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The Duke's Workbench in 2011: Updated 12/2811

Mark Deliduka

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Well, thanks to actually getting work, I have slowed down a little. At least i was able to get done with some progress at St. Crispin's yesterday. Here is my latest progress to date.


I'll start with my two Russian helicopters. I have them both camouflaged now. All that's left is to detail paint them and then decal them up. Time to dig into my decal stash...


The Mi-6 Harke:




The Mi-10 Hook:






Next is my armor. I almost finished up my little MAC tanker. I only have to put windows into the windshield frame and then the assembly will be done. All that will be left then is paint and decals, then weathering. This truck is bigger than I'd thought for a WWI-era truck!




And now, I have managed to get one armored train car fully assembled and ready for painting. Another one, the commandowagen is almost ready for paint; I just need to add an aerial on the stanchions on top. I also almost completed my little Pz 38(t) that goes in one of the flatcars. You cans see it here, sitting in front of the train:





That's about all I got finished to date. Yeah, not as much as I'd hoped, but at least the train is moving along. I'm hoping to have the base delivered on Saturday so I can start to work on it too.




Well, that's all I have for now. Thanks all for looking in. Remember, comments are welcome.

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And the Manufacturing tour goes on...


It's all armor this time; I have yet to get the decals on the helicopters. I still need to dig them out.


This past Monday I was able to get some progress done on three trucks I've been building.


This first one is my MAC tanker truck. I got this fully assembled, including the windows of the cab, and even started painting it. The underside of the chassis is painted, along with the wheels. Next will be putting on the three-tone camo pattern on this truck:




Another truck I finished assembling is my IBG British Bedford QLD. I even got a basecoat of paint on it now:




Probably too soon. There are a few more fiddly bits to add to this.


The third truck is my Studebaker semi. I got the windows and windscreen in this and then got a basecoat of paint on it too. This one is almost ready for decals:





Next, I managed to get three more railcars done on my armored train. The flak artillery car, the flatbed car holding the Panzer 38(t) and the turreted flatcar at the end. Here they are minus the metal handholds and steps:




You can see the completed Panzer 38(t) in the flatcar. I have one more to build.


Here are all the cars and engine that I've completed except for handrails, steps and wire antenna that will all be done with copper wire:




This makes me about half done with the assembly of this train, except for the quad AA guns I need to get.


Well, that's everything so far. I'm hoping to get some more of these done later on.


Meanwhile, thanks all for looking in, comments are welcome.

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No Mark, it doesn't. In actuality, it ends as you see it, with the turreted flatcar. Also, everything you see in that pic, is repeated in front of the train, as the Germans placed the locomotive in the center of the train. In that pic, I already have the pther tender in front of the train. All that's left to do for this side of the train is add all the metal handles and steps, and get a quad AA gun for the artilleriewagen. .

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Well, here I am back from vacation and slowly trying to get caught up on the pile of things my wife left for me to do. Meanwhile, I'm catching whatever bench time I can wherever I can. This is the small update I have showing my latest work I've been able to get done.


I'll start out with my armor, since I've only been working on two planes and a helicopter. The two planes don't have enough done to them to justify pics, and the helicopter I'll be showing here.


These first two are two trucks I've been building that are now ready for their clearcoat and decals. This first one is my PST Studebaker semi-truck:




Next is my IBG Bedford QLD cargo truck:




That framework over the bed used to be perfect. Story of my life: despite being as careful as possible, I still manage to break it up in several pieces. Oh well, life goes on...


Next is another little IBG truck I started. This is the Chevy CWT; another cargo truck:




The cab and bed are just dry fit on the chassis here. I wanted to see how it looked. I have a little more to put on the chassis before I can add these parts more permanently.




Next are two ACE kits I'm building that are variants of the LAV-25. This first one shows the interior of the LAV-M mortar carrier. It's kind of basic, but looks pretty good:




Later, after I assembled the three parts of the upper hull together, I test fit it to the lower hull:




Not a bad fit, but there's still some issues that Mr. Surfacer will handle just fine.


This next one is the LAV AD Air Defense variant. I managed to get the whole thing assembled except for the wheels. Once the Mr. Surfacer on it is sanded smooth, this one will be ready for the basecoat:






The mini-gun on this model had to be assembled from the five barrels and two end pieces before I could add it to the turret. That was an interesting experience, and I'm surprised at how well the gun came out.


That's all my armor so far. I should have a couple of these; maybe more, finished in a few days. I'll keep you posted.


Meanwhile, here's the one helicopter I was also working on. It's the H-21 Piasecki Flying Banana. Here it is with the final basecoat on. I just have a few more details to paint, then this gets clearcoated and decaled. After that, I dullcoat it, add the rotors and detail it out a little and it'll be done:




I may even try to get that step around the main canopy taken care of as well. That is a problem I just didn't want to deal with, but it does look bad.


Oh, what of the two Russian helicopters I was working on you ask? Well, they are finished. Pics of them will be taken later when I can find a table top big enough to capture them.


Meanwhile, comments are welcome; thanks for stopping in.

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Thanks guys! Gil this Banana is the old Academy kit; soft on detail and relatively easy to assemble, except the canopy. Overall, a good little kit though.


Thanks Chris, I do feel I've slowed down alot compared to a few years ago.


Stay tuned gentlemen, more to come.

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Now for the next projects I have going on. Here are pics of my latest progress. One of these models I got worked on after it sat for more than a year. Thanks to Henk of Holland's site, I was able to get the color scheme I needed for it and now I need to find the decals....



Anyway, here they are in no particular order.


Here is the latest helicopter I'm working on: the H-21 Piasecki Flying Banana. I finally got the decals on it. The next pics you see after these will be after it is completed:






Next are my two ACE LAV variants. This is my LAV M mortar carrier. I got the basecoat of green on it but I think I jumped the gun and did it too soon. The undercarriage isn't even on it yet:




I can see where I have a lot more smoothing out to do, as well as other cleanup.


At least my LAV AD is in a little better shape. I got the basecoat on now, and will paint the camo pattern on next:




Speaking of being in good shape, I think this little MAC tanker is looking good. I finally have the camo pattern on it and will finish with a little cleanup before prepping for decals:






And finally, the model that's been sitting for awhile on my bench. For such a small thing, I'm sure having difficulty getting it finished! This is my RPM 1/72 scale French H-39 tank that I also finally got a camo pattern on:






Now I hope I can find the decals for this one soon!




Well, that's all the progress I have for now. I do have two trucks and two helicopters finished, so feel free to check out their respective Forums for pics of my latest models. Meanwhile, thanks for looking and comments are welcome.

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Is the camo on the MAC tanker and the tank hand painted? I love it, VERY nice job.






Yes it is, and thank you. I used a fine-tipped Sharpie to draw on the fine lines between the colors.

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Well, now that the helicopter is finished, I have started on a few more models and made some progress on a couple more.


I'll start this with the models I've been working on. These are two LAV variants from ACE that I got a final basecoat of paint on. This one is the LAV-M Mortar Carrier all painted up:




I now need to do the camouflage pattern on this before clearcoating and decaling.


This is my LAV-AD Air Defense Variant:




This one is just a solid green, so the next thing to do is clearcoat, decal, then dullcoat and weather. The next time you see this one, it will be completed.


Next is the little Chevy 15CWT truck from IBG I've built:




This one just needs decals, then dullcoat and final finishing. The next time you see this one, it'll be finished.



Now on to the three projects I started. this first one is the Trumpeter 1/72 scale M-113 A3. I have it fully assembled and ready for the camouflage pattern:




I should be able to get this done in a few days.


Next is a Dragon 1/72 scale model of the AAV7R recovery vehicle version of the AAV7P. I got it mostly assembled and shot some color on parts of it:




The part next to it is the recovery crane that goes on top. That will be one of the last things I install. There are some places to sand and some refinements to make. I'm making good progress on this so far.


And finally, I started a Revell of Germany 1/72 scale MAN 7ton cargo truck. So far, all I have is most of the cabin assembled:




I'm going to have to paint the interior and then add the window glass to this before I can close it up. Then I get to start on the wonderfully over-engineered chassis and suspension! Yay! :smiley5::smiley11:



That's all my progress for today. Monday morning I'll be at Hobby Day again and be able to get alot more done. Stay tuned for more and remember, comments are welcome.

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Now that I finished those other five armor models; I have managed to get two models ready for paint and started four more during yesterday's St. Crispin's Irregulars Hobby Monday. Here they are, starting with the closest ones to being finished:


This is my 1/72 scale Dragon AAVP7R I'm building for my Marine Corps. I got all the photo-etch on it so now it is ready for the rest of the basecoat and the camo pattern:




While I was at it, I went ahead and started this other model of an AAVP7 that I'm doing for my Italian Forces since I already have two other ones in my Marine Corps. I got it all assembled and added the photo-etch as well. Now this one is ready for it's basecoat of paint:




And now for the rest of the models I started.


Two more trucks have been started for my British and German Forces. This first one is the Revell of Germany 1/72 scale MAN 7-ton cargo truck. I had hesitated to start this for awhile now because of the complexity of the over-engineered suspension, but finally decided to dive right in:




I wanted to start his bigger brother, the MAN 10-ton truck, but one look at all the suspension I had to build made me put it all back in the box for another day. The 7-tonner burned me out on Revell of Germany suspensions for the day.


The other truck is this 1/72 scale IBG British Bedford QLT Troop Carrier. It has it's own issues, not least of which is ELEVEN sprue attachment points for an inch-and-a-half-long muffler and exhaust pipe, to give one example! Still, it was much simpler to assemble than the MAN:




Wow, after all that, I was ready for a simple throw-down easy kit to build. Found this in my box and got it started. This is the Gran Models 1/72 scale SA-2 Guideline SAM Missile and Launcher:




I already have one of these built. Four more after this one, a Fan Song radar set and a command truck and I'll be able to complete my SAM battery! Anyone got a spare 1/72 scale Fan Song radar laying about? :smiley2::D


And finally, somewhere among all of this I also started this 1/72 scale Mi-4 helicopter for my Russian Forces:




After this one is built, I'll have only to get the Mi-26 and I will have one of every type of Russian MiL helicopters that ever entered service with the Russian Military!



Well, that's all for now. I hope to have more to show later on this week. Meanwhile keep checking in; and as always, comments are welcome.

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Well, after doing a couple jobs out there, I managed to squeeze in some time to get more progress done on my latest models. I also buckled down and started the Revell of Germany 1/72 scale MAN 10 ton Truck to go with my MAN 7 ton truck.


Anyway, here's the Dragon 1/72 scale Italian AAVP 7 finally painted with the basecoat. The next time you see this one, it'll be finished:




Here's my other 1/72 scale Dragon model, the AAV7R; this one is the recovery variant for my Marine Corps:




This one will most likely be done next time you see it too.


Next is the 1/72 scale IBG Bedford QLT Troop Carrier. I got the internal cab painted, the windows installed and the cab assembled. I also painted the chassis below, which isn't too visible here:




While that was drying, I painted up the camo pattern on my Revell of Germany 1/72 scale MAN 7-ton truck, as well as painted the lower chassis:




Now I figured, as long as I am building this; I may as well buckle down and build the Revell of Germany MAN 10-ton truck as well. So, I got it all assembled to this point:




After that, I needed to paint the interior of the cabin before closing it up. So, I painted the interior cabin; closed it up and proceeded to shoot a basecoat of paint on it. Later on, I added the camo pattern at the same time I was painting the camo pattern on the 7-ton truck. Here is where it stands now:




Depending on how things go, I may have these two German trucks fully completed by the time I post again, along with the two AAV7's. Here's hoping.


That's all I managed to get done in the last couple days. Thanks all for looking in, comments are welcome.

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Thanks Chris! Good to know I'm keeping up the ratio. I'll have more to post later.


Reminds me of a friend who also builds exclusively small scale armor. He builds much slower, but then he has a steady job, four girls to raise, and an active social life. One year he made a new Years resolution: To build one model for every ten I finish.


He broke that resolution by February when I completed 28 by the end of the month. :smiley9::smiley13::smiley4:

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Wow Duke - this stuff is cool! And...since you asked...




Although you might be able to get a real one for a similar price.




As 'Hero Modeler of the Soviet Union', you might also consider these:





And lessee that finished H-21 - !

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Wow Duke - this stuff is cool! And...since you asked...




Although you might be able to get a real one for a similar price.


Wow! Yeah, that is a bit expensive! Oh man, I guess I'd better start saving my ducats!


Thanks for the compliment too. I do appreciate it. I'm hoping to have these finished ones posted soon.



As 'Hero Modeler of the Soviet Union', you might also consider these:




Thanks for this link. This is great info. In looking at my stash, I see that I already have the ZiL157 Command Truck and the Ural 4320 Command Truck as well. Cool. I'm that much closer than I thought. Thanks again for these links.


And lessee that finished H-21 - !


Okay, here it is:


Finished H-21

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Thanks Greg.


The train has slowed down a bit due to my needing to gather parts that were either unusable or weren't even in the kit at all. Once I can start making more progress I'll see about posting more pics. As for information, this is the Armageddon Kit of the Panzerzeug BP44 armored train. It is a very roughly molded short run kit that has more canyons than the Grand Canyon, and is the hardest model I've tackled since my last Maquette kit. Maquette kits can only be described as "assembling the parts and then carving the model from the odd-shaped plastic block you built". This Armageddon kit is very much like this. It is also the only known kit of a German armored train in 1/72 scale. There is the main kit which features the engine, tender and half the train. In addition is the accessory pack which makes up the rest of the train on the other half. I have both sets and am endeavoring to get it assembled as much as possible.


The parts In need are:


Two quad-20 AA guns

Eight bumpers (I have a friend molding them)

Panzer IV turret


Other than those parts, I simply have to add all the metal grab handles and step rails, as well as the Kommandwagen's Aerial antenna, and it will be done and ready for paint.


Thanks for the post and your interest in the train.

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This past Monday i was able to take some time to work on my armored train. I felt it was about time that I got some more progress done on it.


First off, I added all the walkway shields between the cars on three of them that didn't have them. I even added some detail and patched the one painted car; I was a bit hasty on painting that one. Here they are:




The command car doesn't have the full set; this model left those parts out. I'll have to scratch-build them with plasticard.



Most of the rest of the day was spent adding all the wire steps and grab handles to the train cars. I used a slightly thinner gauge of wire for the handles than I did for the steps. Here they are:


The locomotive and one tender:




The other side:




The second tender:




The artillerywagen:




And finally the command car:




I had a bit of help from a friend of mine named Sean who advised me on the best way to do this command car. Now to do the other one.


All those cars you see above are now ready for paint. I'll be putting the basecoat of Dunklegelb on them as soon as I have the chance. Then the other cars I painted too soon will get all their wire handles and steps done too. After that, I need to finish another Panzer 38t, the other Panzer IV turret and get a couple of quad 20 AA guns and I'll be able to call this one close to done!


Meanwhile, I took the occasional break on all that 'wiring' to work on my Mi-4 helicopter. I finally got all the clear parts on, filled and sanded the gaps and seams, and added the landing gear. This helicopter is almost ready for paint:




Well, that's all I have for now. More work will be done on Monday. Looking forward to it. Meanwhile, comments are welcome; thanks to all who stop by to post!

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Moving right along here gentlemen (and ladies, you know who you are!) we come to the latest progress on this train.


I completed all this work about a week ago; but I've been out of town on a job all this week so have had no access to the computer till now.


Okay, here is the first part of the work I did. I had lost some pieces to the Panzer IV turret so a friend of mine gave me one that he had as a spare. I used the parts I could to complete this turret and I also re-filled some of the seams:




This car just needed wire attachments and sanding and it was ready for paint. That happened later as you shall see.


Next, I added scratch built and added the flaps at the end of the command car. This is the first command car. Later, I got the antenna added to the second command car, but I didn't get pics of it afterward. Here is the first one with the scratchbuilt flaps:




This next one is the artillery wagon that needed scratchbuilt flaps as well. I also completed the turret for it:




This next car is the flatcar that carries the Panzer 38(t) and was one of my biggest challenges. You can see why here in this pic, the warp was so bad I couldn't get the pieces to go on, much less make the wheels sit right on the track:




So, what to do? I put a pot of water on the stove and brought it to a rolling boil. While that was coming to a boil, I removed the wheels and other parts from one end of the car. I then dipped the flatcar in the boiling water, stirring it around a bit until I felt it was soft enough. Then I clamped it in between two boards to get it to cool into a more flattened state so it could sit right:




Then I went back to work on the rest of the train praying that it would work....


Prayers were answered:




It isn't completely perfect, but close enough that when it sits on the rails, it looks right! I moved on, adding all the parts I had left for this car until it was also just about ready for paint:




Onward and upward....


I continued on by adding more wire to the rest of the train cars, trying to get all wire grab handles and steps installed on all the remaining cars that needed them. here is the other artillery wagon showing the wires I added to it:




I added the other wires to the first artillery wagon as well. Meanwhile, a friend of mine came in and brought a whole bunch of model kits he'd scored; one of which was the ancient ESCI artillery set with the quad-20 AA guns. He have me his Quad gun which I built and added to the first artillery wagon. Here it is sporting it's wires and a new quad gun:




One down, one to go.....


Finally, I had this train so completed that I felt I could go ahead and paint it. I decided that with all the brass and copper wire on it, it would be best to prime it first. So here it is, all primed and ready for paint. This view shows the train coming at you:




Here it is after it has passed you by:




And finally, here is the best overhead shot I could get:




Want a good laugh? Just as I was finishing posting this pic, I heard a train in the distance, blowing it's horn as it passed through my part of town. Usually, I don't hear that, but it is a quiet early Saturday morning, so it was quite noticeable.


Anyway, there it is. Next up, I will be adding the remaining missing parts that were shorted in the kit as I get them. I also have another UM Panzer38(t) on order to replace the kit one that is missing too many parts to build. My friend Dave is getting me another Quad 20 AA gun, and another friend named Neil is sending more bumpers and other parts. As I wait for those other parts and kits, I'll be adding a basecoat of dunklegelb on select cars and then painting the pattern on it. Hopefully, this will be done by Christmas!


Meanwhile, thanks all for looking in, comments are always welcome.

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