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  1. I found this little reissue kit while at Yay Monsters looking for something else. Not many Close encounters kits around, and being small I figured it filled a little niche. The kit comes in 4 resin parts a length of wire and a length of clear rod - Being I want the mother-ship metallic, I primed the ship parts in gloss black. Devils Tower got a black primer and increasingly lighter drybrushing of gray. The ground area got the same treatment with brown. I added some green turf to imitate the surround trees and then, I felt to make it a little more accurate, I pulle
  2. Hehe thanks. It holds the record as my smallest. LMAO 😉
  3. Thanks Duke! 🙂 Posting it around I got a lot of comments on the size, so I took this pic -
  4. Created by Rob Schorry, and casted by Real Space Models, the kit are 1/24 models of Vanguard and Explorer1. Sometimes 1/24 will get you a giant vehicle and sometimes the tiniest thing. I think this is the smallest model I ever built. ;) LOL Doing Vanguard first, the kit comes in 2 parts of resin and 6 pieces of wire. All that needs to be done is sand down the sphere halves a little (I guess I could have gone a little further but didn't want to ruin it). After sanding, the parts were glued together, and then it was ready for paint. I didn't have any gloss primer so I used regular black.
  5. Can't argue with that. 🙂 The Gillman/Van Tine team are the Lennon/McCartney of clay and resin. Thanks!
  6. I have to say that this movie is in my top ten of favs. The roll of Harry was played by Kevin Peter Hall, a 6'9" actor whose other character of note was The Predator. Our kit comes in 2 pieces- the bust and the base. Molded and casted by Gillman Productions, there is only the smallest of evidence of a seamline across the back of Harry's head. There were no obvious bubbles anywhere on the kit. On the bottom of the base, sculptor Mark Van Tine was kind enough to give me an autograph, along with a little illustration. 🙂 The only negative on the kit was the build in rod
  7. Oh cool! I gotta make it down there one of these years.
  8. In an effort to collect Medusa kits whenever possible, I came across this kit at a not so recent JerseyFest (or was it the old Resintopia?). The kit came fro the Morland Studios. The kit comes in 6 parts plus a 60mm round base and the figure is scaled to 32mm. Following the card, I tried to copy the image. The small size of kit was a real trial to my limited abilities. The sculpted base comes in 2 parts, and they are made to attach together, but sitting on the round base, there was extra room. I decided to fill the black base. In the pic you can see gray Aves to fill the basesp
  9. Roktman


    Hehe, that's him. I should have remembered having just watched it again the other nite. Thanks re: the red. A while back I bought a red set that Vallejo did for Nocturna Models. Six bottles going from a red purple thru an almost orange. Makes it easy to pick your triad -
  10. Roktman


    Thanks guys. Dave: yes I have Abe. The one I passed on was the Nazi robot guy 😉
  11. Nice pics, thanks for sharing. Congrats too, to all the winners. Judging must have been tough.
  12. Roktman


    This is an approx 1/3rd scale kit I obtained from Mark Warthling. It comes in 9 parts - the head/body, the stone arm, 2 sets of horns (long and short - I chose the short), a base and two name plates. The arm, base and one of the name plates are in translucent resin in case you want to light the kit. Once again it was a case of me jumping into things before taking the start image, but you'll see the clear resin along the way. I started with a tan primer, glued the horns in and then painted the face red. Reddened the face, and painted the hair black - When it came to the
  13. My packages seemed to all come in on the same day . The only one I didn't take a pic of is a 1:6 dio kit called "Good Grief" It's an adult Charlie Brown with a mangy Snoopy set in a post apocalyptic world. weird I know. 😄 Here are the others - Scene from the original Omen This is Nosferagalactu. A vampire from the Future This is a more accurate replacement head for the Moebius Models' Frankenstein styrene kit.
  14. Sorry. Didn't see this thread until just now. To me The Tamiya Accent has more pigment in it that the Vallejo and Citadel Wash I use. . I just use it for panel lines. After applying a gloss I apply it directly to the panel lines. It runs along nicely and then wipe any overflow with a Q Tip with spirits. I have seen You Tube videos where the guy (Alex Modeling) will spread it over a panel or section, and after letting it sit for a minute or two wipe the excess away. For washes I really like the Citadel stuff. It's not as pigment dense and though it will take more than one coat to get a da
  15. Thanks guys for the kind words. The sculptor did a fantastic job. I still can't figure out how he sculpted the 'fro, or for that matter how it was casted without ripping little pieces of mould out of the curls. Hehe, the shirt is just acrylic paint over resin. Working dark to light, its just a coat of Vallejo medium blue, and then looking at a promo pic, the light seemed to come onto his chest, so I got some V. White Gray (or is it Gray White) with a drop of clear satin, and did a sort of zenithal highlight but from a 45° angle onto his chest. That left the tops of the folds light, but t
  16. Here's another recent bust just off the work table. verybody's favorite painter, Bob Ross. He's approx. 1/4 scale and done up with Vallejo paints. Over on the Resin Maniac's page on FB, they are having a Bob - Off. Anyne who bought one is urged to paint it up for the show. On tv Bob used a clear palette that was scuffed up to prevent glare from the TV lights. I saw a few guy's WIP and they all used gray for the palette, so I naturally had to go completely the other way and got to practice my wood grain at the same time. Thanks for looking.
  17. WOW! Everyone's got some nice scores! I've been a good boy since X-mas (but I do have a few parcels coming...) 😉
  18. In the mood for another bust, I had Daenerys Targareon (sp?) sitting on the shelf for some time. Produced in white resin, she came in two parts - the bust/base, and a strand of hair. Cleanup was minimal, and any seam marks hidden was easily spotted and eliminated after a spray of primer. I started out with a base coat of Rose Beige for her skin - Her hair is almost white, so I base coated that with a coat of Beige to start. A highlight of Rose Beige + Light Skin tone. Thinking I found the costume that was sculpted, it looked like a blue, and
  19. Christopher, I think they are. Matter of fact I've completely switched over from Tamiya and Model Master paints. I really don't understand the troubles/complaints I sometimes read on the various forums. They do need to be thinned down (but shouldn't that be an SOP for airbrushing?). I've used water, Vallejo thinner and also their Flow Improver. Their regular Model Color definitely needs to be thinned, but even the "Air" paint gets a few drops of thinner/ Flow Improver. The only other thing that may be a problem is too high a setting on the compressor. Vallejo's documentations says to spr
  20. For me it was with transparent green from Vallejo mixed with future. SPRAY... not enough... SPRAY... not enough...SPRAY... ARRRGGHHH too much. 😞 😉
  21. Roktman


    Lookin' good so far!
  22. Probably too late, but Vallejo came out with a "Mecha" line. FWIW, they have a bunch of metalized colors.
  23. Terrific!. Nice job on the tinted windows. Tried it once;failed badly. 😛
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