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Mark Deliduka

Maddog Manufacturing 2013 Production Line Updated 7/17

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Guest PetrolGator

My god man, you'd make Henry Ford blush! Looking good.

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Thanks Christopher!

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Hey all,

Another week and another small update on my latest progress.

I'll start with my armor models I've been working on.

I finally camouflaged the Tiger I from Zvezda and painted all the detail parts too. This one is ready for clearcoat and decals:


I also camouflaged the Tilly from ACE. The paint is still wet on this model in these pics. She's also ready now for clearcoat and decals:



Next up, I was going through my stash in my Hobby Room and found that I had a second OT-62 model:


I opened the box to see if it had the correct sprue for this model and found that it had:


You can see how much cleanup I gotta do on this. The tracks are worse!

Needless to say, I got started on it right away and managed to get all the torsion bars installed; the turret completed, and most of the major detail parts added:


Finally, I managed to get more done on the Dora. I started with the ammo carts that are used to move the shells:


Next I started working on the ram that pushes the shells into the breech block. I had to add nine of those small rods you see at the bottom of this before moving on:


Next, I built the final major assembly that was needed for this model. The two lifting rigs that bring the ammo up to the loading deck were installed on this model:


Now all the major assembly on Dora is completed. All that is left are the railings and the detail parts that I was afraid to install due to the delicate nature of most of them. Once they are done; I'll be able to paint this massive beastie.

Here are the obligatory shots of the fully assembled model:



That's all I was able to complete on my armor. Now on to my aircraft...

Now, with all that going on, I didn't get too much done on my aircraft, but I did manage to get the windscreen on the Cessna sealed at the top. Now I have to seal the bottom of the windscreen and then I can mask this for the white basecoat:


My IPMS Orange County chapter is doing a Group Build of 1/72 scale Mustangs for the IPMS Nationals in Colorado. I have four Mustangs so I decided to start one of them. This is the Italeri Mustang that I'd gotten from the Distressed Kit Auction. It was started already, so I enhanced a little more of the work that was done and then built this up to this stage:


Well, that's all I had to show for this weekend. Thanks all for looking in, comments are welcome.

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Another small update for this week. It ain't much but I'll have more to show after this Friday's Hobby Gathering.

Okay, on to my latest progress...

First of all, I managed to finish four models this week. You'll find them all in the Armor Forums

In armor, I painted a basecoat on the OT-62:


Once that was dry, I installed all the roadwheels:


You can see the main gun on the turret is broken; this model seems to NOT want to be built! I've since fixed that, but then when it came time to add the drive sprockets, I found that one half of one of them was broken beyond repair and the other half of the other one was missing! I cannot catch a break with this stinkin' model!

Onward to one I could build.....

I painted the camouflage pattern on the Iraqi M-3 APC here:


After that was dry, I added most of the detail parts to this; added the wheels; gave it a glosscoat and then decaled it. After all that, I gave it a dullcoat, followed by a dark wash to try and bring out the details:



This little beastie is now finished; you can see it in the Armored Forum with the others that I finished.

Now for my aircraft, I glosscoated my A-109K and added the decals to it:


After this, I need to paint up the details, add the weaponry and install and paint the details on the rotors. A couple more days and this one will most likely be finished.

The only other aircraft progress I made was to sand smooth the rough, badly-painted basecoat on my Vickers Valiant:


After this, I painted it overall in a black primer to find out where it was still rough. Then I sanded again on the rough spots. I didn't get any pics of that. If you look at the above pic and imagine it painted black all over, you'll see why I didn't bother with another pic.

Well, that's all the progress I have to show for this week so far. As I mentioned, I'll have more to show after tomorrow. I'm looking forward to it; I'll have the whole day for building models.

Meanwhile, thanks all for looking in, comments are welcome.

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Well, it's the day after Hobby Day and I got a lot done yesterday and today so I have more to "overwhelm" you with. :smiley2::smiley16:


Most of what I did at Hobby Day was to build some simple and easy kits to kind of "cleanse the system" so to speak. Today, I shot paint and clearcoat on anything that needed it and was ready for it.

Let's start with my aircraft since that is what I got most of my progress done on.

At Hobby Day, I started an ancient Airfix kit, the 1/72 scale HS 165 Dominie. This aircraft is used by the RAF for navigation training. It was also an early post-war airliner both here and in Britain, so of anyone knows of some aftermarket airliner decals in 1/72 scale, I'd be happy to put them on this plane.

Here is where I was after a couple hours:


Now, my IPMS club in Orange County has decided to do a Group Build of 1/72 scale P-51 Mustangs and at least seven of us so far are building Mustangs to send to the Nationals for the Collections/Group Builds category.

While the Domninie was drying, I pulled out my three P-51 Mustangs that I'd been working on and got them all assembled almost to the same stage. Here they are, all ready for paint:


Later on at home today, I shot paint on all three of these for the basecoat. You can see that two of them are still wet in places:


While painting, I shot some gloss white on the little Cessna 172 floatplane as well. I do have to reshoot the floats since they got messed up, but other wise this bird is ready for the decals. I'm thinking I'm going to apply then before adding the floats:


And finally, I shot another basecoat on to the Valiant. It ain't the best, but it's gonna have to do. I start the camouflage pattern next:


Now for my Armor....

Going back to Hobby Day, I only worked on a couple of armor models; both of which were fast and easy to assemble. One of them even got painted at Hobby Day!

The first one I started was the new Dragon 1/72 scale SAS Jeep that I recently picked up. I got the whole thing assembled, but kept the body disconnected from the chassis for easy painting later:


The next one I started was another on of ACE's 1/72 scale 75mm pack howitzer. This one I made for my Marines. I got it assembled and ready for paint inside of 20 minutes. Later when it had dried for a few hours, I painted it up:


My apologies for the slightly blurry pic; this is so small my camera can barely see it! All that's left for this one is to weather it.

Today, when I was painting up my aircraft, I also got a few of my armor models coated. This first one is the TOS-1 Buratino that finally got the basecoat of green. Next up is the camouflage pattern:


After that, I shot the grey basecoat on the two WC-360 Locomotives that I'd had ready for paint. Next up is to detail those and get them finished:


Finally, I figured that my Nutrocker hovertank had languished enough. I painted up the details on this beastie and then shot a coat of Future glosscoat over it in preparation for a wash and decals:



And just for fun, I even tipped it over and gave it a drybrush of silver to highlight the bottom that you'll never see:


Well, that's all I got done so far this weekend. Maybe I'll get some more progress done on some of these tomorrow. Meanwhile, thanks all for looking in, comments are welcome!

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Just a small update this week.

I spent most of the time trying to go over everything on my Dora to get the small detail things put on that I was waiting till last to do. Meanwhile, in between all that; I got some other progress done on several other models.

First off, I'll start with a my two ACE armor models. On the OT-62, I found some drive sprockets from another OT-62 kit. They are slightly different than the ones I'd seen on the original sprues, but I'm tired of this thing fighting me and I used them anyway. They may not be the most accurate, but they fit, they are solidly glued on and they are staying:


Later on at Hobby Day, I took a few hours to install the tracks to each side of this beast:


While I was at it, I also installed the tracks on the Buratino as well. They went on easier than the smaller tracks of the OT-62:


Now to get a camouflage pattern on that and the OT-62 and I'll finally be close to done.

Speaking of being close to done, I painted up my two WC-360 locomotives and then clearcoated them for decals. What really bites is that although the kits come with decals, there's no indicator on the instruction sheet or color callout sheet showing where they are supposed to go! The box ain't any help; it shows completely different markings than anything on the decal sheet. I guess I'm gonna have to wing it again....

Anyway, this one is going to be for the Leopold gun once I find it and build it:


This one will be my other stand-alone display model:


And finally, I painted up my little SA Jeep with a basecoat and some other paint on select parts. Now all I have to do is build the guns for this and mount them; then I can camouflage it:


The paint was still a bit wet when I took that pic.

In aircraft, all I was able to do was finish up the final details on the A-109KM Agusta helicopter and then remove all the window masking. I also opened the main cabin door on one side:



I was going to declare it done since I'd lost the box holding the weapons parts; but then I found it after all. Now the finished pics of that helicopter are in the Aircraft Forums. Feel free to check it out there.

Meanwhile, thanks all for looking in; comments are welcome.

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Well, it's been awhile again, and I finally have something to show. I have quite a few pics of work I did on four models. All these are armor models so without further ado, here they are....

First off, I started to paint the camouflage pattern on the OT-62 when I happened to notice that there were a few detail parts that still needed to be added to this. Here's some of the more obvious ones attached, with the paint scraped off where the others are supposed to go:


Here it is with all the detail parts and some stretched sprue grab handles attached:


I'm really beginning to hate grab handles......

After that, I went to work on the little SAS jeep. I painted the lower chassis and wheels with Floquill Oily Black, then dry-brushed some steel over it:


That chassis is upside down by the way.....

After that, there wasn't much else to do; so I decided to buckle down and finally get the tiny, delicate gun assemblies done. These were pretty tough to do given how small they were. Still, I got them assembled as best I could:


There are nine parts in each one of those dual gun mounts.

Later I painted the guns, I went to paint the remainder of the unpainted parts; but then I found out that I'd left the Jeep base color at home. Oh well, baby steps.....


Next, I figured it was time to finally get some progress on the general Staff bus I started some time ago. I had built the basic chassis and the dashboard but that was as far as I went before putting this back aside. Now I have the lower chassis completed, except for the engine which won't be seen under the hood:


Roden made this kit so the front wheels are positionable:


They also turn or spin so this bus will potentially roll. Anyway, it was time to move on...

I started to build some nice little furniture. Furniture for a bus? Yep!


Now here are a couple shots showing the furniture all installed inside the bus, along with the radios, Enigma machine and even a typewriter! the floor is not quite cemented down to the chassis yet:



Later on I'll do the windows and then build the body of the bus. I'm going to make this one grey just like the other one.

Finally, I wanted to do something simple, so I pulled out my WC-360 locomotives and added the decals. There were no callouts showing where they were supposed to go, and the box art showed markings that were way different than the markings on the decal sheet. So, I just winged it:



In another day or so, these engines will be finished. All I have left to do is weather them. Oh, the one with the red wheels is the stand-alone model; the one with the grey wheels will eventually be pulling my Leopold railgun once I find it and build it.

That's all I got done so far. I do hope you all enjoyed the pleasant little tour of the manufacturing plant. Thanks all for looking in, comments are welcome.

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Once again I've had a pretty good Hobby Day weekend, despite the fact that allergies hit me full force on Saturday. I was still able to get some good progress done, including a couple models I started this weekend.

Let's start with armor and then take off from there.

I started out the weekend by painting the camouflage pattern on the SAS Jeep. I also dry-brushed some metal on the guns. This little thing is now ready for final finishing; the next pics you see of this will be in a completed Thread:



The next thing I worked on was my Opel Staff Bus. I did a preliminary painting of the interior. I didn't know what color they painted them , so I chose a light grey. Now that it's painted, I'll be trying to work on detailing this out more:


Now this next thing is something a bit different, especially for me. My IPMS club is doing two group builds for two collections going to the Nationals. One is P-51 Mustangs, (several of which I'm building for that) and one is for TV and Movie cars. Since I had a Monkees car in the stash, I decided that it would be a great reason to get this car built.

First I built the engine:


Then I added the exhaust pipes underneath the Chassis:


Simple work really. Next I assembled the dashboard:


And finally, I built the seats inside the interior tub:


Now to start shooting paint on this bad boy.....

Okay, that completes the ground portion of this show, next is the air portion.

All of these aircraft are new models I started. Some were started due to having boxes that were falling apart. Another one was a P-51 Red Tails model kit I found that I wanted to do for my club's IPMS Nationals Mustang collection. Okay, now to show you what I got done.

On the P-51 model kit, I got the cockpit completed. Later I painted it, but didn't get the pics taken of the painted 'pit:


The next kit I started was an ancient USAirfix Henschel scout plane kit. I got the engine assembled, the cockpit assembled and the fuselage closed up. Then I added the landing gear to this to allow it to sit better. Then I sanded the seams and added filler where it was needed:


The third aircraft I started was an old A-Model kit of the Yak-28 heavy Interceptor. This is a tough model to build, it is a short run kit so it is like the ACE kit of aircraft. I built the cockpit, then installed it inside the fuselage, then assembled the nose cone (it was in two halves!) and added it to the fuselage. Then I added the tail to it. I filled the numerous seams and gaps with Mr. Surfacer 500:


When dry, I sanded them down, re-filled them and sanded, re-filled them and sanded again. Then I added the canopy to the cockpit. Finally, I think I have this all filled and smooth enough to move on:


Note: The wings are not assembled on this yet. I just snapped them into place to keep the fuselage from rolling over so I could take the pics.

And finally, the fourth aircraft I started was an old Airfix CH-53G model that I'm going to put German markings on. I started, naturally, with the cockpit:


Next I painted the cockpit and added the instrument panel decals:


Here is the whole interior installed on one side of the fuselage:


Then I realized, that this had pilots in the kit. I thought, 'what the hey...' and painted them, up and placed them in their seats:


Here is the main fuselage all closed up with the main canopy installed. That way, I don't lose it!


Okay, that's all that I have for this week, maybe I'll start getting some of these finished soon.

Meanwhile, stay tuned and thanks for looking in; comments are welcome.

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That's it??? It seems like you've been slacking off a little bit.


Duke, I get tired building just by watching all that you get done.


Keep it up bud.


I like those two train engines, and the CH-53 is a cool kit. I've got the Italeri MH-53 Sea Dragon, CH-53B in 72 scale to build. The E model is done and looks cool in 3 tone camo.


Nice job on everything you've got going.



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Thanks Bill. I do feel like I haven't been getting enough done. I'd love to be able to finish some of these and get them off the workbench. Thanks again for the great comments. Hopefully I'll be able to show some finished models soon.

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Guest PetrolGator

No update this week? C'mon man, you had a three day weekend! ;)

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Well, I have slowly been getting things done, but not very quickly. Despite the three day weekend; things have really conspired to keep me from updating. First, my PC went wacky, causing me to have to take it in for servicing. Now that it's back a week later, something is wrong with my wired network so my PC can't connect. I have to wait til my wife fixes it since she set it up. Meanwhile, I'm using her PC when I can get on it since our wireless service is so intermittant. On top of all that, my camera broke so I can barely use it. I need a new one, but can't get one until I finish this job I'm doing. It's taking longer than usual since I lost two days of work due to a scratched cornea that happened when some roofing material fell in my eye; getting past my safety glasses somehow. This three-day weekend was taken up by lots of work on Saturday, and on Sunday and MOnday my wife kept me hopping with all kinds of things that needed to be done. Not to mention the places we went to; her sister and nieces were visiting from Canada and so we spent some time with them. All in all, I've had barely any time for any work on the bench.




Man, when it rains, it pours. Hopefully next weekend I'll have something to post. Thanks for checking in , I don't even know who sees this unless they reply. LOL! :smiley2::smiley20:

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Wow, I finally managed to get my PC back into running order so I can go on and post some of the progress I've done over the last two months. I haven't gotten as much done as I wanted to since I now have a new kitten that I have to keep locked away from my other cat for awhile. My Hobby Room is that place. I can't get much done with the little guy always trying to play, so most all my work is done at Hobby Day now. Boy it sure feels good to finally be able to show my work again.

Okay, I'll start with some of the models I was working on while my PC was acting up.

This is the HH3C helicopter I'm building. I got all the seams and dimples filled in and sanded down in this pic. I just need to mask the canopy and windows; then check it over before I go ahead and paint it:


Next is my little Cessna 172 floatplane. I tried to put the decals on it, and only managed to get these on:


The larger ones ended up like this, and as I didn't want to play jigsaw puzzle with these, I have come to an impasse while I try to figure out what I can do to finish this in a scheme that matches what is currently on the model:


Moving right along, I applied the first of the decals to my little Henschel scout plane. These are the dive bombing guides for this little plane:



Yes, these decals did silver quite a bit, but a little application of some Micro-Sol and they went down fine. Here it is showing the decals and the painted cowl. The Guy in Back isn't glued in yet:


Now on to my Yak 28. This is a tough little model, but I'm slowly coaxing it into shape. First thing I did was to add the engine nacelles to the wings:


Then I filled the seams and gaps with Mr. Surfacer 500 and let it dry. There were a lot of seams and gaps to fill! here it is with the wings dry-fit to the fuselage:


About a day or two later, I was finally pretty satisfied with the final smoothness and went ahead and cemented on the wings and tailplanes:


Yes, there are two horizontal stabilizers on the tail. The angle in this pic is such that the far one is completely hidden behind the tail.

Well, that's if for the aircraft so far, now on to my armor. I did complete a few of the models that had been shown in progress in previous posts; you can find their completed pics in the Armor Forums here. Meanwhile, here's some of the models I'd been working on since....

This first one is the ACE TOS-1 Buratino. I finally pulled it down and painted on the camo pattern. I still need to touch up parts of it, but for the most part, it is done with painting. There are no decals for this model, so I was going to dig up some markings from my spares box to give this some identity. Then it'll be on to dull-coating and weathering:


Next is my Opel staff bus. I dry-brushed the interior, and then decided I didn't like the grey. So, I took some RLM 60-something and painted the interior with it. It may not be accurate (I'm certain it is not) but I like the look better. Now to touch it up:


Then I went to add the clear acetate to the windows and found way too many sinkholes. I'd forgotten about those! So, I took some time to get them filled in and sanded smooth. Here's where I am today:


Finally, here is a model I had stopped working on five years ago. Reason: I'd lost the decals! Well, while sorting through things, I finally found them! So, I immediately pulled this RPM H-39 down and applied them all to this little model. Here it is soon after all the decals had been applied:


Since that pic had been taken; I have since Micro-Sol'd the decals; washed, dullcoated, and weathered this little beastie so that I could add it to the finished list. You can see it there along with the rest of the finished armor.

Now on to a couple new armor projects.

This first new one is the Revell 17cm Morser artillery piece. I already finished it's cousin, the 21cm Morser, some years ago; I felt it was time to get this one done too. Here is the barrel and the beginning of the main carriage assembly. This is as far as I've gotten so far:


Next is a vehicle I picked up some time ago. This is the Trumpeter Warrior ICV(?) that is supposed to be the more advanced version of the Warrior FV432. This is actually almost fully assembled and is now ready for paint:


And finally, this is an old PST Zis-5 truck I'm doing for the Softskins Group Build I'm doing on the Missing Lynx Braille Scale Forums. This is as far as I've gotten so far:


And there it is. My final lineup to date. As I mentioned, I have several models completed that can be seen in the Armor Forums once I get them posted up. Feel free to check them out when I do. Meanwhile, comments are welcome, thanks all for stopping in!

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Inspiring, as always Mark!


GIL :smiley16:

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Guest PetrolGator

Nice to see you building and posting, Mark. That aircraft is really cool looking.

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Thanks guys! It sure feels good to be able to show something again. Makes me feel like a model builder again!

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Well, here's a small update for everyone. I spent a good two days working on these models.

First off, not much got done on the Yak 28. I sealed the seams at the wing roots and then sanded them smooth. Next I'm going to mask the canopy and then shoot it in silver to check sanding:


Next I got all the decals on the Henschel Hs 126. Now I can finally assemble this thing:


While I was decaling; I also added decals to this P-51 Mustang for the IPMS Orange County Mustang Collection for the Nationals. Now to finish off this one:


On to my armor, I got a little done on the Opel Staff Bus. The main body is painted; waiting for the window material and then assembly:


I also painted then British Warrior APC I'm doing. This one is very close to being done:


Finally, for two straight days, I airbrushed and airbrushed and airbrushed! It took all of two days of airbrushing, but now Dora is decked out in her little black teddy, waiting to be dressed up in her Sunday best:


These are all the component subassemblies broken down for painting. It's getting close!

That's all the update I have for now. Hopefully I'll have more to show soon. Meanwhile, thanks all for looking in, comments are welcome.

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Amazing Duke, simply amazing you can keep so many projects and parts straighjt


GIL :smiley16:

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Thanks Gil! it's tough keeping all the parts straight for that Dora. I've got a small but growing pile of small parts that keep falling off. I only hope I can keep them all long enough to put them all back on!

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Guest PetrolGator

Good to see you at work. That Hs-126 is a funky looking little bird... may have to get one.

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Thanks Chris! It is interesting. I decided to build it after thinking it was a biplane, but then I took a closer look. I'm not sure this kit is still available; it is an ancient USAirfix kit from the 70's that I got from our Distressed Kit Auction. It still is a fun kit and I'm having a blast putting it together.

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That picture of your Dora looks like a post war junk pile. Throw in a couple of bulldozers and you'd have a ready made dio. LOL.


Looking good so far, should be a crowd pleaser when all completed. Keep up the good work.



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Thanks Will! It will certainly overwhelm them with size, that's for sure. Should be shooting a grey coat on her very soon.

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Wow, I finally was able to complete a couple models, while getting further progress done on others. The completed ones will be in the Aircraft Forums, feel free to check them out.

I'll start with the aircraft I did make progress on. This first one is the German CH-53G that finally has a basecoat of dark green. I'll see whether it had a camo pattern on it; if not, I'll be clearcoating this and decaling it before I move on to the finishing touches:


Next is the Yak 28. I shot a basecoat of Tamiya Bare Metal Silver from a rattle can to see where I still need to improve the finish. I see a couple places:


Now on to my armor....

I was shooting grey on the Dora and decided to hit this little Opel Staff bus I was working on as well. I had to scrape the windows afterward because I forgot to mask them! Still, this is looking pretty good:


Later I tried out the body on the chassis to see how it looked. I was quite amazed at how well I could see the interior:



And finally, I completed the painting of Dora; she is now all dressed up in her grey Sunday Best!

This first shot shows a closeup of the main superstructure:


Next a closeup shot of the gun trunnions and part of the breech:


And finally, the whole gun fully assembled after all that painting. This is the first time I ever built her up like this at home. She's sitting on a temporary table right here in my Hobby Room:


Note the bus and Kubelwagen sitting next to her for a size reference. That bus is the previous one I'd built before, not the staff bus under construction now.

All that's left now is to decal her (yes, she has some decals) and then complete the last detail painting and assembly. I just might have this finished in another four or five days if I am free to work on her. I'm reaching the end of this build and it's scaring the crap outta me!!

Okay, that's all the progress I have to show for this week; feel free to check out my finished aircraft. Meanwhile, thanks for looking in, comments are welcome.

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That Dora is BIIGGG...and it looks great.


Quit your YAK'n and get that one done too.


Nice job all around Mark.



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