Bradley:




Now all I need to do is camouflage this and then get a clearcoat on it for decals.





Next I'll show my aircraft.


This is my Areo Subaru. I got the nose on and added some filler for the small seam I had to fill. The windows and windscreen are already masked in preparation for paint.




Here is my British C-130 with the basecoat on it:




This is my Buccaneer all ready for decals. The next pic you see of this will be completed.






And lastly, as we head out to my shipyards, you'll see that the USS Virginia is ready for me to put the P/E parts on. Then I'll be able to paint her up and finish her:




That is all my latest progress. I may even have a few of these completed by Easter. That would be nice. I need the space in my Hobby Room!


That's all for now. Thanks for looking in and as always, comments are welcome.

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Okay, here is my latest work I was able to do at St. Crispin's Monday Hobby Day yesterday.


I'll start out with an overview shot:




Now to break it down. Starting with aircraft, I was able to finally get the decals on both of my C-130 aircraft. The decals may not be absolutely accurate on the US C-130, but they were the only ones I had since the original kit decals went missing three years ago. Here is the British one:




And now the US one:




When you next see these two, they'll be in the Completed Aircraft Forums.


After getting all that done, I decided to start two Russian helicopters for a Group Build on one of the other Forums. These are two Russian kits I got that have horrid instructions, (I'll need to post pics of them!) but are otherwise good little kits. This first one is the Russian Mi-6, (I got to get the code names for these!) It is fully assembled and ready for the landing gear after I get it sanded and smoothed out. There is no interior to this model, so I spray painted the interior black. Some of the grey on the outside is the overspray from that:




This next one is the Russian Mi-10, their version of our CH-54 Skycrane. Again, no interior, or so I thought, but then I found it. Once you see pics of the instruction sheet, you'll know why I didn't realize there was one! Anyway, you see a lot more overspray from my painting the interior black on this one:




Both of these models come with civilian registry decals, but I'm going to be making them military birds using spare decals from my decals box.



Now on to my armor.


Not too much to show. I got the decals on my three dump trucks. The next time you see them, they'll be in the finished Armor Forums:




While I was on trucks, I went ahead and got some paint on my Ford GTA tractor trailer truck that I'd started before. Here it is all painted up:




And finally, I got the camouflage pattern painted on my Bradley, followed by a gliosscoat. This is now ready for decals and then a dull.coat and final weathering. You may also see this one in the finished Armor Forums too, if all goes well:




Well, that's all my progress so far. Thanks all for looking and as always, comments are welcome.

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Thanks Gil! I hand painted the camo on the Bradley. I haven't an airbrush with the tip necessary to do a camo pattern on one of these small beasties any justice, even with masking. Thanks again for the compliment.

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Keep em rolling Duke!!!!! Love the Camo on the British Herky!!

Edited by Mark Aldrich
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Thanks Mark! The two Hercs are almost done. I'll be finishing them up today, along with three trucks and a Bradley.

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Okay, here we are with my latest progress.



I'll start with my armor. All of these trucks I started at St. Crispin's this past Monday.


This first one is IBG's 1/72 scale Chevy CWT 15 utility truck. The rear part is finished, but the cab and chassis are about half done each:




Next is this PST 1/72 scale Studebaker Semi truck. It is all finished and ready for paint:




You can see I already started on the wheels.


This last truck is my RPM 1/72 scale Mack tanker truck. The rear tank is finished; the cab is almost done, and the chassis is barely started. The extraneous pieces/subassemblies you see go on the chassis, one of those subassemblies is the engine. I almost wish I could leave the hood open:




I also managed to get some work done on my armored train. All the cars are fully assembled, gaps filled and seams and filler sanded. I will have to touch up a few of the worse seams and fit issues, but for the most part, I am free to move on to adding the detail parts. This includes the couplers. I have managed to add the train couplers to the engine, one tender, and one Geschutzwagen (gesundheit!)


Here they are.


The engine:




The tender, front view:




The tender, rear view:




The Geschutzwagen front:




The Geschutzwagen rear:




And finally, all three in line together:




Well, that's all the progress I got done so far on my armor.






Next up is my aircraft. I have one fixed-wing aircraft and three helicopters going.


This is a quick little model I got for $5.00 at my IPMS meeting. It's the Pioneer 1/72 scale Beechcraft C-45 Expeditor. I did all this in an hour at St. Crispin's:




Even the windows are masked for the first coat of paint.



And now on to my helicopters. This first one is my MPC 1/72 scale German Puma I started some time back. Just got a coat of paint on her a week ago:




Next is the Mi-10 Hook. I've got it almost completely assembled; all that's left is the crane operator's booth below the cockpit. Otherwise, this bird is finished. It was a real bear trying to figure out the way those landing gear struts were supposed to go!




The Mi-6 Harke was much easier. I got the landing gear on it and then proceeded to give it the first basecoat:




You can see the X-acto blade there for size reference. This puppy is a real horse! Biggest helicopter I ever build. I can't wait to get an Mi-26 Halo!


And that completes my list of aircraft models in progress so far.


Thanks all for looking in, comments are welcome.

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