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  1. Hello friends! For take off, I re-started this nice hobby with my Tiger I E/H Italieri, 1/35 (with another parts I will add because in the kit are missing ). The kit coming with regular quality. Version Tank 121 in Tunisia. Almost "Out of Box" in 98%, I added a Jordi gun barrel and grids made by me and the mudguards were replaced, 2nd. box tools added.. I am very happy to return to build again!!!. (Last March 16/2019, I started this kit). After 4.5 years of not building, I feel somewhat clumsy. Finished two days ago. ( know that this tank it not carried the front support for track, but I
  2. rvazquez


    Great work with this monster Bryan!, I love those details with photoetched! Regards! Rodolfo
  3. Thanks for your kind comments friends!. In the past, I participated in 5 Conventions, 4 first places, 1 second and third place, but not more for me, I prefer build and enjoy instead of have any pressure for participate again. Regards! Rodolfo
  4. Hello friends! Here are some pics of my old works, I hopeyou like them. Hetzer Late - Academy, 1/35 - "Eastern Front, Unit Unknow" Regards! Rodolfo
  5. Nice work my friend!. The Panther of Italieri is a nice kit! Regards! Rodolfo
  6. :D Thanks friend! The scale is 1/35, you can see the work in progress here: Panzerbeobachtunswagen III Ausf. H Regards, Rodolfo
  7. :D Thanks friend! Regards, Rodolfo
  8. :D Thanks friend!. I agree with you, with more participation we can learn more techniques. Regards, Rodolfo
  9. :D Thanks friend! Regards, Rodolfo
  10. :D Thanks friend!. I finished my work, you can see it at: Panzerbeob. Regards, Rodolfo
  11. :D Hello friends! Work finished!!! Panzerbeobachtunswagen III Ausf. H: It represents: An Artillery fire-support Command vehicle of the Panzer-artillerie-Regiment 12 of the 12th panzer Division during operations in Kursk. Work in Progress here! Regards, Rodolfo
  12. Great work friend! Regards, Rodolfo
  13. :D Thanks for your kind comments friend! More updates! Chips with sponge: 1).- Mix Saddle-brown and Black of Vallejo / 2).- Sponge into the mix / 3).- Remove the excess over a paper / 4).- To apply in the tank and ready! Regards, Rodolfo
  14. :D Thanks friend! Regards, Rodolfo
  15. :D Thanks friend! More updates! Detailing screws, rivets and hinges using graphite. Tracks: First, coat of buff + German grey (8:1) and second: Using the same Mix of Humbrol "Matt-brown-yellow" + marble dust + brown pigments. 2).- Airbrushing with "flat-earth" of Tamiyaand ready! Regards, Rodolfo
  16. :D Hello friends! Finally I decided to add mud: 1).- Mix of Humbrol "Matt-brown-yellow" + marble dust + brown pigments 2).- Airbrushing with "flat-earth" of Tamiyaand ready! Regards, Rodolfo
  17. :D Hello friends! More updates! 3rd. phase: Give some touch of "Solvent-spirit" on pigment brown-earth to the armor and then pass over the tank with a dry brush softly in order to make a spot color earth, only in the surfarce of the tank give a little touch. Regards, Rodolfo
  18. :D Hello friends! 2nd. phase: Dark-earth diluted with Enamel thinner of Humbrol for lines and application of pigments brown-earth. Regards! Rodolfo
  19. :D Hello friends! Here is more updates: WASHES: Here are the different phases of washes using Humbrol (yellow-sand) mixed with enamel of Humbrol and light brown of Vallejo diluted with water. Regards, Rodolfo
  20. :D Thanks friends! More updates! For the tools I used Humbrol white and over it "leather brown", metalcote and for the box flat brown of Vallejo. I am finished the detailing before to start the weathering. Regards, Rodolfo
  21. :D Hello friends! More updates! DECALS: 1).- Applying Micro-Set to adhere it. 2).- Applying Micro-Sol in order to fix. Ready! Regards, Rodolfo
  22. :D Hello friends! Here is more updates! First I applieda coat of "dark-yellow" of Tamiya. Second, "desert yellow" and the camu with a mix of "olive-green + Lemon-yellow", all of Tamiya. Finally a coat of satin varnish of Vallejo. Regards, Rodolfo
  23. :D Thanks for your kind comments friend!. Is it a pleasure to share my work with all :lol: Regards, Rodolfo
  24. :D Hello friends! I applied Mr. Metal Primer of Gunze in all the armor for better adhesion of the painting. Regards, Rodolfo
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