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Maddog Manufacturing 2013 Production Line Updated 7/17

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Greetings all and a Happy New Year!

A New Year brings a new Production Line Thread showing all my works in progress for the year. So far modeling-wise, I'm off to a pretty good start; especially in trying to clear out a lot of shelf queens that have sat for far too long on my workbench.

Let's start with all these oldest models that have languished for awhile. First off, I got the chassis painted on my Airfix Dennis Fire Truck:


I was going to dry-fit the body onto this chassis to show how it's going to look, but I lost a vital assembly that will keep me from ever finishing this model. I have NO IDEA how it could have gotten lost; it's not that small!

Anyway, moving right along....

Next is this old MPC P-61 that's been giving me fits. The one landing gear kept breaking, so I reinforced it with several wrappings of sheet styrene around the weak joint. So far it's holding. Then I filled some seams and added the clear parts (which aren't so clear due to the former modeler who started this thing) and finally shot a coat of flat black over it:


Yep! You guessed it, I broke another landing gear, this time the nose wheel. I'll repair it after I get the 'vacuform' decals on it.

Along with all of this, I polished up and then shot a coat of Alclad Dark Aluminum on the wings and horizontal stabilizers of the DC-6. Later I started to mask off the wings and horizontal stabilizers in preparation to shoot a coat of Alclad Airframe Aluminum to the fuselage. Haven't done that yet, so no pics to show yet.

Next up is my Airfix Vicker's Valiant bomber. I thought I was ready for paint on this, but then I re-noticed the short-shot wingtips. Here is the start of my fix for those:



Finally, on to some newer projects. Since I was already shooting paint, I got some paint on the following two models. This first one is the Tamiya F-84 Thunderjet that finally has a coat of silver on it that is acceptable enough. Now to put on the decals:


Next is the Tamiya Corsair that has been shot with blue overall. Yes, there's some touch-up needed on the leading edge of the wing; that's already been taken care of. Now to clearcoat this and add the decals:


And to wrap this up, I'll be showing a lot of the progress I've been making on the Mi-26 Halo helicopter. This has been getting scary but man, is this looking impressive!

First of all, I finally started to assemble the main rotors. I got them all done now; all I need to do is add the top cap above the main hub. This is showing the rotors sitting on the Airfix Valiant box that is covered with a towel. It was the largest flat surface I could find to hold this thing!


Next I assembled the tail rotor which was a little model in itself! Here it is sitting next to the main rotor:


Now to put this into perspective. Here are the two rotors next to a 1/72 scale VW Volkswagen. See what I mean about scary?


Again, since I was painting; I added the camouflage pattern to this monster helo and set it aside to dry while working on other projects. It looks pretty impressive if I do say so myself:


Finally, for fun, I test-fit the rotors on this big bird to see how it will look. Wow!


Well, that's all the progress I have to show for this new year so far. I'm starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel for most of these models so far; I hope I can get them done soon.

Thanks all for looking in, comments are always welcome!

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Okay, I'm a little late in getting things posted, but as promised, here's my latest update. I'll start with my aircraft, since I only had one thing I was working on and it got screwed up again. Story

Crud!!!! I'm already behind and it is only the first week of the New Year!!!!

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Not a problem! I got the Stuarts track in the booth and am picking my DOUBLE DOG DARE ( i need to figure out which one) Figure today. Plus deciding if I want to do the MICKEY MOUSE IDF Sherman, "What If" H39, or IDF M109.

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Mark, that Halo is really looking awesome. Keep up the good work!


I agree with Mark...The hurrier i go, the behinder I get!


Put that Corsair next to that main rotor and see...Size does matter!


And now, off to the paint booth I go.


Great job on all of your builds.



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Great looking start to the year Duke!


You might try thick super glue (or regular super glue mixed with baby powder or talc) for short shot parts, especially if it's something on the edge or tip of a part. Hold the part vertically with the damage hanging down. Add a blob of thick super glue to the area, allowing gravity to hold the glue in the area needing filling. Spray it with accellerator and repaeat as needed to fill the short shot area. It's stronger than sheet plastic and putties, and there's no need to wait for it to dry.


GIL :smiley16:

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Mark - I have several of those Dennis Fire engine kits in several scales. If you let me know what scale yours is and what part I would be glad to look for it for you. I could mail it to you or give it to you at next event we are at. Dan King

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Thanks for the great replies guys! Gil, I appreciate the tip. I'll probably have to do that, but since I'm nearly done with my repair, I'll see how it goes.


Dannie, thanks for the offer. The assembly I was missing is now found, but I think I may be missing some other parts. If that offer stays open, I may have a need to take advantage of it later.


Thanks again guys! I appreciate your great comments. Always glad to see you all stop in.

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Okay, here we go on another tour of the Maddog Manufacturing Factory grounds. Not too much got done, but I do have some good progress to show.


First off, I think I'll start with some of the simplest stuff I finished. Okay this first one was not so simple, but I started it first because I got tired of it not getting worked on. This is my Morser Karl on railcars all camouflaged up. Now all I have to do is paint some of the details and then add the decals and weather it:




After finishing that I had to uncross my eyes so I started on this simple little kit. This is the Nutrocker Hover Tank I got from my Secret Santa. I sanded the seams on the turret and then finished with adding all the little detail bits. This one is now ready for paint:




Wow, that helped! Another thing that helped was this next project. I put decals on the F-4U Corsair; now it is ready for dullcoat and all the final assemblies:




Now on to something a bit more involved. I had joined a Helicopter Group Build on another Forum and I figured it was time to get started on it. I chose this kit to build for that Group Build:




Of course, one always starts with the cockpit. Here it is all painted and decaled:




The cabin got finished next:




Once all that was dry enough, I closed it all in the fuselage halves. I had a devil of a time getting the rear rotor to be able to turn, but I finally got that to work....so far:




That's as far as I was able to get on that helicopter for that day. As I was building this tiny thing (it's only about five inches long) I kept thinking 'why are these parts so small? I'm so used to all the Big parts on my Big Halo!'


Speaking of my big Halo, I finally got the decals on the whole fuselage. The only decals left to add are two stencils on the rear clam-shell doors and the decals for the main rotors. Then I'll be able to dullcoat this and finish it up:






Well there it is; all my latest work done from Friday until today. It ain't too much but I finally feel like I'm getting close to finishing something again. I can't wait!


Thanks all for looking in, comments are welcome!

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Welcome once again to my Factory tour. I wanted to have this posted a couple days ago, but I ran out of time. Today I'm free to finally get this small update posted.


First of all, I finally was able to get the decals on this Thunderjet. This may have said "Tamiya" on the box, but at no time did this model ever act like a Tamiya kit! This also applies to the decals, as when I tried to apply them, they broke apart on several occasions; especially under the tail surfaces. Oh well, I'm leaving it that way as it would take too much to try and fix (I know! I tried!)


This thing is getting sealed with a gloss coat and then I'll add the landing gear, gear doors, underwing stores and other detail parts:




Moving along; I also tried to get more done on my Olympia staff car. I got the wheels on it and repaired the upper windshield frame, but that is about it. I wanted to paint this more, but I'd left my dark grey color at home:




Finally, I got some progress done on my Dora. The gun trunnions are now completed and I can move on to the command cabin and loading deck and cranes:




Now here's how she looks all assembled so far:




And now for a size/scale reference, here is Dora sitting next to her 'little brother' Karl on railcars, and the Olympia staff car so you can see the sheer size of this gun:




What a monster!


And YES! THE BARREL IS DROOPING! I haven't glued it all together yet due to the fact that gluing it will make transporting this thing much more difficult. After all, the size of this thing means I have to do almost all my building at St. Crispin's Hobby Day since that is the place I can stretch out the most. I've already heard all of the viagra jokes and hints I care to hear; at Hobby Day and my AMPS meeting 57 PEOPLE thought they were being funny with them! After the first three, it is no longer funny....



Last, but not least, I also have one other model I found while trying to clean my Hobby Room. I'd started this a long time ago and just found it again; so I decided to try and make some more progress on it. This is the Revell 50th anniversary re-release of the fishing boat that I got some time back:




Here you can see where I'd painted the details and the side of the cabin and the decks; then masked everything off and shot the white over it, then removed the mask. I had touched up some of the details when I took this pic; now I have to get some more of the detail parts mounted on.



That's all I have for this small update, thanks everyone for looking in. Comments are always welcome.

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Thanks guys! The way that little boat is going, I may as well smash a hole in her and recreate that scene. I am pretty pleased by how it's going so far. It won't be any kind of award winner; that's for sure, but it's gonna look good on my shelf.


Thanks again for the great replies...... and I agree: Mary Ann.

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Just a real quick update since I managed to get a few hours on the bench today. I spent it getting all the fiddly bits on the Mi-26 Halo, painted the details on the rotors, and added the landing gear and rear clamshell doors.


Here it is:




Here's a shot of this 1/72 scale helicopter next to a 1/72 scale Russian staff car to show the relative size of this monster helicopter:




Now all I have to do is do some paint touch up; re-coat it with dullcoat and remove the clear parts masking and this beastie will be done!


Stay tuned!

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Hey all, here's a small and simple update since I haven't been able to get too much done. I had a bit of a disaster a couple days ago that made me want to tear down my house, and shoot myself in the head, but it wasn't as bad as it could have been.


Anyway, here is my latest progress so far. I'll start with my one model that's been sitting for awhile waiting for a part. This is Dragon's 1/72 scale captured German T-34/76 1941. It had been waiting for the machine gun barbette on the front glacis plate. I finally contacted DragonCares and they came through.


I was able to add the final parts for this before I could move on:




Once that was dry enough, I painted on the camo pattern. This was done by hand with a fine-tipped brush:




This is now ready for clearcoat, decals, dullcoat and weathering. I should be done with this in no time.


Next is my ACE Opel Olympia. She's got a new coat of paint and is ready for clearcoat and decals. Then she'll be weathered. Here she is before I added all the final detail parts:




Now if I can only find these stinking decals! I always seem to be losing them!


Now for a couple models I started. This first one is Trumpeter's WC360 locomotive. I'm building two of these to display in front of my Dora railgun:




Next is Dragon's Neubau Fahrzeug No. 2. I haven't quite finished No. 1 yet, but this was fast and easy and the camo pattern will be quicker to do on this one. So, here it is before I started painting it:




Finally, I managed to get some progress done on my A-109KM helicopter. Here you can see the clear parts are in and the last of the detail pieces are on it (at least the ones what shouldn't break off with handling). I also had gotten some of the seams and joins filled and sanded down:




Next I built the main rotors and then masked the clear parts up in preparation for painting. I'll fasten the main doors on with some white glue or something simple so that after I paint this I'll be able to remove them again and pose them open if I want. I'm thinking of having at least one of these doors open....




Well, that's about all I have to show for all this so far. Stay tuned, I may have more coming sometime later this week.


Thanks all for looking in, comments are welcome.

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Looking good Duyke! When you striped the T-34, did you use the same type paint as the base color (acrylic/acrylic, etc.); or did you change types to avoid color bleed, allowing you to work faster?


GIL :smiley16:

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Thanks Gil. I actually used enamels for all three colors. Finishing this pattern took all of 40 minutes or so, especially since I had only three sides showing on the instruction sheet. Dragon never seems to show the fourth side,

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This week, I had two whole days to work on my models. This will be a pretty extensive update this time. All of this update is on armor models since all my aircraft models in progress are larger aircraft and difficult to transport to Hobby Day.


Anyway, I started on Friday getting a lot of work done on my Dora in particular. Before I get to that, I did some finishing work on a couple models first. One was an Israeli Sagger vehicle I was doing alongside my Iraqi Sagger. I had lost one of the wheel hubs, and so couldn't finish. While cleaning my Hobby Room, I found a sprue of all the parts I needed to add all the wheels to the Israeli Sagger:




After that, I pulled out the paints I needed to complete the Neubau Fahrzeug Nr.2's camouflage pattern. It too a bit of time, but I finished that up and then put on the tracks, added the fenders and now she's ready for clearcoat and decals:




I'll be doing a few little touch ups to that, but I'm almost done.


Speaking of decals, I also added decals to two other models. First is my Beute T-34/76:




And second is my Opel Olympia staff car in US Army markings:




The next time you see these two, they'll be done.


Finally, after all those small little jobs got done, I started on my Dora again. The first thing I did was assemble the command cabin that hangs beneath the loading deck:




Those are photo-etch screens I had to add to that platform. I had primed them first.


Next I assembled the two massive support beams for the command cabin and loading deck. You can see the major seam line I had to take care of on each of these; especially on those shelf-like extensions in between the short support legs:




I sanded and filled these seams with Mr. Surfacer 500 and sanded and sanded. After so long, I was pretty sick of working on them by now; given all the sanding I had to do. So, I pulled out a couple other railroad models to work on. I got my two WC-360 engines built up to this point here:




While I had them all sitting there and the Dora all displayed on her tracks, I figured I'd test-fit these two engines on the front of Dora to see how they are going to look. At first glance, they looked pretty impressive, despite being dwarfed by the gun they are 'pulling':




Upon closer inspection however, I determined that they won't work for the Dora as you can see here:




Several friends suggested that I just pop off the bumpers on the engines and raise them, but I don't think it'll work well that way. Instead, I'll have one as a stand-alone display model while the other will go in front of my Leopold gun when I get that one done.


Moving on to Saturday, I started the day finishing the work on the large loading deck support beams. After several hours of sanding, filling with Mr. Surfacer 500 and sanding again, I finally managed to get these things to a point where I could go on:




After adding these two support beams to the deck, I then installed the command cabin. Then I snapped this assembly onto my Dora to see how it looks:




Note the staff car as a size reference...




Man, that is looking pretty impressive! I looked ahead and saw what else needed to be done and all the wind left my sails concerning any further work on Dora. So, moving right along, I decided to start a couple new models.


The first one I started was the Zvezda Tiger I snap together model. It was simple and easy and I had it done in about an hour or so. Some parts I did have to glue, but she's holding together. This kit has hard plastic tracks molded in one piece each that you bent around the wheels and snapped into some pegs behind a couple wheels to get the sag and hold the tracks. Most ingenious! Too bad all small scale companies don't do that with their tracks!


Here it is all assembled:




And to prove it is simply a snap-together model, check out the box:




Next I started one of two guns I got the day before. This is one of ACE's 75mm Pack Howitzer. I got two of them, but decided to assemble one. What a joy to build:




Later, I got paint on both of these models. First the Tiger got a preliminary basecoat:




Then the pack howitzer was painted up:




That model is about an inch and three quarters long. Tiny!


Man, I'm so glad to have one of these in my collection now! I should do the other one soon too.



Well, that's my progress for this week. Thanks all for looking in, comments are welcome.

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I like the flag in the Dora's gun. You should have a guy shooting out of there like in the circus. "BANG" works just as well. Nice chunk of plastic you carved there Duke. Where oh where will that be displayed? It does take up quite a piece of real estate.



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Thanks guys! I appreciate the replies.


Bill, at my last IPMS meeting someone placed that flag in there like that when I had Dora already assembled for display. I that it was awesome so I kept the flag and put it in the gun for these pics too. As for where it will be displayed, I'm still trying to figure that out. I still have time. :smiley2::smiley4:

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Well, here it is a week later and I have been able to get a lot of time on the bench. This has been a pretty productive week, considering on about half of these it's been two steps forward, one step back!

Let's start with all my newest progress on my armor.

First off, I got a basecoat on my Nutrocker hover tank. Not much else done here, but I was doing a lot of airbrushing and he's one of the first models that got one:


Now, since I'd had so many armor models finished last week, I decided to start a few more. These next four kits are ACE kits and I'm having a blast doing all these.

I'll start with two models I started for a Group Build on the Missing Lynx Braille Scale Forums; it's about the Middle East wars. This first model is an Iraqi M-3 armoured personnel carrier:


It's a pretty straightforward little kit and went together pretty well so far:


Next I also decided to start this OT-62 APC for my Egyptians:


I got the main hull together first:


I found I was missing a part that was not on the sprues, so I scratched a replacement from sheet styrene. You can see it here behind the raised superstructure:


Now that missing part tipped me to something being wrong. I looked at the instruction sheet and found that I was supposed to have one of these sprues in the kit:


Instead, I have this sprue:


Note the absence of torsion bars in particular that are shown in the instruction sheet. Plus you can see the outline of the missing piece I had to scratch. Unless I can find a way to replicate all those torsion bars; I'm unable to finish this model. This seems to be happening to me a lot lately.

Oh well, onward and upward. This next model is one I found while cleaning out the hobby room and got a big hankering to start, so I did. This is the Russian TOS-1 Buratino MLRS. Here you can see the tracks I have to clean up. I already cleaned the one side and took this pic so you can see just how much cleanup I need to do on this model's tracks:


Next I assembled the lower hull and the rocket box:


After some seam filling and sanding, I assembled the parts to the upper hull. I then built the turret and the launch box arms. Here you can see the top hull and the turret all dry-fit on the lower hull:


Next, I decided to do something simple and fun. This next model is my British truck "Tilly" that I built up:


Later I put a basecoat on it, but apparently the paint was a bit thin. That's cool, it'll look good in another coat:


Finally, this last armor model is one that I started two decades ago. This is a DUKW in 1/72 scale that I think is an Airfix or Matchbox model. It's been so long that I don't know! I don't have the instruction sheet anymore to tell me. Anyway, I had put this aside because I'd lost the decals to it and put it away since I couldn't finish it. So, while cleaning my Hobby Room last week, I stumbled upon the original decals for this model. I promptly coated them all with decal film and the next day I pulled out the old model and put them on. Here it is now with decals on; they are still a bit rough and I'll need to hit them with some Solvaset to make them sit right, but at least I can move on with this model:


Okay, now on to my aircraft.

As mentioned before, I was getting some airbrushing done, mostly on my aircraft models. First off is my DC-6. I sprayed another final touch-up coat of Alclad on this model; once again trying to fix a couple blemishes that I just can't seem to eradicate! It seems every time I'm ready to put on the decals; some other "zit" pops up! So, I fixed what I could and sprayed a final coat and that is it! The decals are going on this next, regardless of what else I find. I'm sick of re-spraying this stinking model! It's getting WAY too expensive buying all this Alclad!

Also, you'll notice that I painted the grey on the wings that was applied to make the exhaust stains easier to clean off:


Moving along, I also basecoated my South African helicopter for a Helicopter Group Build going on elsewhere:


While all that was drying I made some more progress on my Secret Santa gift from another Forums; the Ju-88 S-1. I painted the cockpit and then installed it inside the fuselage:


Next, I assembled the fuselage, added the tail surfaces and the wings; then closed it all up by adding all the clear parts. Well, almost all the clear parts; one decided to disappear; it is supposed to go in the round hole on top of the fuselage behind the cockpit:


I don't know what I'm going to do about that. It is a textured piece of clear and I have no way of replicating it so all I can do is try to finish this and hope that someday the stupid part re-appears!

Finally, I painted a gloss white on the underside of my Vickers Valiant bomber, then masked it off to apply the basecoat of green on the top. Obviously, the paint was too old and nasty. Now I'll have to strip this and try again when I can buy new paint. Man, I just cannot catch a break!


Okay, that is about all I have for this week. I may get more done this weekend; hopefully I'll finally have the decals on the DC-6!

Thanks all for looking in; comments are always welcome!

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Hey all! For awhile there my PC was not working so I had no access to post any photos on here. So, while waiting for the thing to get fixed, I got quite a bit done on several projects. Now that I have the PC back; I'm going to get all these posted today, hopefully before my flu meds kick in.

Let's start with my aircraft.

First off, I found a two-bladed prop to replace the lost one on my Cessna 172 floatpane so I went ahead and installed the windows for this plane before assembling the prop to the nose:


Here it is with the propeller on the nose ready to install:


You can see there's loads of gaps around that windscreen that need to be dealt with. I'd already added some Mr. Surfacer 500 to start.

While that was drying, I painted the camouflage pattern on the A-109 KM helicopter that I'm doing for a Helicopter Group Build:


After setting that aside to dry, I decided to start another aircraft. This is the Testor's Ju-52; a later version. This one has waist guns, unlike the earlier one I built. I started this because the box is shot and I'm afraid of losing parts.

Here is the interior all assembled:


I later got all that painted but didn't take a pic. I'll remember to get one before I close everything up.

Okay, that's all I have for my aircraft for this week. Now on to my armor.

First off, I painted a camouflage pattern on my Nutrocker hovertank. It's pretty basic as you can see here. If anyone has any ideas for spicing that up, let me know:


Next up, I added the windows to my Tilly and closed up the cabin:


After all that dried, I finished up the assembly and basic painting:


Earlier in the week, I finished the assembly on the Iraqi M-3 APC; all except the final detail parts:


Then I painted on a Dark Tan basecoat:


Now I can see better where I still need to adjust seams and such. I'll get those done before I move along on this.

Next, for something different, I pulled out my two WC-360 engines and completed painting the interior. I had to guess on a lot of the details since Trumpeter doesn't give any color call outs for the interior. I'm pretty pleased with the final result:


After finishing that up, I closed up the cabins and finished the assembly of the engines. Here they are, fully built and ready for paint:


In between all these different projects, I was also working on my Russian TOS-1 Buratino. I decided that I wanted the launcher box to articulate, so I started by drilling holes in the two tabs underneath the box:


Then I drilled a hole in the end of the lifting rod:


I then put these together with a small section of copper wire that I later cut to size and super glued in:


I was careful to keep the CA glue from the lifting rod and so I was successful in making this elevate as seen in the following three pics:




Later on, I painted the lower hull, than added the roadwheels:


Here's a shot of it with the upper hull and turret dry-fit to the top of the lower hull:


And finally, I started to paint the roadwheels:


And that's this week's update for now. I hope you enjoyed the factory tour. Thanks for stopping in, comments are welcome.

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