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Maddog Manufacturing 2013 Production Line Updated 7/17

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Okay, I'm a little late in getting things posted, but as promised, here's my latest update. I'll start with my aircraft, since I only had one thing I was working on and it got screwed up again. Story

LOL! Thanks Ed! Unfortunately, the treatment for this skin cancer ain't covered by Obamacare! LOL! Gonna take some work when I finally get around to this again.


Thanks Chris, I appreciate you stopping in.

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Today I have a pretty long update to show, given how much little stuff I got done on so many models. I'll have to post it in two posts since these Forums don't allow more than 25 images per post. Alot of it is small stuff that didn't take long; but some of these things took a good effort to do. More on that later.

Almost all of this was done at my monthly Hobby Day Friday this past week. I had brought in my compressor and airbrush to paint these things so I could hopefully get some finished! The last little bit was done at home; I'll post that in the second update post below.

I'll start with my aircraft. I shot some more Alclad on my DC-6 so hopefully it looks good enough for me to try to apply the decals.... finally. No pics of that; it just looks exactly like the previous times I shot Alclad on it.

In between all the armor I was working on; I started an Eduard kit of the L-39 jet aircraft. It's my first Eduard kit I've ever done; so this is an interesting project for me.

I started with the cockpit, and could go no further until I painted the interior and added the instrument panel decals. Here is where I stopped on that:


Then I added the air intakes to the sides of the fuselage (no pic of that) and then glued the two halves of the wing together:


That's gonna take some work fixing that joint.....

Okay, that's all I got done on my aircraft so far, so now on to my armor...

Remember the car and the truck that I painted Gloss Black; then realized that I forgot the P/E parts? Well, I got the P/E added to each of them, then re-shot the paint on them both.

Here they are with the P/E parts added to the sides of the hoods:




I succeeded (for the most part) in re-painting the car as you can see here:



But the truck's paint kept cracking and wrinkling every time I shot a new coat. It's now sitting in a bath of Easy Off Oven Cleaner to strip the paint to nothing so I can start over.

So I moved along to another truck I had; the ZIS 5 that I started for another Softskins Group Build on the Missing Lynx Braille Scale Forums. I shot the coat of green on it and then added the windows inside before closing up the cab:


Later, I remembered a friend on those very same boards telling me that the ZIS 5 never had that big clunky fender on the front and showed me a pic of it with a simple bar across the front of it. So, I cut off that big clunky fender; carved down the front pieces sticking out, and added a small styrene rod to the front of this model:


Ah yes, much better! You can see she has also been shot with Future for her decals.

Moving right along, I also shot a final coat of paint on the Traction Avant:



Then later I shot the coat of Future over it in preparation for the decals:


I also shot a coat of green on the little Tatra staff car:


Later I added all the clear parts to it which were tougher than I expected they would be:


You can see here that they still need to be adjusted.

After that, she also got a coat of Future for the decals:


Since I was shooting Future on everything; I also shot a coat over my British Warrior which had been waiting for it for awhile:


Now if I can only find the instruction sheet for this, I can add the decals to it!

Speaking of needing instruction sheets; I brought this bus to finish it off since it had been sitting for too long. I added the detail parts (which have since been painted) and I shot primer on the P/E rack so it would hold paint better:


But when I went to read the instructions to find out where and how to apply the P/E, that part of the instruction sheets was missing........naturally.......

So, moving on again, I brought out my Japanese three-ton truck and trailers and shot paint on them all so I could move on with them. I had to shoot inside the cab, as well as the bed of the truck. I then shot green on the two trailers. Here is the truck all dry-fit together:


Here's the water tank all painted in it's basecoat of green:


And the kitchen trailer all painted in it's basecoat of green:


Here's a mock-up of how it's gonna look all together:


Finally, at the Hobby Day, I pulled out the Br-86 train engine and added all the detail parts to the boiler. I also built up and added the cab to the boiler afterwards. Here it is dry-fit to the lower chassis:


Check out some of the detail inside this cab. Most of it will be relatively hidden, but it is so cool:


Later on, I cemented the parts of the coal bin together, and dry-fit that to the back of the cab and then to the lower chassis to see how it looks:




And now for part two below...

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And now, part two; all the work I did at home. At home the day after Hobby Day, I was re-arranging my Hobby Room and found a few projects I'd almost forgotten about. One of them I pulled out to continue working on since it is for a "First Blood" Group Build on another Forums; it is my horse drawn machine gun wagon.

Last time I was working on this; I lost one horse's tail. So, the first thing I did was to shoot a coat of grey over the wagon parts and set them aside to dry:


I realized I used the wrong color grey on this. I need to shoot a new coat of the Panzer dark Grey, then use this grey to modularize the color. I'll get on that soon.

Next, while the paint was drying on the wagon; I pondered what to do about the horse's missing tail. Then I found a piece of sprue that had a bent piece where the corner was at the end. So, I carved that down to a more slender piece at the bend and down the sprue a bit. I then dipped the carved section in some Tamiya Extra Thin cement for a minute or three until the surface was soft enough. Meanwhile, I found a Dremel bit that would work well at what I wanted to do. After pulling the softened plastic out of the glue; I ran the serrated edge of the bit down the softened part of the sprue to make wavy grooves. Here is a pic of the result with the glue, sprue and Dremel bit:


A closer look at the new 'tail'. It's kind of hard to see given the white plastic, but I think it looks pretty good:


Later I drilled a new 'arsehole' for the horse to make the tail fit more firmly:


After adding the new tail, I did some preliminary painting of the horses; adding some detail and experimenting with their coats a bit. Here is a shot of the two horses; the one showing off his new tail:



And for fun, here is a mock-up of the machine gun wagon and hitch with the two horses:


This one is coming along well and will hopefully be finished soon. I did some more painting of the horses and have noticed a few shrink marks that need to be filled before I can do the final painting; but at least I have an idea of what to do now.

And that concludes my update for this week. Thanks all for stopping in to check this out. Feel free to leave comments; they are always welcome.

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Actually, the post above showing my machine gun wagon is part two.


The train is almost ready for paint, just a little more construction left to do. That is going to be a challenge given all the little fiddly bits all over it.

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Hey everyone, just a small update today. I got a little bit done on a couple of my models this past Saturday, so here's the results so far.

First off is the little Russian Pickup truck I've been working on. A friend of mine sent me the missing photo-etch pieces that came off when I stripped the paint. Here it is with the primed Photo-etch attached:


Later on I shot another coat of Gloss Black and finished it up.

Next I moved on to my modern Japanese three-ton truck. I finally got the interior painted and added the dashboard decal:


Next up, I finished the cab and glued that and the bed into place on the Chassis:



This truck now has the windows masked off for some more touch-up painting.

And finally, I had just enough time to start a project I've been wanting to build for awhile. This is Trumpeter's 1/72 scale Dicker Max. I got started on the interior first before I ran out of time:


Again, another short update, but at least I'm getting things done. Speaking of getting things done, I finished two more models; the pickup and the French Traction Avant Staff Car. Feel free to check them out in the finished Armor Models Forums. Meanwhile, thanks for looking in, comments are welcome.

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Thanks Chris! My output is a considerably slower this year, but then again, I spent so much time on Dora. Still improving her too! LOL!


Thanks again for the great compliment!

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Hey, the steering wheels on the wrong side in that one truck.... :smiley2: great progress Duke!


GIL :smiley16:


Yeah, I noticed that too! I thought the British and Australians were the only ones to drive on the right!


Thanks Gil! I hope to have this done soon.

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Thanks Bob! It was quite the pleasant surprise getting that effect.



Okay, just a small Christmas update for this Christmas Eve. I didn't get too much done, but there is a variety here that I can show.

I'll start with my Armor. First model is this horse drawn machine gun trailer. I did a little dry-brushing and preliminary weathering and added a little P/E to it:


Here it is with the horses:


Since then, both the horses and the wagons have been given a wash.

Moving along, here's my Russian TOS 1 MLRS. I got all the hull detail parts added, and even added the extra parts to the metal lower hull:


I also made this so that the rocket launcher can be raised, just like on my ACE TOS-1A:


And a rear shot showing the extra parts added to the lower hull:


So now this thing is ready for paint. So why wait? Here it is with the Dark Green basecoat:



The TOS-1 has also received a wash now as well, and I even washed the British MICV Warrior that has been languishing on my bench while I try to find the decals and instruction sheet again.

Okay, now on to my aircraft. Not too much done here, but slow progress is being made.

First off is my Cessna 172 floatplane. I got the red stripes on this thing and they have been covered already with a coat of Future. I may add another coat since I have some dry transfers to do over these stripes next:



And finally, there is this model I had started way back about two years or more ago. I felt it was time to get it done. This is my R-100 airship I got from the 2007 Nationals and I finally got some of the groundwork done on it. I added the parking lot and the sidewalks to it:


Here's a shot of it with the airship moored:


The white parts are the sidewalks and I'll be painting them an 'old concrete' color and then add a dark brown wash to them. The lines on the parking lot are going to be painted later; I left them unpainted with the asphalt color so I would remember where to do them. The rest of the bare wood will be covered with green flocking to simulate grass and I'll add some bushes and trees to this as well. Then all I need to do is decal the airship itself and touch up some of the painting and she'll be good to go!

Okay, as I said; a small update for now. Maybe after Christmas when things slow down a little, I'll be able to finish some of these models. Meanwhile, thanks for looking in, comments are welcome.

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Hey everyone! Happy New Year!

Here's a small update to close out this factory line for 2013. Not too much got done, but I managed to finish one, and another one I got so fed up with fighting that I'm declaring it done.

Here's what is still in progress as of the end of the year.

On my aircraft, I got the sidewalk on around the parking lot washed with a Burnt Sienna wash. Next up is to flock this thing:


I also fought the ancient decals onto the airship itself. I hadn't any instruction or anything, so I just guessed at where these decals were supposed to go. I found out later when I found the box top how very wrong I was. Oh well, they are on there now and this is where they are staying:



I also applied the dry transfers to the Cessna floatplane. This revealed to me how badly I suck at applying dry transfers. They look like crap, but until I find waterslide decals in the size and font I need; I'm declaring the thing done and moving on! You can see pics in my finished aircraft thread.

Moving along to armor, here is my Russian TOS I MLRS all decaled, washed and drybrushed. She's looking factory fresh here:



You can see here how I modified this so the launcher would raise:


This one also got done already as well. After those pics above were taken, the crew took her out for a spin. I got pics of her after their inaugural drive in my finished armor thread. The crew was even nice enough to park her next to the other TOS I Buratino that I'd finished earlier in the year. Feel free to check it out.

And finally, I started a new model: Dragon's StuG 42 for a StuG Group Build on another Forums. I didn't get far this year; only got the wheels, drive sprockets and idlers on the lower hull:


And that closes out my Manufacturing Thread for 2013. It's been a great run, especially when I was building Dora; hopefully 2014 will see me increase my output to it's usual level.

Thanks for the great ride guys, comments are welcome. I look forward to starting up a new 2013 Thread next year!

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